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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Congressional Lights Are On, Is Anybody In Charge

       Man so much is happening it is hard to tell where to start.  The unemployment rate might be a good one.  That is the most bogus number put out by the Federal Government.  Do they draw it out of a hat.  It certainly has nothing to do with reality.  People who have fallen off the unemployment rolls and are no longer looking are not counted.  It does not mean they are no longer unemployed.  They just do not matter or they just do not count.  I am not sure which is the right way to put it.   The way it works they could have it down to a nice six to five percent by the election in 2012.  All they have to do is not approve the unemployment extensions and then the people do not count.  They need a more realistic system that counts all the unemployed and even the under employed.  Also all those holding three minimum wage jobs, with minimum hours that are just trying to survive.  The real number is probably well above the fourteen million they are claiming it is.  It could be above twenty million but nobody will really know because so many people do not count. 

       Well on to the second topic which is  somewhat related.  The Postal System is definitely going Postal.  My blog of 21 September deals with it in more detail, but nobody is in charge anymore.  The Constitution says it is Congress duty to set up and run the postal system.  It is a Constitutional obligation.  It is not an option.  What I find strange is that the Postmaster General can dump as many as a 100,000 employees into the unemployment pool and Congress does not even react.  Eliminating overnight service to save supposedly around two billion dollars was real smart.  The one type of mail they may have been making money on they dump.  Why not dump the junk mail they fill my box with.  How about seeing if Fedex and UPS want a piece of that action.  I sincerely doubt it.  My earlier post told how to deal with the problems, but who cares.  The idiot in charge is not smart enough to figure out that all his package service will probably follow the overnight mail to another service.  Most businesses do not like doing multipal mail systems.  Actually I am for the Postal System charging a lot more and dealing only with mail.  They need to adapt to the electronic age though.   There are ways they could make some serious money.  However that is not how they are set up.   Well they are supposed to at least be self supporting.  That is not happening because they do not know what good business practices are.  Giving away boxes to customers when they can buy their own and take a tax right off is really a sharp move.   Then they give a discounted rate and wonder why they are losing money.  So now we not only have an incompetently run mail system.   They are going to dump a hundred thousand people onto the unemployment rolls.  So even if Congress does not grant the extensions for the people who have been on unemployment for two years or more.  The cost of doing business is going to go up.  Also if the Congress fails to extend the unemployment for the two million people, you can probably figure on another million or so homes going into foreclosure as they long term unemployed have no way to  pay their house payments. 

      Of course all of this is happening while Congress is blowing out all the stops to create a job explosion across America.  Hope you do not really believe that.   They have the only jobs they are worried about and that is theirs.  Thousands of citizens are sending in plans to help, but they fall into a black hole.  I have personally helped support the post office by sending ideas to the Congress and you do not even get back the autographed picture anymore that you used to get during the Reagan administration.  On top of all the crap I have been whining about.  The government will hit its spending cap again this month. Then we will get another credit downgrade.  Then they wonder why the world economy is not getting any better.  Get a life, really they need to get off their dead, dying asses and do something.  Even if it is wrong so we know there are still living bodies up there.  Otherwise shut out the lights and save us that much money.

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