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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Time For Government To Do Its Duty & Provide For the Welfare of the USA

      Fixing America would be so simple if Congress knew and understood the Constitution. Especially in regards to how the word Welfare is used.  It was certainly not used in the same context that it is today.  If it was a derogatory word I do not think they would have used it in the Constitution.  In this day and age Welfare is spoken of like some parasitic scourge on society.

      There is a problem with the government in America today.  It is broken and no one seems to know how to fix it.  It has come to a grinding halt.  It is effecting not only the countries economics, but the ability to create jobs which sustain the system.  It is my belief that part of the problem stems from a misunderstanding of what the Constitution says and what it is suppose to do.  If you will read the Constitution it is pretty clear what the Founding Fathers expected those who came after them to do.  The opening sentence says it all.

    “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

      What many Americans do not know or understand is that the war with England had been over for almost five years before America decided to create the Constitution.  During the five year period from the end of the war till the Constitution the colonies operated under the Articles of Confederation.  The problem was that under the Articles there was no central government that had any authority to force any state to do anything.  Each state operated independently.

       However a situation arose after the war and even during the war that made the need for a central and unified government apparent to the former colonies.  As soon as America declared Independence from England a state of war existed.  England therefore no longer protected the ships of the colonies on the high seas.  In fact England started attacking them.  American ships traveling in the Mediterranean Sea were open to attacks by pirates. That is where the verse in the Marine hymn, "The shore of Tripoli" come from. With the end of hostilities the former colonies had no Navy to protect American shipping.  The pirates being aware of this situation attacked American ships without fear of attack.  It created a situation that made the former colonies realize the need for a military force to protect American interests.  England, France and Spain were also occupying the western territories that were supposed to be America’s after the war.  Section Eight directed the newly formed government to create an Army and a Navy.  These things the new Congress did.    

      In fact the new government did four out of the five of the things mentioned in the opening sentence very well.  It is the fifth one that kind of got over looked or misinterpreted.  The Founding Fathers understood it and within three years of the ratification of the Constitution they started building the White House and the Capitol in Washington, DC.  In other words they started creating infrastructure.  Much of it was damaged in the War of 1812 and they immediately started the rebuilding process.  They did not hesitate to maintain the infrastructure.  The nation and the infrastructure continued to expand.  The sale of land in the west funded much of the governments growth.

       At the start of the Twentieth Century a new method of creating funds was put in place by the government.  It was the income tax.  It was approved by a Constitutional Amendment.   The real reason for the creation of  the tax was somewhat hidden for years but the government had no problem with spending the money. That issue is covered in one of my earlier blogs.

        The problem was that none of the funds raised were dedicated to maintaining the infrastructure in America.  What was and is needed is a permanent plan to maintain and expand the infrastructure to meet the needs of the nation.  A well maintained and current infrastructure adds value to the nation.  That is not and has not been the practice in America.  During the Great Depression programs were put in  place to create jobs.  It helped some, but as soon as World War II broke out it was forgotten.  At the end of the war things started getting back to normal.  During the Eisenhower Administration a program was created that helped keep the economy moving forward.   It was the interstate highway system.  Which was followed by several wars and the space race.  The economy kept going for some time, but then things started to slow down.

       Government for the sake of government started expanding and no new programs that created jobs or industry were being built.  In fact a trend started of sending American jobs overseas to take advantage of cheap labor.  What should have happened at that point did not.  Companies should have been taxed or had high duties placed on their goods coming into America.  It should have been enough to maintain America’s standard of living, but it did not happen.  Government has continued to grow, while the tax base that should have been supporting it has started and continues to shrink.  The standard of living for the first time in American history is declining.

