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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Supreme Incompetence

The recent Supreme Court decision in the Westboro Baptist Church case is the height of ignorance and hypocrisy.  It shows the court does not know if it is coming or going. Not only did they rule in favor of hate speech, they ruled against the country they supposedly serve. If the protestors they ratified were to stand up in their court room they would have them removed and possibly put in jail.  At today's hearings on islamic radicalism  the first thing Senator King made clear was that anyone waving signs or making an outburst would be removed immediately.  Yet the young man who died to defend their right to make and uphold the law is not accorded the same respect that they are demanding.  The young man who made the ultimate sacrifice is not only allowed to be disrespected, but slandered.  Their decision could significantly affect our young men and womens decisions whether or not to serve an ungrateful country.  One has to wonder if the Supreme Court Justices were raised on Dr. Spock pablum of  not punishing people who do something wrong.  The protesters evidently have never learned anything about respect. Nor do they have any knowledge of the religion they profess to follow. They have not learned the first rule of being a Christian. The Bible they claim to believe in makes it very clear that if you do not practice forgiveness you will not receive any. Forgiveness is a conditional promise.  That can be found right after the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6:15, which just happens to be in red.  That means Jesus said it and they can take it to the bank.  Their actions do not glorify God, in fact it sounds to me like they may be earning themselves a one way ticket to hell.  Just as parades do not normally go through cemetaries, protestors have no place between the funeral home and the cemetary. Thanks to the Supreme Court for aiding and abetting al Quada and calling it justice. Truly justice is not only blind but ignorant in this case.

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