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Monday, March 14, 2011

America Needs a Third Party

What in the world am I doing up a 05:30 AM.  This is not normal for me.  That is not what this is about though.  Does America need a third pary.  In my opionion the answer is yes.  The last third party candidate to win the presidency, and I think the only third party winner ever, was Abraham Lincoln and he ushered in the Civil War.  Maybe it is time for another civil war.  This time it needs to be about responsible government.  As long as the two party system has nothing to check or balance them they know that if they wait long enough they will get there way.  Then they will simply undo what the other party did while in office.  This system accomplishes nothing.  Somebody needs to give direction to the arguments and move things ahead.  A strong third party will not let one party have its way at the seconds expense.  The third party that evolves has to have something to give it direction, a guide to wise decisions.  My goal is to form the Constitutional American Reform Party of CARP for short.  It will measure all its actions inline with the Constitution.  If an action is not authorized by the Constitution it will not be passed and the party will attempt to reverse decisions that have been made that go against the Constitution.  The party will seek a balanced budget amendment and take away a presidents right to start any wars without Congressional approval.  The party will also try to do away with the present system of Committees approving expenditures.  It will require all expenditures to cross the floor of Congress and be approved.  The present system of tacking bills and expenditures on to larger bills will cease.  If and issue is not big enough to stand on its own merit it has no need to exist.  Lobbyist would or will be banned from Capitol hill.  The present Congressional system has twisted and warped the original intent and purpose of the Constitution and it needs to get back to basics.

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  1. I agree, it seems like nothing is ever accomplished when it comes to the government. It seems like the government spends more time worrying about funding for their own political pet projects and their employees, while making sure citizens are following policy and procedure, which I believe has led to a nation of failure to thrive symptoms, for many American's. I am not sure how they sleep at night, knowing that they are more worried about their own wallets, than the best interest of American's.

    I realize that you are talking more specifically about the two party system here. But I wanted to point out that while the government is concerned about re-elections rates and debating between a two party system, that many American's are suffering without jobs and our children are receiving an education that is only taught to satisfy certain state standards. While cutting creative art programs such as music, art, sports, and other programs the schools cannot afford.

    When I was growing up, I was always taught that our children are our future. How will this effect us when, our children are only being taught the state standards and do not respect a government that demands you follow policy and procedure while they dance around in Washington doing whatever they want to. I could probably write a whole book on how policy and procedure along with zero tolerance has effected American family's and lifestyles.