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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Israel's 1st Jubilee in 2000 Years Begins

      The 7th of June 2016 will be the 49th anniversary of Israel capturing the Temple Mount during their Six Day War.  I remember this for several reasons. First I was stationed in Germany and we were rigging out supplies to parachute into Israel if they needed back up. We even had planes of troops that went all the ways to Turkey and sat under the wings of planes for a few days waiting to see what was going to happen.  That was no small task as we could not fly over communist territory, Austria, Switzerland or France.  Our planes had to fly out to the English Channel down the coast across Spain just to get to Turkey.

      As a rigger getting equipment ready to go we learnt a few things.  We always did training exercises and sometimes rigged live ammo.  Sometimes they would even give live ammo to the troops for their weapons, but during this rig out we rigged something we had never rigged before. It told us this was the real deal.  We were rigging Blood Plasma to drop by parachute.  While we rigged the infantry units were practicing door to door combat operations.  Something we did not worry about in the Vietnam era.  It was serious and intense training trying to cram months of training into a few hours.
    At the time I was on orders to go to Vietnam and was out processing to return to the United States enroute to Vietnam.  That was all thrown out the window.  The mission we were involved in had priority.  I was running from God win it all happened and I thought I was going straight to Armageddon.  

     So why is any of that important?  It is not unless you believe the Word of God. Then you know that the event on that date started the first year leading to a Jubilee with Israel in their homeland. It began and would last forty nine years which ends June 7th 2016.  Then starts the 50th year, which is the year of Jubilee.  If you read Leviticus 25 you will understand it talks about God bringing his people back into the land and settling accounts with his people.  It tells very clearly what Gods people should do and about God keeping His Word across almost 4000 years of history.

     If you keep reading into Leviticus 26 you will see what God says he will do if His People fail to follow His Word.  It is not pleasant that is for sure, and a lot of it sounds exactly like what is happening in this day and age. In Romans 1:28 it says God will give the people over to their reprobate (depraved) minds. By what is going on in America in this day and age that may have happened already, America is becoming more and more depraved.

    Some people will say Israel became a nation in 1948 and it physically did, but it was approved by the United Nations in November 1947.  Numbers 32: 11-13 clarifies that issue.  No one over the age of 20 years when Israel left Egypt would
enter into the Promised Land. Twenty years old is when men came of age in Israel. God gave them twenty years back in their land before he started the Jubilee period and a march toward judgment.

       Luckily for me the Israelis handled everything fine on their own.  They did not need us.  After a while we stood down and I went on my merry way to Vietnam.  Little did I know it was just the beginning of my relationship with God.  The vision or dream, whichever it was, and my return to Germany two years later always made me feel I would still be here when the end came.  That is part of what I saw.  The heavens parted, and God came riding down golden steps on a white horse. Scary stuff if you are a back sliding Christian.  I may have heard it in a sermon growing up, but I am pretty sure I never read it myself.

     The main thing I learned from years of reading the Bible is that if God says He
 is going to do something, He does it.  Jubilee is a time of God setting things straight and dealing with the lost.  America is a back sliding nation.  Read the 28th Chapter of Deuteronomy which gives the Blessings and Curses God pours out on nations that obey him or fail to obey him.  You will very quickly see that while America may have been on the Blessed side at one time, it is definitely on the cursed side in this day and age.

      Looking back on it all over the years I see how stupid I was at the time.  Like if I volunteered God was going to put everything going on in Creation on hold till I got back.  Or that I could run far enough to get away from God. All the years I was trucking I had “The Spirit of Jonah “ on the side of my hood and the verse below it was Proverbs 3:5-6.  It was and is my life verse.  I just live day to day and am amazed to see the Hand of God working in my life. My life has been Blessed Beyond Measure.

      I can’t count the times I have seen God intervene and straighten my paths or open and close doors to guide me and keep me safe. That would take a very long novel and much of what I have written in my blog posts over the years shares many of those experiences in hopes it will help another headed down the same road.  

     Lord willing I will be attending my grandson Isaiah’s graduation from High School on the 29th of June.  It would be a true Blessing to be here for his little sister’s graduation in June of 2019.  That would make seven for seven through High School.   Having dropped out of High School myself, that makes me very proud.  Not that I had anything to do with it, but that they have all had the willingness and perseverance to go the distance and graduate.

