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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is America's Economy Getting Better?

      Lately on the news many of the forecasters are saying the economy is getting better.  Is it?  What has been fixed.  Nothing really.  Jobs are improving, but not at a level to stimulate the economy.  Everything is barely holding itself together.  Every time there is even a breath of bad news the market slides. Some big companies are trying to manipulate the market to their advantage.  A good example of that is Apple.  They are going to start paying dividends on their stock.  They are going to buy back $10 Billion shares of stock.  Is that a benevolent act.  No it is their way of stimulating sales and getting even more money.  They are already the richest company in the world, but at what cost.  They are not creating jobs in America.  Overseas workers are forced to work in conditions that are making them suicidal.  Conditions that would not be tolerated in America.  Conditons that would make them liable to legal action in this country.  Yet Americans buy their products.  Supporting the oppression of others. Even though it costs them jobs that could be done here.  It does not matter though.  They are saving money on the over priced Apple products.
     Maybe it is time to, not only, not buy Chinese products.  It is time to quit buying American products made in foreign countries.  Recently Bank of America reversed itself.   It cancelled fee increases because of the outrage of consumers.  Well consumers have the same power with international companies.  The companies make the stuff overseas to sell in America.  If it does not sell here they will loose money.  They will have to rethink their program.  Congress needs to get involved on the behalf of American citizens.  They need to start putting taxes on the goods of American companies that are being shipped into the United States.  It could be called an Equality Tax.  Which having said all the above brings me to the real reason for writing this article to start with.  They also need to repeal laws that force American products overseas.  Like the basic light bulb. Which was and is an American invention.
   The big question is how is the economy getting any better.  Nothing is being done to fix America's problem.   The national debt is growing out of control.  Nothing is being done to reverse it.  Having been through a personal bankruptcy certain facts apply just as much at the national level as they do at the individual level.  If you live beyond  your means sooner or later a day of reckoning comes.  When you are borrowing money to keep living at the level you like to live at you have a problem.  The problem is that you have to much debt and you are spending to much.  There are several ways to deal with the problem.  The best is to make more money.  Not just print it, but actually make more money. The government does that buy raising taxes. Private enterprise does it buy creating jobs that pay taxes.  With the government method individuals who pay taxes have less to spend and that hurts the economy.  Private job growth is by far the best way to solve the problem.
     The other way to cut debt is to reduce spending levels.  In other words quit buying as much.  Again that hurts the individual who has to do without some good or service. It also hurts the business which can not sell its products.  Businesses that do not sell as much also do not pay as much in taxes.  However if government spending is cut enough the debt level starts to go down.  The trick is finding the balance of belt tightening and spending cuts that bring things back into line.  In line means spending only what you have to spend and not creating more debt.  At present the country is doing neither.  It is not cutting spending and it is not increasing income by raising taxes. So the debt continues to increase at a rate that is not sustainable.  Sooner or later, I believe sooner, the government will not be able to do all it is required to do.  Even with borrowing huge sums of money.  When that happens it is called bankruptcy.   We are headed there as certainly as the sun comes up in the morning.  You can count on it.  It is going to happen.  The problem can be fixed, but it will take an effort not only of the government.  It will take the creation of jobs and on a much grander scale than is presently happening in America.  Even little things can help start the tide to turning.  Pay someone to mowy your yard or wash your car instead of doing it yourself.  Preferably someone unemployed.  It may help them and it may stimulate people to see ways to create jobs that help others. The ideas are out there. Private enterprise can create the jobs needed.  What needs to be done is to change the way the game is played.
     The rules need to go back to the way they were before a compromise between Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich set in place a couple of plans that were destined to create the problem we now face.  Clinton wanted  a program where low income people could participate in home ownership in America.  We know what that caused.  The housing bubble and the collapse of the housing market.  In return Gingrich wanted the largest Capital Gains Tax Cut in history.  What that simply meant is that the rich got to take their profit off the top of their income and keep it.   The problem is that they did not make a corresponding cut in the government spending. The income going into government coffers was cut tremendously.  While spending went merrily on its way and still is.  You throw in 9/11 and a couple of wars which raise expenditures and the debt level literally is in explosion mode. With no cuts in spending to offset the Capital Gains Tax Cut.  Also no allocation of extra money to pay for the wars.  The rising debt was not probable, it was inevitable.
     The only solution is to put things back in balance.  Those who benefited from the tax cut need to be taxed to give that money back.  They in essence ripped off the government.  The government did not have the money to give up. The Capital Gains money was already being spent.  During the housing melt down the big bankers raked off more and more profits. Mostly in the form of bonuses.  Money they did not earn and would not have had except for the not well thought out Capital Gains cuts.  Even a non banker like me could and can see that something had to give.  Down the road we may be able to get things back in balance. Then we can make the spending cuts to let the rich have "their" money back  However right now the only solution is not just cuts in spending, but there needs to be a major increase in tax income that is going in the governments coffers.  Till that happens the problem will not be solved.  Eventually the system will collapse.  Somebody will not be paid money the are entitled to.  Money they worked all their life to get.  It will be the people who paid into the system all their lives.  Unfortunately it will not be the ones who took advantage and raped the system to get all they could get.
    The increasing oil prices may bring it to a head.  Oil prices are what drove the collapse in the period of 06-08.  People who are living on the edge.  Ones who have already lost their income and now are losing their unemployment will no longer be able to pay their bills.  The cycle starts again.  On one of these cycles the reality is going to hit home to the government that business as usual is not working.  As the old Biblical saying goes." The writing is on the wall."  The facts are there and they can be seen.  Figures do not lie.  However liars do play with the figures.  The truth is no matter how good things might look or seem,  America is setting on the edge.  Cutting off oil or increasing its price will drive the economy over the edge.  Unfortunately recovery in other parts of the world which increases demand for oil may also drive America over the edge.  At this moment in time the downside holds a lot more potential for happening than the upside does.  In my open letter to the President a few weeks ago(which is on one of my posts)  I showed a way to help the economy, but as usual it was ignored.  This administration either does not care or does not read their mail.  Either way four more years of nothingness that has kept us on the edge, will only drive us over the edge.  Especially if the "Status Quo" is pursued and nothing is done to put things in order.  Right now I think 25% unemployment is more of a possibility in the future than 6%.  Make your own decision.  Make your own preparations for what you see coming.  When it happens it will be to late to start making plans.  In an economy with 25% or higher unemployment violence will explode in America. That is one fact you can take to the bank. It happened in the twenties and thirties and it will happen again.  Might be time to write your politician and tell them to do something.  Can you really afford not to.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Some Bible Verses That Say We Might Be Near The Endtime

