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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Book Entry Bio

About the author

Why have anything about the author if this is not an autobiography.  It is simply so those who are contemplating spending the time to read a couple hundred pages can understand somewhat where the author is coming from.  Upfront they can decide if it is an investment of time they want to make.  It is the authors intent use this blog page to make himself accountable and willing to answer any questions the reader might have.  It is not about what the author has to say, but what he understands the Word of God to say about events and things to come. 
 When you have spent most of your life running from God the peace you get from submitting, your will, to his will is almost overwhelming. From my baptism at Bear Lake Bible Camp in Michigan on August 9, 1961, to this moment there have been a lot of ups and downs. One of the most blessed moments was August 9, 2003 when my wife called me while I was out on the road. She was thrilled to tell me our twin grandsons and our oldest grandson had all three been baptized at Bible Camp. Not being there was one of the costs you pay when employed as an over the road truck driver. On arriving home and entering my office my hands picked up a dusty old bible which I had received at my baptism and hardly used since. Inside the front cover I discovered a note that created very mixed emotions to my surprise and joy. Forty two years to the day had past between my commitment to the Lord and my grandsons, commitment of their lives.

Thanks to a scheduling change for my youngest daughters surgery to try and remove  a brain tumor she was able to be there. She is the mother of my twin grandsons and was not only able to be there for the boy’s baptism, but she was able to baptize them herself. That fact gave her a lot more peace going into her surgery knowing that no matter what happened they would be together for all eternity.  If not the here and now.
The Lord has a way of humbling us with joy. Just the fact that I still had that bible after forty two years said something. It testified to the fact that no matter how far I had strayed or how hard I had run he had been faithful to his Word, even if I hadn’t. Also it bought home the fact that something that happened to me in January 1967 and something I said to the Lord on April Fools Day 1969 had come full circle. The fullness of time had come.  Little did I know it was not the culmination of an experience, but the first of many steps down a long, long path.

As usual my way of reacting when I remembered the promise was to offer excuses as to why I couldn’t do what I had said.  Little did I know that less than six months down the road my excuses would all be crushed, along with my dreams, my hopes and my plans. The Lord in his own splendid way cleared my calendar for some time to come. He also made it very clear that any time I had left was at his discretion and not mine. If one is not willing to step up to the plate the Lord can and will find a replacement. We are expendable. God’s will, however, will be done.

Being honest and more correct my time of living my dreams had just reached a Cross road. I was being called to honor my word and fulfill a promise I made that April fool’s Day so many years before. The Lord had used the intervening time to give me the knowledge and training to do, what I felt, he had called me to. If he calls us he will ensure our experiences prepare us.  We will be able to perform the task set before us. Even if we are not aware of it at the time.

Trying to put order to forty two years of life is a challenge.  Putting order to all the revelations and details in an order that makes sense. Sorting out what is relevant and what is not. Trying to make sure what one says makes sense and does not sound foolish is harder than one might think. The training for the writing part of this experience was courtesy of the United States Army. Ten months spent writing for the Bayonet Banner and the Southern Command News in Panama was more fitting training than I ever realized. It was not just the learning of the all important writer’s outline of who, what, when, where and why. Learning how to lose the fluff and make it appeal to completely different points of view, without compromising your personal values and not lying.  While ending up with a story that is believable to the commander’s and officers is one thing.  Making it also interesting to the enlisted men and yet maintaining your personal integrity is something that takes a considerable amount of thought and practice.

It seems strange to be sitting here. Even contemplating what I am about to undertake. It is not something I would normally do. Not that writing in general is something I have never done. However lately it has become as Jeremiah said “a burning in my bones” that I can no longer ignore. It is and has been my conviction for sometime that the Lord guides our paths. The Word says,” The steps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord.” It does not say we will understand our paths. However everything will work together for good to them that believe. What a lot of people miss is that the path of the wicked is also ordered and guided. However it leads to their destruction. Sadly they do not understand it or believe there is a consequence to the path they have chosen.

Just as sometimes things are easily discerned to be at the hand of God others are not. Sometimes our zeal can trip us up. It is amazing, how many times, when we think we finally have it all figured out. That after getting caught up in what and where it seems the Lord is leading us. It becomes aware to us the Lord made a turn to the left or right somewhere back up the road. Some what like the Coyote, in the Road Runner cartoons, you find yourself out on your own. Our intentions are good, but that is not what it is about. From many conversations over the years it has become clear to me that this is not something I have the market cornered on.

However as long as I keep walking he will keep my paths straight. That can make the walk thru life a lot more enjoyable. Once you find out there is purpose and meaning to it all life truly becomes and adventure. Hopefully this will be the last talk about me other than to explain how I came to understand some of the things explained here. Sometimes it helps give perspective so you can sort things out for yourself.

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