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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MONEY Time For A New Game Plan, That Creates Jobs Now

    The average American is not happy with the way things are going.  If they are not unemployed the money they do make is not going as far as it used to.  The protests on Wall Street are a good step.  The problem is we need solutions "NOW," not next month, not next year and not over a ten year time plan.  The super committee of Congress is to little too late.   If they come up with changes it will be next year before they take effect.  Millions of Americans will be wiped out by next year.   The American people do not need program changes they need jobs.  In the words of J.D, Wentworth, "They need it now."   I have a plan that does it right now.  It is a plan that pays for itself and can be implemented immediately. It will not be popular but anyone who seriously looks at it can tell it will work. The old saying of "no pain, no gain" is true.  However refusing to change and continue with politics as usual guarantees even more pain down the road.

   My plan accomplishes several worthwhile and needed goals.  It sets in motion a "paid for" plan to fix, repair and replace America's crumbling infrastructure.  It creates jobs and stimulates business.  Fixing the infrastructure requires not only laborers,  it requires equipment, materials and cash flow that stimulates the economy.   This creates payroll taxes that help the struggling economy.  The final thing it does is reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  It will encourage the American people to become a serious part of the world economy and to limit our waste and pollution.  A couple of my blog pages explain plans that could save America millions of gallons per day.   Not by reducing out standard of living, but by maximizing the energy usage from the what we already consume.  Electric cars may help, but they are not the total answer.  If you drive long distances electric at present is not the answer.  What do you do when you head out cross country and hit the middle of Kansas or Nebraska.  You will be parked and have no where to plug in.  There are viable alternatives that will work.  In France a company builds an air powered car.  Yes it runs on compressed air.  It will run seventy miles per hour and go one hundred twenty miles on a tank of air.  If air stations are built a car can refill its tanks in less than five minutes.  Even doing it at home on your own compressor, which comes with the French car, takes less time and equivalent amount of energy to an electric car.

    So how does this wonderful program work.  It is paid for in advance by a tax of $1.00 per gallon on gas.  It is immediate.  All it takes is being voted in and it can be implemented tomorrow.  Based on America's present consumption most states use about eight million two hundred and thirty two thousand gallons a day.  That means the state immediately can pursue projects that are already going or ready to go.  Over a year that would generate about three trillion dollars for each state to use.  The tax can be reduced later if it is doing the job it was designed to do.  This tax will provide an incentive to buy more economical cars.  This program eliminates a constantly recurring budget drain.  This program creates a permanent fund to permanently fix the problems.  The tax collected in each state should stay in the state it is collected in.  The Federal government other than creating the tax, should have no part in it or access to the funds.  The Fed should only be allowed to make sure each state is using the money for what it is designed for.  Fixing infrastructure.   It should generate enough tax income that each state should be able to fund their own programs.   This is a solution and it works now.  Its does not take months or years.  It will start stimulating the economy immediately.

      Many argue they do not want the government involved.  Well my argument is that fixing infrastructure was designated as a resposibility of the government by the Constitution.  Article 1. Section 8 paragraph 1 makes it clear that the duties of the government should be raising taxes and funds, providing a military for our nations security and providing for the welfare of the nation.  The big argument over the past two centuries has been, What constitutes welfare?  My opinion is that it is the same as every family provides for the members of the family.  Shelter, food, health care, education and safety.  Even if that safety is simply a path to the outhouse it is something that is required.  It is the governments responsibility to provide for the needs of the people.  The burden of unemployment could be absorbed in this program and the states could establish and monitor what it consideres adequate for its citizens.  If the government fails to do its job the 99% should replace the one percent that are not doing there jobs. 

     Once this program is in place the Congress should remove every inequity from the tax system and every break that is not given to each and every citizen.  Lowering the corporate tax, but make sure they all pay their fair share.  People who are living below the poverty line should not be taxed to start with.  Taxes should not kick in till a person is above the poverty line and then only on the money earned above that line.  What percent should the flat tax be at.   That would probably best be established by the Congressional Budget Office and not by candidates for the presidency.  All businesses and people making over one million dollars net income should be taxed at twice the rate of the average citizen.  If the tax for the average citizen is 10% then the tax on millionares and businesses making over one million should be 20%.   The government budget should be balanced also.  At its present level of spending the budget would require cutting 5.6 trillion dollars in spending cuts.  With all the infrastructure paid by the gas tax it should not be as hard for them to do.  We should also bring home "All" American troops from overseas.  This includes the ones in Germany and Korea that are stimulating their economies when they could be stimulating ours.

     My goal is to encourage every citizen to send a copy of this letter and $1.00 to your Congressman and tell him to pass this bill and put the $1.00 in a fund to balance the budget.  Also tell them if they do not pass this bill immediately they will be unemployed come the next election.  Tell them you have put your money where your mouth is and you want results now.  Not next year or way down the road but now.

     Comments and opinions read and appreciated, both positive and negative.  I will answer any questions I can, if asked.

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