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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just Who Is Going To Pay The National Debt

       With the National Debt at about $36,000 dollars for every man, woman and child in America.  That applies to the homeless living in card board boxes, the elderly in nursing homes.  The youth who are not old enough to work.  Oh yes lets not forget the fourteen million or so who are unemployed and the over two million who are in prison or jail.  How much can we expect the twelve to twenty million illegal aliens to kick in.   When you consider all those people are contibuting nothing or very little to their share of the debt it puts an even bigger burden on those who are paying the debt. 
       The real sad part is that no one wants to raise taxes and actually do something about the debt.  They would rather cut expenses with one hand and keep spending with the other.  Someway, somehow, somebody has to step up to the plate and start paying something on the debt or we are looking at the total collapse of American financial system.  There will be nobody bailing out anybody when that comes.  Any business that is not sound needs to collapse.  It is not fair to sound business's and taxpayers to have to take on a burden for someone who was incompetent, greedy or blind to the cost of their ignorant decisions.
      Maybe the complete collapse is the only thing that will bring home the reality that there is a very major problem.  We are dealing with numbers that can not even be calculated on the average calculator.  It would take a fifteen diget calculator to even do any serious estimating of the debt.  The interest is accumulating faster than it is being paid at present rates.  The debt keeps climbing and regardless if the government wants to admit it, inflation is real and it is here.  If you are a worrier, coffee has gone from $9 a pound to almost $15.  Tomatos are so expensive some restaurants have signs up that you do not get the tomato unless you specifically request it.  Others are charging for it.  Gold has crossed the $1500 an ounce mark.  That shows the fear in the world markets.
      Everybody and anybody knows these things.  The problem is what is being done to fix the problem.  Panels, commission, and surveys are nice, what America needs is action.  We need a President.  We need one who will bite the bullet stand up and start a gas tax to start creating jobs, to start fixing the infrastructure and make sure that money goes directly to the states and not into any more of Washington's Black Holes they want to call a budget.  A fuel tax, call it, "An Energy Independence Tax" will hurt, but it is what is needed to start the healing.  The President needs to explain that to the American people and ask them to get behind him.  If they don't I guarantee he will not want the job next time around.  By the time of the 2012 election if something is not done now and I mean soon.  The whole world will follow America into a financial abyss of our own making.  You see the countries collapsing in the Middle East and you say, it can not happen here.  I agree.  Here it will be twice as violent and twice as ugly and it will turn into total anarchy because no one can agree on anything.
     You can think I am full of it.  Read the first paragraph again and think about what it says. Then ask yourself. Who is going to fix it?  It sure does not look like the present batch of politicians have any stomach for it.  They are stalling and the time for stalling is over.  We are one economic hiccup from sliding into a bottomless abyss.
      Let me close by saying have a nice day, and write your President "NOW" and say tax us now and save our country, cause if he doesn't their may not be a next President.
Comments, opinions, and ideas are welcome.  I have thick skin. Say what you think on the issues.

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