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Friday, July 15, 2011

Republi-can'ts Double The National Debt, But Will Pay Nothing To Lower It

It is amazing that the Republi-can'ts  were willing to double the National Debt during the Bush administration, but are unwilling to spend any money to reduce that debt.  They gave all kinds of tax breaks to the rich, but will not raise a penny to lower the debt.  Even if it destroys the American economy.  The fiasco George Bush created is not over and it may still destroy our nation.  Their philosophy of trillions for war, but not a penny for the poor is why America needs a Constitutionally based party to force a Balanced Budget Amendment.  The Dum-Ol-crats are willing to raise the taxes, but not to balance the budget.  They want money to create more new programs.  It is time to tear the system apart and start over.  America has screamed for the Chinese to lower the value of their currency.  If they would do so it would raise the value of the dollar and lower America's competitiveness.  This would be the death of the dollar and the end of the lifestyle Americans are used to.  If something is not done.  Unemployment in excess of levels during the Great Depression are not just possible they are insured.  Unemployment then hit over 25% and it would go higher than that.  The main difference between then and now is that back then the government was solvent.  That is not the case in this day and age.  The Great Depression lasted over eleven years from start to end.  It would have gone longer had it not been for World War II.  This Depression will last far longer unless somebody is willing to start a shooting war.  The Depression back then will look like a cake walk compared to what happens if the politicians let the government default on it's debt.  The long forgotten art of Tarring and Feathering may make a comeback.  When the government defaults on pension checks they will find out what all the unrest in the Middle East is all about.

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