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Friday, April 29, 2011

Budget Deficit Reality

     The latest talks on the budget would be comical, if it was not so sad.  The Republicans want to cut all the programs for the poor and I guess dump them on the street so they can arrest them, throw them in jail. Which would create jobs by hiring guards to keep them in jail.  Our founding fathers and the writers of the time did care about the poor.  Thomas Paine in the books Common Sense and The Rights of Man argued it was societies responsibility to take care of the poor and elderly.  Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson echoed Paine's concern, argueing the welfare of the citizens was the responsibility of the government.  Most of these men were Deists, meaning they believed in God but not necessarly in organized religion.  However their sentiments reflected the Biblical arguments of caring for the poor.   While most people believe that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for their homosexuality, that is not the case.  The Bible makes clear that they were destroyed because of their intolerance and unwillingness to care for the poor and needy.  If you do not believe me read Ezekiel 16: 46-51 with special attention to verses 49 and 50. 
      The programs for helping the poor, needy and elderly are not what is breaking the back of the government.  Social Security is a self funded program and it may need minor adjustments and bigger  deductions to meet its long term commitments, it basically works.  Medicare and Medicaid need reform and to be better monitored and  administered.  The real problem though is the predatory practices of the insurance companies.  They are what is driving up the prices.  Companies that charge obscene amounts for services and medicines do not help either.
       Health care providers like Doctors, Nurses who take the Hippocratic Oath and Hospitals that are run as nonpofits need to be exempt from the extortion practiced by insurance companies and lawyers who consider getting sick or accidental mistreatment as a sort of Medical Lottery System.  If all medicines were deregulated the average person would not need to spend their life savings for treatment. The money spent on doctors and hospitals to take care of things that the average person knows how to take care of themselves is ridiculous. If you have a terminal illness and want only to ease your pain till you die, it is not an option.  You have to deal with insurance and medical business's who are only in it for the money.  Having lived overseas and experienced how meds are dispensed it is almost criminal the way Americans are ripped off.  In Panama if you had the money and could say the name properly in Spanish you could buy almost any med you wanted.  Was that the way it was supposed to be.  I do not know.  However in Germany, my Korean girlfriend lived and worked in Germany and could give shots and do many things the German nurses could not do.  The state had created a problem that created jobs for thousands of foreign nurses.  The United States medical system is headed the same way.  The government tries to scare us into submission and has created a law enforcement empire that is at best incompetent, cause it certainly is not working.  The government would have you believe if they legalized the use of all drugs America would overdose in mass.  I do not use drugs, other than those prescribed, I do not drink and I do not smoke.  Am I going to start just cause they make it legal.  I do not think so.  I do not think other Americans will either.  Certainly some people will, the difference is they can be taxed and the government can make sure the drugs are safe instead of endorsing murder which is what the present system does.  People really need to take a look at how the government is using the system simply to control the masses, not to protect or ensure the safety of the public.
       Getting back to the budget, the only way to increase revenue, is raise taxes for the idiots on capitol hill who have not figured that out.  Or to cut expenditures and there are many ways that can be accomplished.  Reducing our dependence on foreign oil would help America's foreign trade deficit.  In a couple of my other posts I explain ways the government could cut the use of oil.  Simply by using the oil we do use, more effectively.  America wastes tremendous amounts of energy that could be better managed.  Most power plants let the heat they produce go up the chimney as waste.  It could be put to use in dozens of ways. It could heat greenhouses. Algae farms could take waste from sewage plants and grow enough algae to meet most of America's energy needs.  Converting vehicles to diesels which emit far less toxic emissions than gas powered vehicles. Powering with biodiesel is a new technology that works.  It just needs to be applied.  It would not take one acre out of food crop production.  The plants can be built in areas that are unsuitable for farming.  It takes America getting involved for it to happen.  It is a new technology, but the technology is already available and these plants could create jobs.  Jobs in the construction of them and jobs in the operation of the plants.  The waste heat energy from power plants could also be used to heat ponds and make fish growing profitable, healthy and again save energy as these products do not have to be trucked from one end of the country to another.
     I could go on and on but that is not the point.  We need people to get active.  Energy conversion programs can be created now.  They can create jobs now.  Not tomorrow,  not next year, not after America goes bankrupt.  Now!!!!  The technology exitsts a fuel tax could pay the way to real energy independence,   America just has to want to do it.  Your questions, suggestions and comments are not only welcome.  They are invited.  I will try to answer any questions I can.  Thanks for reading and good luck.

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