      It is not that America quit being the leader in creating new industry and jobs.  It was and is that American business became hooked on the cheap labor.  That in and of itself is not bad.  America needs to create a new program for rebuilding its infrastructure and upgrading for the future.  It may take a new tax dedicated solely to infrastructure, but is has to be matched by a downsizing of the Federal government and its out of control spending.  Cutting the programs that help those hurt by the changes is not the answer.  It will take reexamining all of the governments expenditures.  Do we need the size military we now have?  Do we need to spend billions on a drug war that is not accomplishing a thing.  Especially when some states like Colorado are actually taxing and creating a revenue base off of a product that the Federal government can not seem to control. Supposedly Colorado not only created jobs regulating medical marijuana it collected seventy million dollars in taxes. It expects that amount to increase. If you multiply that times fifty states it would create well over three and a half billion nationwide. That is just on medical marijuana.  Legalization would allow the creation of many more products from hemp rope, to canvas and even bio-diesel. That is not to mention the hundreds of thousands of jobs, growing, processing into products and tax enforcement. It will grow on the worst ground and even in ditches.  The potential to create billions of dollars of trade revenue and taxes, not to mention jobs is something that needs to be seriously looked at.  Giving billions of dollars in unemployment and food stamps to people to do nothing but sit on their asses is not exactly productive either.  That money could have been spent to start infrastructure programs but it is easier to give it away and increase the debt level of America.  It is time to start thinking outside of the box we seem to have gotten ourselves into.

        Our  prisons full of drug abusers.  Is that a sound way to spend money?  Why make criminals out of citizens that have a substance abuse problem.  If that is the answer why not round up the drunks and those who smoke cigarettes.  Why because the government taxes those commodities.  Why not legalize and tax drugs and those products made from the residue like canvas and rope for starters. It would be more Christian and humane to give treatment to the ones who totally abuse the drugs.  Addicts would no longer need to steal and break into homes to get the funds to support their high dollar habits.  Aren’t the lives worth saving of those who are being killed by using polluted drugs.  Dealers cut and dilute drugs with who knows what to increase profits.  Take the profit out of it and the drug dealers will be gone.  Admittedly they will just find a new way to make money.  However they will not be dealing dirty drugs and killing people.  Take a look at prohibition. Thousands died from polluted alcohol.  The stories of out of control gangsters is American legend.   Did they keep selling booze when liquor was legalized?  No they did not.  They created the drug industry.  It is time to cut the money off from the gangs.  It is time to start saving lives and creating new legal industries and products to sell overseas.  Not to drag religion into the issue, but even the Bible in Genesis 1:29 says every herb with seed was given for man to use.  Don’t you think God knew the potential effect of every plant and its ability to be made into a drug.  It is strange that almost every continent has plants that can be used to ease pain and suffering of people with illnesses.  Why should people be forced to become criminals to ease their suffering or forced to give up everything they own to get medical attention from an out of control health care industry.  Sure some people abuse drugs just as they do alcohol and tobacco.  From another perspective though some of our Founding Fathers grew marijuana on their properties.  Thomas Jefferson and George Washington  are just two that are documented.  The final point in this argument is that it should be an issue decided by the states.  The Constitution gave the right to decide issues not covered in the Constitution to the states.  Drugs are not covered in the Constitution.  The Federal government has violated states rights in creating laws that take away states rights.

        America can not legislate morality. It did not work for alcohol during prohibition and it is not going to work for drugs. The government also needs to realize it can not spend its way out of debt.  Things need to  change or America will become another third world country.  A short quote from the Declaration of Independence shows the intent and thoughts of the Founding Fathers.

“and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.-”

     They did not attempt to guarantee Happiness, but the right to pursue it.   They based that on rights endowed by their creator and the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. Based on those statements I am sure rights given by God to use all plants bearing seed for mans benefit, should not be revoked by the laws of man.

       Having said all this it seems to me that it would make better sense to legalize and tax the use of drugs.  Then at least the ones using the drugs are the ones paying for the treatment and regulation of the drug industry and not the taxpayers who do not, and will not use drugs regardless.  Think about this a moment.  If you do not drink, smoke or use drugs are you going to use them just because your government says you can?  If you answered yes to that question you need some serious moral and values training.  So why should you be taxed to waste money trying to enforce laws that do not and will not work.

