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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Assassination Attempt or A New Form of WMD

An update may be in order at this time.  This blog is in reference to a supposed Iranian attempt to assassinate a Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. on American soil.

     I do not like to believe my government would lie to the American people, but I have to ask myself who would really benefit from this assassination attempt.  Certainly it would not be Iran.  My opinion on what really led to America's invasion of Iraq has already been expressed in a blog I wrote on 15 April 2011 called WMD The Real Truth. WMD really means Wealth Melt Down and not Weapons of Mass Destruction as many believe.  That blog explains how our government attacked Iraq because of their threat to the United States Dollar.  Iraq was selling their oil for Euros.  This threatened the dollar as a stronger Euro meant a weaker dollar.  The first thing the United States did after invading Iraq was put the Iraqi oil back on the dollar.  In 2009 Iran started trading its oil for Euro's and Yen as it was under continuing pressure from the United States over its nuclear program.  The real question is the nuclear problem, really the problem.  Even if Iran gets the "Bomb"are they going to use it to cause their own annihilation.  Does anyone think they could use it without guaranteeing the end of Iran as a world power.  Could they feel a bit intimidated with United States forces near two of their borders and ships off another side of the country. However they do support and encourage suicide bombers which makes it hard to tell what drives their decisions.  The leaders do tend to make Hitleresque statements which might cause others to question their grasp of reality.

      While it may be hard to understand Iran.  It is not hard to understand the United States.  It is the almighty dollar drives America.  What role the CIA mightbe playing in the whole thing is hard to tell.   However I find it convenient that a drug related party might be involved.  Could a deal be made to get a false confession to promote a  reason to invade Iran.  Who really would gain from this assassination attempt? The United States is trying to drive a wedge between Iran and their Russia/China connections.  That has been reported in the media.  Would our government lie to us.  They did on the WMD issue.  It is a known fact that WMD's did not exist, but the United States pushed it anyhow.  The real question is, is there an underground movement inside the American government, that is pushing an agenda to supposedly save America.  Another question might be, why is it an act of war when someone proposes to kill someone in America, but not when America does so in another country.  We can argue we were killing terrorists, well maybe Iran can claim the same thing.  After all most of the hijackers on 9/11 were Saudi's.

      One might question if the 2008 melt down of the markets by the subprime crisis might not have been an engineered collapse.  Much of the money that was lost, was lost in the European markets which caused widespread instability in Europe.  Could the American financial sector be involved in a plot to collapse the Euro.  Lying to the American people is something our government does on a fairly regular basis.  During the Great Depression the government plowed under crops and poured milk into the ditches to control prices while many Americans were starving.  My goal is to write a book exposing many of the lies and programs that the United States government has used on its own people.  They have done undercover drug tests, germ warfare tests and nuclear fallout tests knowing full well it would hurt or kill some Americans, but they did it anyhow.  Some of the scientists involved in the development of the atomic bomb advocated for not using the bomb.  They believed it might start a nuclear reaction that would turn the world into another sun.  The government dropped the bomb anyhow.  That is a very scary scenario. 

      Certainly I do not have all the answers and I may be wrong on this.    My earlier post lays out a very clear line of how the events transpired that led to the present day wars we are still fighting.  My belief is that the present economic crisis is a generational one.  Every sixty to seventy years the economy makes a major adjustment.  There was one in the 1870's that did not end till the 1890's,  It followed the economic advances and cutbacks caused by the civil war.  Nations started recovering in the 1890's and that led to fights for control of resources which culminated in World War I.   The advances in industry and machines during the war led to major changes which led to the Great Depression.  That lasted from the late 1920's till World War II started.   The industrial recovery finally happened when it was needed to feed the needs of war.  The progress of that period flowed and carried us into the 1970's.   Since that time the world has been trying to find a level playing field.  The oil crisis of the 70's showed America the power the dollar had in the world.  The last forty years or so has been a struggle for America to secure its power.  As China and India become world powers the United States is hard pressed to keep control of world markets.  As long as the value of oil is tied to the dollar America can stay on top.  However if other currencies become powerful it threatens the almighty dollar.   This is certainly oversimplified but it is based on several provable facts. 

     America's history shows a record of manipulating events to accomplish its goals.  The forces in America that are doing that manipulating may not be quite as visible.  However the CIA has a record of trying to manipulate world events to what it sees as advantageous to American interests.  If you would like to see how it works a good read would be the book, Charlie Wilson's War.  Yes there is a movie by the same name but it leaves out many of the details the book explains and shows.  The ability and power to shape and change world events by individuals has certainly not been diminished since Charlie Wilson started a one man vendetta against the Russians.  In fact it was out of that chaos that a little known man rose up and became leader of terrorism throughout the world.  A thorn we created and which was caused by our hypocritical relationship to the country of Saudi Arabia.  Almost all the 9/11 participants were Saudi's and Saudi Arabia supports religious training in mosques all over the world that create more of the same kind of people with the same mindset.  It does not matter though.  America gets the oil and the dollar rules and that is all that does matter.  At least to some of those in the shadows and pulling the strings and manipulating power.

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