       Lots of people are curious about the endtime.  Some care what the Bible has to say on the matter.   Other Christians say it does not matter.  Or that we do not have to worry about it if we are saved.  While I agree with both somewhat, it is not something to be ignored either.  If it is not important why did Jesus make several comments concerning it.  When he was nearing the end of his life he took the time to lay out a lot of details of things that would happen in that time.   His disciples also mentioned it many times.   In fact the whole last book of the New Testament deals with the subject almost exclusively.  There are two verses I find in the Bible that I think make the matter pertinent to this day and age.  Several other verses speak directly into this day and age.  Hopefully I can explain them in a way the average person can understand.  Many of the unsaved and others I have had fellowship with over the years spoke to me mainly because that was a subject that they were worried about.

     Opening the door to a conversation is one of the good points of knowing what the Bible says about the endtime.  The first two verses I intend to quote give very strong reasons for understanding what the Bible says.  The first, Hosea said it the best. "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge."  That is what God supposedly said.  He did not say the heathens or the lost are destroyed.  He said "MY PEOPLE."  So knowing God's Word can save us from destruction.  That is not me speaking it is the Bible.  That makes it a pretty good reason. The second is much like it. In Luke 12:56 Jesus said, "Ye hypocrites, Ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth: how is it that you do not discern this time."  He said clearly they should have understood the time.  All they had to do was look around themselves and read the scriptures which would tell them what was happening.  However in Matthew, Jesus gives some very clear warnings if people will only listen to what he is saying.