    Based on all the above the government needs to create a program to provide for the welfare (needs) of America.  A person who provides for the welfare of his family is one who provides shelter, food, clothing, protection and even safe paths. (Even if it is only to the outhouse)  Should the nation provide any less for its citizens. I think not. Welfare is a duty of the government under the Constitution.  It is time for Government to do its duty.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Iran, The Real Problem, It's Not Nuclear, It's Economic

    With the title of this it is my obligation to prove I am right.  Some may argue with me, but I do not think even Iran would be stupid or crazy enough to commit national suicide.  Even if they have a bomb they have to be smart enough to know that if they were to use it, it would be the end of Iran as a nation.  My feeling is that it is more of an  "Old West Mindset."  They live in a bad neighborhood and packing a piece is one way to feel safer. In the old west it felt good to know the sheriff was around, but having self protection made one feel safer.  If you lived in hostile territory, knowing Cavalry was near helped.  However if your group of people were not liked by the Cavalry you kind of wondered if they would really come and help you.
     The history of the United States and Iran are full of problems and irritants that might make Iran question if the world's police force (USA) would act in their national interest.  With the USA having troops in countries on two of their borders and a fully armed Naval Force off of their coasts. It might be understandable if they were or are a little nervous.
      At this point a little history might help shed some light.  During World War II the United States and Britain  used an overland route through Iran to get military supplies to the Soviet Union who at that time was our ally.  Britain had dominated the area and what the Iranian concerns were did not matter to the parties involved.  This was all fine and dandy till the end of the war and Russia getting their own nuclear bomb.  After the war ended Britain became unhappy with the democratically elected government of Iran.  They felt the government was a little to cozy with the Russians.  Britain came up with a plan to alter things and try to make things more favorable to themselves.  They tried to get the United States to help them but the Truman Administration said they were not interested.   When Truman left office they asked the Eisenhower Administration and they agreed to help.  This was the first screw up.  Letting Britain lead us into anything.  We came here to get out from under their control.  We got sucked into the Middle East in the late 1700's because of our relationship or lack of relationship to England.  Till the Revolutionary War our merchant ships were protected on the high seas by Britain, but after the war started and our victory.  Britain no longer protected our ships.  Which is how we came to have a Constitution.  A neat story, but a long one.  Time to get back on track.
     The United States helped Britain overthrow the democratically elected government of Iran in 1953 to put a more pro western government in power. Britain was worried that the original Iranian government was to friendly with the Russians. Britain in turn felt this threatened their oil holdings in the Middle East.
      In 1979 a bunch of Iranian students overthrew the American Embassy and held the occupants hostage for almost 400 days. They felt it was a payback for overthrowing their government.  They turned the hostages loose the day Ronald Reagan came into office.  Needless to say this made for hostile relationships between the two countries.  The Shah of Iran was also kicked out of the country when the Muslim revolution took power.  The relationship has been hostile every since that time.  America also supported Iraq and its leader Saddam Hussein in a war with Iran from 1980 to 1988. Which amounted to payback for the payback. In the period of 1985 to 1987 the Reagan Administration was found to be involved in the Iran Contra Affair the CIA was selling arms to Iran to fund a war in Central America.  So in essence we were selling guns to both sides, which is a real Christian thing to do I suppose.  I had intended to say that the United States was and is a peace loving nation.  However when I ran the timeline.  I found since 1776 the United States has been in a war or occupying some country, some where all but eleven years out of 235 we have been around.  So I backed off on that statement.
     At some point after the Iraq-Iran war ended we severed ties or quit supporting Iraq.  Saddam must have felt the United States would not stop him if he invaded Kuwait and took their oil.  He was wrong and felt the full force of the United States military.  Iraq also received sanctions and was under some kind of sanctions right up to the start of the war in Iraq.  Saddam Hussein found a way to circumvent some of the pressure of the sanctions by going to the United Nations and getting permission to sell his oil for Euros instead of dollars so he would not lose so much money when making currency exchanges.  This is what led to his ultimate downfall.   He messed with the dollar.  For more info on how all that came about and why I encourage you to read my 4/15/11 blog on WMD's and you will have a better understanding.  The first thing the USA did after defeating Iraq was put their oil back on the dollar.
     Which brings me to my  final point. Iran is still selling their oil for Euros as are many of the "Axis of Evil" nations.  Taking their oil off of the dollar and selling it on world markets has made the dollar much weaker and not quite so "almighty."  That is the real reason the USA is so uptight about Iran's nuclear program.  They want to sell it as a WMD which it truly is, but like I said at the start.  Is Iran really going to commit national suicide.  Sure they would love to take out Israel.  That can be averted by simply making it clear that any attack on Israel will be considered the same as an attack on the United States of American and will be retaliated against the same as if it was American soil.  I may be naive, but I do understand why Iran does not trust the United States.
       When you consider almost half of America was not born till after the events mentioned in this article.  It is understandable how the government can dupe the public into thinking they are truly concerned about nuclear weapons.  The reality says that it is not really and issue to worry about.  If I was going to worry about nuclear weapons it would be the ones that already exist in Pakistan with a terrorist friendly government.  The news today shook the dice in Korea and who know where that will go.  Hopefully some of the facts I put in here will help Americans make sound decisions.  Maybe if we just apologized to Iran for overthrowing their government and tried to back it up with "some act of Christian friendship" the situation would defuse itself.  It won't happen as long as we have an in your face attitude though.  The whole Middle East is a powder keg waiting to blow. What happens when the Arab Spring hits Saudi Arabia and takes their oil out of the equation.  Then we have a problem.  Especially if the USA does not start moving toward an energy independent position.