      After I left the Army I managed to go to college, I pray they all do too, though I am and will be proud of all of them regardless of what they do.  That just leaves my great-granddaughters which won’t graduate till 2029.  I fear none of us will be here that long.  So my greatest desire is that all my grandchildren come to know the Lord. Three out of seven of them were baptized in 2003, forty-two years to the day from the date I was baptized. God is good.  He will never leave us nor forsake us and what is His, is His for all eternity. Thank God, he is such an awesome God.


Monday, May 9, 2016

Mad Dogs of Darkness

                      Mad Dogs of Darkness

         Fighting a Holy War, or is it, A Wholly Unholy War

      The West and really the whole world have failed to properly deal with ISIS and its brand of terrorism and terrorism in general.  Terrorist that only spew hate are nothing more than Mad Dogs and should be dealt with just as you would a mad dog. You do not try to make friends with a rabid dog and you do not try to live in harmony with it. Your only option is to exterminate it.  The only solution is to get rid of the problem.

      What generally defines a Mad Dog is one that bites the hand that feeds it. By that definition ISIS is truly a group of mad dogs. They have no boundaries.  They attack followers of Islam as quickly as anyone else.  Suicide bombers show a total lack of respect for life. Which according to most faiths is a gift given by God and should be respected.

     The true evil of the ISIS brand of hate that masquerades itself as faith was made clear to me when the attack in San Bernardino, CA took place.  The Mad Dogs who performed this vicious act lived with and worked with the people they killed, for almost a year. They did not discriminate as they killed men and women, black and white, Asians, Indians and religious people.

    Their actions bit the hand of the local Islamic community that took them in and supported them in following their faith.  If the locals interviewed were telling the truth they never had a clue of the evil in their midst and did not and do not support the acts that they performed.

    Some argue that terrorists are protected under the Geneva Convention.  If my reading of Article III of the convention and the issue of Grave Breaches of Articles says they are to be found and punished for their crimes and are not protected from punishment. Based on my reading of Article III ISIS is in violation of the Convention and in my view should be exterminated just as they would be in society.  They should receive capital punishment or at minimum removed from society and caged like the wild animals they are. They are not acting as soldiers but as hate filled animals that should be exterminated and removed from society.

      All the nations involved in the actions which have created ISIS and all the refugees from the horrors of war should be responsible for protecting and aiding the refugees wherever they are.  With at least five armies killing people in Syria, escape is the only way to save one’s life. If you think I am wrong. You have the Syrian Army, the Syrian Rebels, the Iraqi Army, ISIS Army, The Turkish military, the Kurdish military, The Russian Army and the American Army along with the forces of NATO.  With all those groups bent on destroying each other, your only chance of survival is to get out of the line of fire, which means becoming a refugee.

     Having spent thirteen years in military logistics and twenty years in trucking I understand one thing. No group survives without logistics.  If you cut off their supplies they cease to exist.  ISIS is no exception. They can practice San Bernardino type operations without a country on small scale and continue to be terrorists, but to field an Army requires, weapons, food and other supplies.

    America and its allies need to develop what I call Rattlesnake Drones that strafe anything that moves in ISIS held territory.  We should not see the ISIS pickup truck parades or any vehicles with ISIS flags especially American military vehicles. They should be strafed day and night till they do not exist and until they understand that the only ISIS that exist are dead ISIS.

    Large parts of the world live under Islam, Indonesia is a good example. You do not see mass suicide bombings there.  Sure it happens when outsiders come and do it, but is not the nature of Islam except in the Middle East.  It is a product exported by the Saudi type of Islam.  It is time for the world to call a spade a spade and turn its back on Saudi Arabia. Let them cut their own throats and sell hundreds of billions of dollars of American assets. It shows where their true loyalty was and is to the dollar.  When they do it they will find you only make pennies on the dollar when you have a fire sale.  It will cause world markets to collapse that will hurt them far more than us.

    Destroying ISIS is as simple as making sure “NOTHING” goes into or out of ISIS territory. That includes people. Then apply pressure and it will blow away with the wind as it loses its support.  You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Any group or nation allowing supplies into the ISIS area should be treated the same as if they are a part of ISIS, cut them off also. No supplies, no bullets and no guns, mean no Army. That is logistics in action.