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Monday, December 12, 2011

Prof? Newt Put Foot In Mouth & Other Things

       Been trying to stay away from the political process.  However, Newts commented on the Palestinians being invented shows a lack knowledge and a willingness to pontificate on things he has not a clue about.  It is hard to believe people pay him money for his "ideas"    Wonder if they get somebody to check the facts before they act on them.  The Palestinians were validated by the Prophet Joel in chapter three verse four.  In fact around 800 BC they accused by the prophet Joel for the problems that will face the world at the end of time.  The Bible appears to be more correct than Prof? Newt.  What I can not understand is why the media is giving him a pass on it.  The Bible has been proven to be historically accurate.  The media are either predominately atheists or more ignorant than Newt.
       The debates are proving one thing.  The only way the Republi-can'ts have a hope of winning is drafting a candidate at their convention. It is not without precedent.  Warren Harding was selected when the convention became deadlocked and no candidate could win the majority.  There were people screaming it was unfair then and there will be now, but it has happened in the past and is the only hope the Republicans have of winning.  The problem is finding a non running Republi-can't that not only the party but the voters can rally behind.  At present the only two have been mentioned Ryan and Cantor have said they will not run.  So even that may not work.  

     My personal view is the only thing that might get a Republi-can't elected is a complete collapse of the economy.  That is not entirely out of the question.  However even a Republi-can't will not help in that situation.  It is going to take some totally outside the box and radical ideas to get the economy going again and neither side seems to be able to find any.  It will take the efforts of  a third party or a revolution.  The problem is that we are probably to far into the cycle for a third party to register.  At least with a chance of getting a following.  A good third party candidate would be able to pull the backing. Americans are fed up and would jump at a viable alternative,  Maybe America ought to draft Joe the Plummer. he could not do any worse than the present pack of incompetents.   From what I hear he is running for office in Ohio.  If he accidentally wins the election it will mean my theory is right. Time will tell.

    If either Newt or Mitt is the best that can be put up.  Obama will be serving a second term.   From my background and understanding of history a candidate can be nominted at the Convention. That is how Harding got into office.  Nobody was happy with the candidates running.  America can not survive four more years of this do nothing politics from the top down.  It is time for a change.  I did not vote for it the last time, but I totally agree we need change now.  Well that is my two bits on the political situation.

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