Time to Stop the Economic Bobsled to the Bottom

      Recently the statistics were released and it seems like 28.6% of all home loans are underwater.  Is that number going to get better or worse.  My money is on worse.  Why?  First all the people that have been barely surviving on unemployment may be losing their unemployment.  That will force many of them into bankruptcy.  Second the job market is not really getting better.  They say the number is going down.  The question is that because jobs are being created or because people are falling off the unemployment rolls cause they are no longer looking for work.  My bet is the second.  I have had three family members laid off just in the last three months.  Another hardship is starting to take its toll this year that I had not seen before.  My son in law has several rental properties and he has several people who have been complaining to him.  They say with rent and utilities they no longer have any income left for food and other necessities.  These are people who are working every day, but can not find better paying jobs.
      As if these problems are not enough the government is getting ready to dump many, more onto the unemployment rolls.  They are doing it two ways.  The U.S. Postal service is down sizing.  Second the U.S. Military is downsizing as they bring troops home and no longer need as many to meet their mission.  Also the government is cutting military budgets which will force more into the unemployment pool.  So things do not show any sign of getting better any time soon.  If you would like an interesting read as to how we got into this mess I invite you to read my blog of 4/15/11 on WMD's,  know this that my definition of WMD is really Wealth Melt Down.  The blog goes back almost sixty years to the start of the whole problem.  It has been a snowball that has been growing and growing and is finally getting a life of its own.
     The only way to solve the problems facing America is to get the government back into the confines of the Constitution.   The Federal Government is regulating and creating laws that control or regulate issues the states are supposed to control.   The most obvious one for this is the War on Drugs.  The Constitution gives the Federal no authority to legislate morality.  However, that is exactly what it is spending billions and billions of dollars to do.  Not only is it spending funds it should not be spending.  It is effectively losing the war and putting the burden on the states.  Many states have decriminalized pot.  The whole left coast of America has enacted exemptions for medical marijuana.  Yet the Fed wants to challenge the state laws.  Colorado is already taxing and controlling medical marijuana.  It is creating thousands of jobs in production, distribution, taxing and controlling the markets.  Which is far more enlightened than throwing people in jail and adding that burden to the taxpayers.  It is a proven fact that those who desire to smoke pot are going to do so.  The Federal Governments Enforcement of Drug Laws has been about as effective as the Keystone Cops of the silent movie era.  Prohibition should have taught the Federal Government that you can not legislate morality.  Many of the west coast states have adopted the philosophy that pot laws are Federal Laws.  So if the Feds want them enforced they better do it themselves.  The states are not going to waster their time, money or resources to enforce laws they have effectively repealed and that should be their right to decide.
      There are several blogs on these issues and I encourage you to use the search bar at the top of my blog and read articles that may interest you.  If you do not like things the way they are, maybe it is time to get involved.  In the Army we had a saying.  "You are either part of the solution, or part of the problem." There is no middle ground.  You say I do not care, well that clearly makes you part of the problem.  Write you Congress Person.  They get enough complaints maybe they will do something.  Drown them in mail.  Especially the kind that tells them they will soon be unemployed if they do not do "something" even if it is wrong.  The present system certainly is not working, maybe a third party would change things or at least stop them from getting worse.   The last third party candidate to win in America was Abraham Lincoln.  That definitely changed things in America.  Maybe it is time to try it again.
      The payroll tax cut is not really solving a thing.  They are doing it by cutting the amount of Social Security Tax they are taking out of your pay check.  It does not take a rocket scientist to know that, that is definitely nothing more than kicking the can down the road.  They are trying to kick it so far the average person does not see that it is being taken from their retirement funds.  It does not matter which party gets the credit.  It is a stupid and deceptive way of dealing with a problem.  What we need is real solutions.  The ones I offer in my blog at least help unemployment or reduce our energy dependence.  Which is a heck of a lot more that what is being shoved down our throats by the so called leadership in Washington.  The ship of state is rudderless and is either going to hit a big iceberg or run aground.  Americans need to take back control of the ship and put people in charge who know the difference between kicking the can and recycling the can.  The present Congress does not know the difference and does not have a clue how to solve the problem, mainly because they do not see the problem.  Which is half of the problem.  Any American waiting for this congress to fix the problem,  is part of the problem.  Sad but true.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Prof? Newt Put Foot In Mouth & Other Things