           "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

      Jesus makes it clear there will be things we can observe.  They will be marrying and drinking just as they were in the days of Noah.  He makes clear nobody got it in the time of Noah either, until Noah entered the Ark. He makes it clear that it will be the same when he comes back.  Jesus is the Incarnate Word of God, what does the Word say was happening at that time.

        " And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.  There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.  And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.  And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.  But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.  These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.  And Noah begat three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth.  The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.  And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth. "

     At the time of Noah men were living for hundreds of years.  Not just a hundred as is now the case if you are lucky enough.  The key point in this scripture is that wickedness was great in the earth, men thought of evil continually.  Verses 11 and 12 say it plainly that there was violence and corrupted flesh.  Those things are what we read about daily and see in the news.

     In the 24th Chapter of Matthew and the 21st Chapter of Luke Jesus lays out for his disciples the things to watch out for.  The things that will be happening in the endtime.  In Matthew 24:6 Jesus starts off by telling his disciples, "You shall hear"  However when he gets to verse 15 he changes it to "You shall see."  Is that just a figure of speech.  I think not.  I have a reason for not thinking it is and accident.   In Revelation 11 it lays out the story of two witnesses to the endtimes.  They are supposed to prophesy for 3 and 1/2 years and then they will be slain.  That is when it gets interesting.  Verse 8 sets the location as Jerusalem. Verses 9 ans 10 describe what is going on.  It says " the peoples and kindreds and tongues, and nations shall "see" them dead in the streets. And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry and shall send gifts one to another. because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt upon the earth. After three days and a half the spirit of God entered them.  They stood upon there feet and ascended into heaven.  It says great fear fell on them who saw it.  I bet it did.  What could two prophets do to the whole world.  They told them where they were headed if they did not change there ways I imagine.  That would terrify any reasonable person.  The point of telling that scripture is this.  That scripture could not have been fulfilled till the last few years.  The advent of worldwide satellite technology make it possible for people all over the world to "see" what was happening.  Also the fact that people were sending gifts to each other.  That implies it was not just the local people who knew about it and saw it.  In three days at the time the prophecy was made seventy five miles would have been the average distance traveled in that time.  It definitely implies greater mobility.  Which leads me to my final Bible quotes that say we are in the end time

     In the book of Daniel another book that has a lot to say about the endtime.  Chapter 12:4 the Angel told Daniel to close up his book and seal it till the time of the end.  It also says in the time of the end two things shall happen. "People shall go to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased."  Well anyone can see the explosion of knowledge that has taken place over the last few years.  Also people definitely to go to and fro all over the earth.  Hopefully I have made my point.  As I am able it is my goal to lay out an endtime Bible study that reinforces and explains other reasons to believe we are in the end time.  Why should you care? Well it might help you make the decision to give your life to the Lord.   If you already have it might help you to make changes in your life and live like it.
      One of the events that is explained in the old testament is in the book of Micah in the 5th through the 7th Chapters it says that the Jews will be dispersed among the Gentiles for a period of time.  However Jesus said in Luke Chapter 21:24 that the Jews would be dispersed till the time of the Gentiles was fulfilled.  Well when the Jews returned to "their" land that completed the time of the Gentiles. When you look at the Bible from the historical point of view.  It was roughly 2000 years from Adam till Abramham.  It was also about 2000 years from Abraham to Jesus.   Then finally it has been 2000 years from the time of Jesus till now.  In 2nd Peter Chapter 3 and verse 8 it says. " A day with the Lord is as a thousand years.  Based on that verse mankind has been around for about six days.  The seventh day is the Lords Day.  It is the period of the 1000 year reign of Christ on earth.

