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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rick Perry and the Republi-can't Problem

     Rick Perry's implosion at the recent debate in Las Vegas showed why President Obama will probably get a second term.  Perry's calling Romney a hypocrite was the height of hypocrisy on his part.  He has defended his view on the death penalty in Texas and that is well and good.  However his denying a man the rights given him under the law to contact his government and to expend all the efforts of due process to save himself is not a very Christian thing to do.  If the problem was the waste of money by the state that makes it even worse.  Then it bcomes more like a murder than an execution. His argument for the solution to America's problems being under our feet is only half right.  Energy indepedence could be gained by better use of the energy we do presently use.  Waste is a major part of the reason we are dependent on foreign oil.  I have several blog pages on the topic if anyone cares to read them.  His performance so far in debates has shown he would not stand a chance against Obama in a serious debate.  

    The performance by Romney was not much better.  He muddled his way through the debate, but while he may be a nice guy, he did not appear very presidential.  His comments since the debate are even worse than his performance in the debate.  His criticism of getting out of Iraq is really a moot point.  We can not afford to keep troops there for fifty years like we have in Korea and Germany.  That is one of the few points I agree with Ron Paul on.   Why did we not have the debate before we got into the fiasco of Iraq which was totally a miscarriage of the use of American forces, finances and ideals.  Not to mention the loss of life on both sides.  Ron Pauls condemnation of the Awlaki attack because he was an American misses the point.  People have been killed on American soil by agents of our government when they could have taken the person alive.  John Dillinger comes to mind for one.  I know that is old news but it is a fact they knew where he was and never made an effort to take him alive.   A more recent episode that, being a Texan, he should have more knowledge of as a miscarriage of American justice and the murder of civilians was the Branch Davidian Raid in Waco, Texas.  Most of the survivors were tried and acquited of all charges.  Something the media forgot to tell us.

     Herman Cain definitely looked the best of the candidates present.  His 9-9-9 program took a beating and he has since changed it to a 9-0-9 program.  I read his site and it leaves a lot of questions unanswered.  What happens to Social Security and Medicare under his plan.  Cain to me is probably the best candidate of what is offered at present.  He has his short comings though.  He appears to be a bit of hawk when it comes to the military.  He is offering real plans while most of the other candidates seem to just keep saying the same old things.  They are not offering different or new solutions to the problems facing America.  The tax system defintitely needs fixed, among other things that are broke in the government.

     Newt Gingrich came across good and his past political experience showed in his statesman like answers, however he like Romney carries baggage from his past.  As the majority of the Republican party are conservative Christians the Mormon thing is definite albatross hanging around Mr. Romney.  Thanks to the lack of control exercised by the CNN moderator most of the other candidates hardly got a decent comment in the debate.  Bachman was almost nonexistent in the debate.  Her past gaffes have made her a rather discounted candidate anyhow.  Short of invading Saudi Arabia and taking their oil and maybe Iran also, there is no way gas we will ever see $2.00 a gallon again.  Well I guess it could happen if the United States continues on its present course.  Of course if we are in a severe depression hardly anyone will be able to afford gas at any price, which is about where we are at now.

      If the Republi-can'ts keep it up.  They can't raise taxes.  They do not seem to have any kind of solution and they evidently can't hear the American people Obama is sure of a second term in office.   We may make it through his first term, but if we are forced to endure another four years of his gum flapping and changes that never come to fruition America will be totally bankrupt.   The housing slide keeps failing to find a bottom and if the unemployment situation is not addressed it will continue its slow slide into an economic abyss.

     To me the only answer is a Constitutionally based third party that is determined to get rid of the waste in government.  It can start by getting rid of all the loopholes and tax breaks for business and the wealthy.  I think if all the loopholes were closed businesses could have a lower real tax rate, but they would actually have to pay taxes.  Another thing that would help, and it already exists technically,  is to take all Americans who are living below the poverty level off of the tax books.  Taxes should start once you are above that level and it should be a straight level tax with no deductions or loopholes.  It might take awhile to establish what that level would be at, but it could be done.  It would not change much as they are not paying now anyhow.

    Finally a permanent infrastructure upkeep and repair program should be established outside of the present tax system.  My solution is a $1.00 a gallon gas tax strictly for infrastructure.  It should go directly to the state it is collected in.   The only roll the Federal government should have in the program is to insure the funds are used solely for infrastructure and not for state budget problems.  This system will create a permanent program that generates jobs and stimulates demand and growth in the economy.  This would continue permanently as infrastructure is in constant need of repair and upgrade. As the taxes on the new employment are paid in they will stimulate money for the Federal government.  The Fed can take the time and cut, slash and eliminate programs that are wasteful and not needed.  With the government paying $1.2 billion dollars per day interest on our national debt we need to make serious cuts.  By my estimation and from what I have read and the basic math I have done.  The government needs to cut $5.6 Trillion dollars from the budget just to quit going in debt.  The present super committee, while well intended I am sure, and their plan to get rid of $1.5 trillion over a ten year period is a joke.  At that rate based on what we pay in daily interest we will only $2.5 Trillion more in debt than when they started.   My personal view is the two present parties have not a clue to the magnitude of the problem or the size of cuts it will take to make a difference.

      Can the American people afford a $1.00 a gallon tax to create a program that might fix the problem. Not really, it will hurt and it will not be fun, but if the government goes totally bankrupt it will hurt far more that the $1.00 per gallon.  During the Great Depression the market fell over 89% from its all time high.  Based on that number the bottom would be 1557 from the all time high of 14,150 points.  The Great Depression started in October 1929 and did not hit bottom till July 1932 which was roughly 33 months.  We are 36 months into this "Recession" and nobody really knows if we have hit bottom.  The only thing that ended the Depression was demand for supplies for World War II. My personal feeling is that we have not hit bottom.   Especially if something is not done to generate jobs.  The bleeding will continue.  As the government only counts those actively looking for work.  Those that have just plain given up are not counted and the numbers are probably much higher than the government is admitting to.  They do admit to quite a few 'Underemployed" which shows the smoke and mirrors system they are trying to use.  The only hope is a new party with a new direction and a realistic goals that deal with the real problems.  Throwing all the incumbents out only means you get a new breed of incompetent politicians that try to follow the same failed policies and programs as the present batch.  There are solutions but they will take a completely new mindset to get them enacted.  The Republi-can'ts are not going to do it, and he Dum'ol Crats are not going to rock the boat that they are comfortable in.

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