       Been trying to stay away from the political process.  However, Newts commented on the Palestinians being invented shows a lack knowledge and a willingness to pontificate on things he has not a clue about.  It is hard to believe people pay him money for his "ideas"    Wonder if they get somebody to check the facts before they act on them.  The Palestinians were validated by the Prophet Joel in chapter three verse four.  In fact around 800 BC they accused by the prophet Joel for the problems that will face the world at the end of time.  The Bible appears to be more correct than Prof? Newt.  What I can not understand is why the media is giving him a pass on it.  The Bible has been proven to be historically accurate.  The media are either predominately atheists or more ignorant than Newt.
       The debates are proving one thing.  The only way the Republi-can'ts have a hope of winning is drafting a candidate at their convention. It is not without precedent.  Warren Harding was selected when the convention became deadlocked and no candidate could win the majority.  There were people screaming it was unfair then and there will be now, but it has happened in the past and is the only hope the Republicans have of winning.  The problem is finding a non running Republi-can't that not only the party but the voters can rally behind.  At present the only two have been mentioned Ryan and Cantor have said they will not run.  So even that may not work.  

     My personal view is the only thing that might get a Republi-can't elected is a complete collapse of the economy.  That is not entirely out of the question.  However even a Republi-can't will not help in that situation.  It is going to take some totally outside the box and radical ideas to get the economy going again and neither side seems to be able to find any.  It will take the efforts of  a third party or a revolution.  The problem is that we are probably to far into the cycle for a third party to register.  At least with a chance of getting a following.  A good third party candidate would be able to pull the backing. Americans are fed up and would jump at a viable alternative,  Maybe America ought to draft Joe the Plummer. he could not do any worse than the present pack of incompetents.   From what I hear he is running for office in Ohio.  If he accidentally wins the election it will mean my theory is right. Time will tell.

    If either Newt or Mitt is the best that can be put up.  Obama will be serving a second term.   From my background and understanding of history a candidate can be nominted at the Convention. That is how Harding got into office.  Nobody was happy with the candidates running.  America can not survive four more years of this do nothing politics from the top down.  It is time for a change.  I did not vote for it the last time, but I totally agree we need change now.  Well that is my two bits on the political situation.

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Commercial Driver's License, A Good Thing?

