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Friday, August 18, 2017

What is the Biblical Signicance of an Eclipse

     Sometimes writing comes easy and sometimes it is a struggle for every word you write. This morning I received a call that my lifelong best friend had passed away. Two weeks ago they gave him ninety days to live. That has happened several times in the last year. I wish doctors would simply say your time is short, enjoy every day you have. Time is not theirs to give and it makes it really hard when our expectations come up short.

    My intention this morning was to write on the coming solar eclipse based on a video I watched last night. Jonah is one character in the Bible I have always related to as I spent a large portion of my life running from God.  In fact if you look at the picture on my post you will see it was on the hood of my truck and it is on the side of my van now. One thing I could never understand is how Jonah could be so powerful of a speaker to convert all of Nineveh. The video explains that there was a major eclipse at the time of Jonah which helped him convince the Ninevites God’s wrath was about to be poured out on them if they did not repent. Here is the link for the video, it is hard to watch, but the message is really important for Americans to know.

    America needs to take heed for the same reason. To me it is like God is taking his finger and drawing a line across America and saying it is done. After watching the video I believe it even more. Recently I have seen a couple of really good videos that opened understanding to me in areas that I had always struggled with. The second video deals with the 12th Chapter of Revelation. It is very enlightening for the facts it shares.  Here is the link for the 2nd video  It explains things from the view of astrology, something I have no knowledge in, but which I know was very important in earlier Biblical times.

   The last few months I have really been struggling over whether I should write anymore or not. Most all of my Bible knowledge had already been shared and I hate being redundant, but know that I often am.  With Trump and all the riots and decline of order in America and no one stepping up to the plate to restore order, it seems our nation has crossed a line and we are entering a period similar to the time of Noah which Jesus said we would. Genesis 6:3-7 lays it out pretty clear as to what it was like in the times of Noah. Yes we are still getting married, my youngest grandson just did, and we are still burying the dead. Life is going on, but the turn to evil was predicted by Christ.

    One of the still unfulfilled prophecies from the Bible is the two witnesses to the end times. Knowing the period of Tribulation is supposed to last seven years it makes me wonder when I discovered that another eclipse is supposed to happen in seven years and that the paths would cross over St. Louis it made me wonder.  Jesus said we would go through a period of tribulation and then the ones who followed him would be caught away. That will happen at mid-tribulation, at least from my understanding. My attention is focused on recognizing the two witnesses to the end time when they come on the scene, which I feel should be very shortly, but that is purely my personal understanding of what is predicted. I have been wrong before, I have been right also a couple of times.

   With the prophecies left to be fulfilled I do not feel that the Rapture or the end is right at hand, but they are both imminent.  Meaning they are not in the too distant future. Jesus laid out what had to happen and we are getting pretty close. One thing yet to happen is a major earthquake, like as has never happened in the history of mankind. The video gives good reference on that matter and if you type earthquake on the search bar of my blog I have several rather detailed posts on where I think we are at with that issue.

   My post for June 23 of 2016, A Tale of Life and Death has a section in which I explain a vision I had clear back in January of 1967 which makes me believe I will be here when Christ returns in glory, but having died twice already and losing friends on a regular basis younger than myself, I have started to question if I missed something in that vision, but as long as I am still sucking air I will continue to believe I am right.

     Years ago when I was in my 40’s to early 50’s I met an elderly man and asked him how he was doing, and I have often quoted his answer. He said, “Young man, as long as I am looking down at the grass and not up at it, it is a good day.” I laughed and thought it was funny, but the older I get the truth of what he said becomes easier to understand. When you get to the point you take pain pills to go to bed so you can sleep and take some more when you get up so you can get your tired old bones moving, you realize it is not a joke, but reality.

Yet.....It is a Good Day, but a sad one for me.