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Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year><>><> ><><>< ><> Will It Be A Good One Or A Bad One?

      It is hard to base the whole years outlook on one week. Do you base it on what has happened so far or what could happen in the future.  Well mine started out okay.  Watched the ball drop and then took a shower. At least I could start the year off with a clean record.  Later that day though I burnt my supper while talking to my grandson who had locked himself out of his car. Which was compounded by the fact his house key was on his key ring in the car.  Oh and it was like 30 degrees out.  His girlfriend was at work, his Mom was at work, and everything within walking distance was closed for New Years Day.  So I turned off the stove and left my burnt meal and drove twenty miles to pick him up.  Fortunately an eighty mile key trip was avoided when we tried the keys on my key ring.  Found one that worked on his door. I look like Santa Claus and my key ring sounds like jingle bells when I walk.  Anyhow most of the week went smoothly for me, but my brother's house almost burnt down on Tuesday.  My wife's brother got T-boned on Thursday and they took him to the hospital. He may have had a stroke.  Don't know all the details on that one yet.  Then I decided to clean up my shop beings we were having such spring like weather.  That was one of my resolutions and I wanted to get a head start on that project.  While at it I decided to set some stuff out front to see if anyone would stop.  I sold over two hundred dollars worth of furniture.  Made my day.  Do not know if the economy is getting better or it was just the two sunny spring like days that lifted people's spirit's.  Had not had a $200 month since summer of 08.  It was really shocking.  I do crafts and make stuff from recycled materials at my shop.  Then I take the crafts and sell them at flea markets and farmer's markets.  Mostly make "Bird Houses, Feeders & Chimes" which is the title of my Facebook Group page.  You are welcome to check it out and look at the pictures.  You can even make a comment and make my day.  So based on all that happened in the first week it is hard to tell which way to call it.  Was watching a news program on CNN and they were predicting Europe would cause a recession if America didn't.  Most of the people I talked to over the week seem to be in an upbeat mood.  That makes me feel America will survive whatever comes.  What with Christians waiting on the Rapture and the Mayan's predicting the end of the world I will just play it by ear.  Hopefully the last week of this year I will give an update looking back at the year.  From my point of view I am looking for and anticipating a good year.  Having had a heart attack and technically died in O4 any day and every day is a good day.  Or as the old fellow told me one day when I asked him if the was having a good day.  He said, "Any day I spend looking down at the grass and not up at it is a good day."  Having past that big 65 hump last month I tend to agree with him.  To everybody that reads my blog.  I wish you the best of everything for the coming year and pray you have peaceful and prosperous New Year.  Go with the flow or whichever way works best for you.

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