       Things have changed a lot over the last few years in trucking.  My career ended in 2004 from a heart attack.  I may be a has been past the point it matters to me, but I have had time to look at the changes  that happened before I was forced to retire.  Many of the guys I knew who hauled produce, had driver's license's in several states, that allowed them to spread the points around and keep driving. The Century Club required a ticket in excess of 100 MPH for membership.  Produce hauling has probably changed a lot, but the fact that it is a freight that should have been there yesterday.  Has not changed.  Also spent time hauling swinging chickens.  Another job that pushed the envelope. Over the years I worked for several companies.  Some were very strict about following the letter of the law.  Others always wanted it to look good on paper.  That was still going on when I quit.  My company was pretty tight on the law, but some of us figured ways to stretch it.  One thing that really changed the way trucking did business was the satelite systems that they put in the trucks.  If you had an accident they could tell just how you had been running.  They knew if you were where you were supposed to be.  Still the juggling of the comic books went on.  It got a little more creative.  Personally I got cured of cheating by realizing it was not worth it. 
        It happened on a run from Los Angeles, California.  I was empty and had a satelite system on my truck.  The local agent had a load of computers going to Raymond, New Hampshire it required a truck with satelite'.  She called me and offered me the load.  It paid excellent.  She wanted a team operation.  When I told her the only way I would haul it was if I could legally log it she said she would get back with me.  An hour or so later she called me and told me she got he delivery appointment moved back three hours. She said she had run it on her computer and I could legally log it. I had to be the only satelite equipped truck in the area.  Unfortunately I took her at her word without checking myself.  No dispatcher had ever lied to me and technically she did not lie.  Yes you could log it.  You could drive ten hours on eight hours off and make it with one hour to spare.  The problem was that it allowed no time for fueling, eating, showering or anything else.  At 4 PM Friday I left Los Angeles and at 7 PM on Tuesday I delivered in Raymond, New Hampshire.  When empty I pulled outside the gate and slept for over thirty hours straight.  Never again did I make a run without double checking.  It was my duty to make sure I could actully do what I committed myself to do.  That was one of the last times I went out west.  The rest of my career I spent running from Illinois to New England once a week.
     The point of the story is that safety was and has been improved by some of the changes.  Yes there are going to continue to be rule breakers and some who abuse the system.  One trucking company in my area had a contract for a regular run from California to Baltimore.  They ran teams and they guaranteed 72 hour delivery.  They actually did it, but they went through drivers like they were water.  They also are no longer in business.  In the early part of my career I worked for a union flatbed company hauling stone.  At contract negotiation time we were talking with the company owner on the front steps.  He made the comment, "Truck drivers are a dime a dozen."  My reply to him was, "You may be right, but you are going to spend three rolls of dimes to find a good one."  What I did not say that I wish I had was, "That for what he paid he was not going to get that good one as they knew what they were worth.  Keep on trucking.

Obama Kicks Can Down The Road, As Problems Continue To Grow.

      Most  people know that Congress is putting off fixing any of the problems facing America.  They are finding many reasons, but if they are going to use the Obama plan, maybe they need to reconsider.  The way the Obama tax break works is that instead of taking out 6.2% of your check for taxes.  Their solution is to only take out 4.2% which in essense means they are giving you back your own money,  The worst part of that is that they are kicking that "can" twenty to thirty years down the road.  It means the money needed to pay your retirement check is being given to you now.  THAT IS NOT A SOLUTION, IT IS A DISASTER in the making.  There is another sign in the economy that makes it an even worse problem.  The statistics for the third quarter of 2011 showed that consumer spending was up.  That is good?  No that is bad.  The reason is that consumer savings were down.  That means people are in such hard times they are taking their savings to just make ends meet.  It means with all the inflationary costs the average persons paycheck is not meeting their needs.  Why is that bad?
     The reason the housing bubble burst in the first place.  The continual and slow growth of gas prices pushed the average person to the point they had to make choices between a house payment and the other necessities of life.  They chose the other.  They also started cutting back and as fuel prices fell they started building a hedge.  Paying off things like auto loans and credit card debt.  Many Americans took advantage of the slight break to put away some money.  Now as prices for fuel go back up.  The price the necessities of life are going up too. The average American was using that little bit of savings to make ends meet.  With no solutions to the job crisis in sight things do not look good.  Most people are still getting the tax break till the end of December, but it is not enough.  They are still coming up short.  If the Congress fails to extend the tax cuts it is going to cause a massive shortage quickly for the average American.  Even if they do pass the tax break the bleeding will continue, but slower.   The two million who might lose their unemployment will no longer be able to scrape by.  They will have to make the same decision that those who lost their homes during the housing bubble made.  Do I eat or pay the house payment.  Most people find eating far more important than shelter.  They can always move to a cheaper place or adjust in some way. 
     What does all that mean?  Well for one the mortgage foreclosures will start rising again and the price of real estate will continue to collapse.  More and more people will be upside down in their homes.  The ones who are lucky enough to have them paid for and have plenty equity may be okay.  Another thing that happens is that the local and state taxing bodies will come up short of projected revenues.  That means they can not pay their bills.  They will start cutting back even more.  The Fed is in no position to help because they are doing nothing to solve the problem.  They are simply pointing fingers at each other and saying, "It is his fault."  The truth is that it is all of thems fault.  Some of my other posts show ways the system could be kick started.  The problem is that there comes a point where even those ideas will not work.  It will not matter if gas goes back down to $2 or even a $1 a gallon if nobody has the dollar to buy it.   That was what happened during the Great Depression.  Depression means down.  Prices went down to ridulously low levels, but nobody had money to take advantage of it.
     The Fed is not working at all.  The real problem is that there is no action to produce a solution,  If it continues on its present course it will not matter where the stock market is at.  It is just a number and the reality is that it means nothing to the average person.  If the account you put your retirement funds in is going dry and paying no interest.  It is being sucked dry by the markets and there incompetence.  There are things that could help, but the present system is not looking outside the box.  They continuing to make the same mistakes over and over and expectind a different outcome.  There is a definition for doing that.  It is called insanity.  It definitely seems insane that having so much at their disposal the politicians can do nothing to solve the problem.  That is why we need a third party that does think outside the box.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Congressional Lights Are On, Is Anybody In Charge