     Hopefully I will be able to lay out and show people how all the prophecies of the Old Testament point to the end time.  How if we really study and look at the Bible we are at that point.  The time is definitely ripe for the second coming of Christ.  My writing will lay out several prior periods of time.   Certain events that occurred in each time period.  Events that foreshadow things happening in this day and age.  The key thing is that it is the Bible showing the events not me.  All I am doing is putting them together in a way I hope opens peoples eyes.  My goal is for this all to make sense to those who take the time to read it.  Hopefully I will be blogging on this subject at least one day a week.  Laying out what I have studied and understand it to mean.  Till then keep looking up.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My First Year, Top Ten & Most Read Articles

      March 8th of this year I celebrated my first year of blogging.  My main purpose of doing this particular blog is to share some of my older stuff with my new readers.  The search bar on my blog will work with a title or even just using one word.  This year has been fun and a learning experience for me.  I appreciate all the support.  Especially all the readers from around the world who have read and encouraged me to keep at it.  The blog has been read in over 33 countries which really amazed me as to how broad of a reach it gives a writer.  My writing generally deals with saving money, political problems, solutions to help the economy and create jobs.  Also some personal experiences from my 65 years of life.  My thirteen years in the military, ten years living overseas, twenty years as an over the road trucker and finally as small business operator.  My writing background comes from my last year in the Army.   It was my experience working as a photo/journalist for the Southern Command News in the Panama Canal Zone that stimulated my interest in writing.  Hopefully people will find my writing interesting.  I know I sometimes have grammar problems but my goal is to share the content.
     Following down this page you will find ten blog titles with they dates they were posted.  Also I will try to give enough to let readers determine if it is something they might be interested in.  The first one I am going to mention is not part of the list.  It is a fairly current one.from 24 February 2012, it is a letter to President Obama about the jobs problem with a couple enclosures.  This letter was sent at the start of the President's Administration and offers job creation and energy conservation ideas.  All of which seem to have been ignored.  I encourage you to read it and if you think it is viable send it to your political representative in Congress, your local energy company and yes even the President.  Ideas work but only if enough concerned people start pushing.  The recent victory over Bank of America and the Occupy Wall Street crowds show that if enough people scream loud enough, long enough and back it up with actions, like closing accounts. The powers that be will sooner or later take notice
     One of my biggest concerns is dealing with the drug problem in America.  Hopefully I am making a valid argument and people who read my views will see a new side to the issue.  Drugs are destroying lives and the failed drug war is putting a tremendous burden on our economy.   Incarceration and turning citizens into social lepers is not the solution to the problem.   There will always be some who abuse any system that is established.  However my personal view is that as Christians and America claims to be a Christian nation.   We could have a lot better results if we encouraged people to accept and live by the principals of the Christian faith.  I do not quote the Bible to beat people down with it.  I use it to show how little many people understand that it is the Word of God.  It is the truth and the truth will set you free.  When you do come into understanding you will see that there really is a spiritual battle going on over America.
    Part of the purpose of my starting this blog was to share a book I have been writing over a period of several years.  It was a couple hundred pages long, but I have trimmed it back to about 54 pages.  It is a Bible study dealing with the end time.  My goal is to publish it a couple pages a week till I get it all published.  When I post  pages they will stay up for a month then I will take them down.  When I am finished or anywhere along the line if a person is interested they will be able to send me a small amount to cover postage and the price of copying the book to CD and I will mail it directly to them.  When I get enough computer knowledge I may be able to put it up over the internet.  It is not my interest to make money off of the book.  It was freely given to me and I will freely share it.  However being on a fixed income I can not afford to mail it out of my own pocket.  All I am interested in is recovering my actual cost.  Thanks for the support and I hope you all keep following me.  I truly appreciate any and every comment I receive.  They help me determine if my writing is doing what it is supposed to do.  That is inform people.  Thanks again for following my blog.
     So here goes the list.  The letter to Obama is not on it but I do encourage you to read it.

1. 4/19/11  Why America Is Loosing The Industry and Marketing Battle.
           This was and has been my most popular article of them all.  Americans care about why America is in the trouble we find ourselves in.  My years in trucking, my military experience with logistics and working with the Military Airlift Command and my Associate Degree in Business all worked together to give me an insight from a laymen's point of view that not many Americans get to see.