       Man so much is happening it is hard to tell where to start.  The unemployment rate might be a good one.  That is the most bogus number put out by the Federal Government.  Do they draw it out of a hat.  It certainly has nothing to do with reality.  People who have fallen off the unemployment rolls and are no longer looking are not counted.  It does not mean they are no longer unemployed.  They just do not matter or they just do not count.  I am not sure which is the right way to put it.   The way it works they could have it down to a nice six to five percent by the election in 2012.  All they have to do is not approve the unemployment extensions and then the people do not count.  They need a more realistic system that counts all the unemployed and even the under employed.  Also all those holding three minimum wage jobs, with minimum hours that are just trying to survive.  The real number is probably well above the fourteen million they are claiming it is.  It could be above twenty million but nobody will really know because so many people do not count. 

       Well on to the second topic which is  somewhat related.  The Postal System is definitely going Postal.  My blog of 21 September deals with it in more detail, but nobody is in charge anymore.  The Constitution says it is Congress duty to set up and run the postal system.  It is a Constitutional obligation.  It is not an option.  What I find strange is that the Postmaster General can dump as many as a 100,000 employees into the unemployment pool and Congress does not even react.  Eliminating overnight service to save supposedly around two billion dollars was real smart.  The one type of mail they may have been making money on they dump.  Why not dump the junk mail they fill my box with.  How about seeing if Fedex and UPS want a piece of that action.  I sincerely doubt it.  My earlier post told how to deal with the problems, but who cares.  The idiot in charge is not smart enough to figure out that all his package service will probably follow the overnight mail to another service.  Most businesses do not like doing multipal mail systems.  Actually I am for the Postal System charging a lot more and dealing only with mail.  They need to adapt to the electronic age though.   There are ways they could make some serious money.  However that is not how they are set up.   Well they are supposed to at least be self supporting.  That is not happening because they do not know what good business practices are.  Giving away boxes to customers when they can buy their own and take a tax right off is really a sharp move.   Then they give a discounted rate and wonder why they are losing money.  So now we not only have an incompetently run mail system.   They are going to dump a hundred thousand people onto the unemployment rolls.  So even if Congress does not grant the extensions for the people who have been on unemployment for two years or more.  The cost of doing business is going to go up.  Also if the Congress fails to extend the unemployment for the two million people, you can probably figure on another million or so homes going into foreclosure as they long term unemployed have no way to  pay their house payments. 

      Of course all of this is happening while Congress is blowing out all the stops to create a job explosion across America.  Hope you do not really believe that.   They have the only jobs they are worried about and that is theirs.  Thousands of citizens are sending in plans to help, but they fall into a black hole.  I have personally helped support the post office by sending ideas to the Congress and you do not even get back the autographed picture anymore that you used to get during the Reagan administration.  On top of all the crap I have been whining about.  The government will hit its spending cap again this month. Then we will get another credit downgrade.  Then they wonder why the world economy is not getting any better.  Get a life, really they need to get off their dead, dying asses and do something.  Even if it is wrong so we know there are still living bodies up there.  Otherwise shut out the lights and save us that much money.