2. 11/7/11  How Not To Go Down A Hill..Or..Murphy's Law At Work
        This may not have been the most popular but it did and has gotten lots of reads.   It is meant to be a humorous but serious and true story of an experience I had early in my civilian trucking experience.  Every time I go down that hill.  That first time is fresh in my mind. I was lucky enough to walk away from with only my pride and my boss's truck hurt a little bit.

3.6/22/11  Swatting Flies With Sledgehammers
       This blog deals with he incompetence of the government to deal with problems both foreign and domestic and show that no one is in charge of what is going on.

4.  How Did The Wealth Meltdown Occur.
     My love of history helped me write this and summarize a lot of important but ignored history.
     This blog deals with how our economy actually melted down and what caused it.  It happened over a very long period of time.  It is a fairly long article, but it explains how "Our Government, helped overthrow the Iranian Government."  You often hear about the hostage situation and how the ruthless Iranians overthrew our embassy and held the staff hostages for almost four hundred days.  Releasing them before Reagan took office.  The part that is left out is that we worked with Britain to overthrow the democratically elected government of Iran.  Yes America did that.  That is the source of the sore spot in the relations between Iran and the U.S.  In my view we owe Iran an apology.  Of course that is not a popular thing to say.  However if it opened communications and the door for us to help them make a peaceful nuclear system.  It might avoid the war that seems to be coming down the road.  However I doubt we will as it is all basically a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.   Have to wonder whatever happened to the Monroe Doctrine though.  Kruschev used our own policy against us during the Cuban Missile Crisis to defuse that time bomb before it went off.

5. 4/12/11  The Big One, Some Points To Ponder.
          This deals with the idea of the Big One.  A super earthquake that shakes the whole world.  What science and the Bible say about the issue.   It is meant to be serious but not to heavy.

6. 2/11/12  America's Moral Crisis.
         Basically this one deals with America and the attitude towards birth control and abortion that is going on in America today.

7. 9/21/11   The Postal, Postal System...A Sign or A Symptom
            What is wrong with the U.S. Postal System and how to fix it.  Also why it probably will not get fixed. It is just a mirror of the real problem in America.

8. 11/17/11 Prohibition, Income Tax & Pot,  What They Have In Common
           A look at how some of America's problems have been created by a hypocritical do good spirit.  This one was done over a long period of time and came about when I saw that many events in history are related to each other.   What sparked my interest was why would anyone pass a tax on themselves, which led to a study of prohibition and finally of its effect on the pot situation.

9.  5/19/11  2012, Or Sooner, Or Later, Whenever, Whatever, Endtime, Gloom and Doom
          This is meant to be a light hearted look at all the end of time doctrines and prophesies of the end of the world as we know it.   It got a lot of hits over the last year and still does.

10. America's Political Suicide, We Are About To Be Ga$$ed To Death
      A look at how America came to be in the situation we find ourselves in today.  Most of the time the problems we are having today have roots years in the past.  They are just coming to the surface in this day and age.  All this financial crisis and the meltdown were created by the efforts of Clinton and Gingrich clear back in 97 and 98.

     That summarizes all the top ten or what I consider the top ten and a little bit of what they are about. Any body that chooses to I hope you enjoy reading them.  Thanks again and I do appreciate comments both positive and negative.  it gives me an idea if I am making sense and what to pursue and write more or less about.

Monday, March 12, 2012


       America is being played like a fiddle.  It is time for America to wake up and see what is happening to us as a nation.  On the surface it looks like we are in control, but if you sit back and look hard that's not the case.  It used to be my position to accept what the government said as gospel.  That is something you learn to do when you give thirteen years of your life to your country.  The view of most of the people I served with was that we did not vote or get involved in politics because we had to serve whoever was in power.  In the Army we had a phrase, " You respect the rank, even if you do not respect the person wearing it."  In other words they are in charge.  The last couple election cycles have hammered home to me, especially since Obama took office, that is not the attitude of the American public in general.
     It makes me wonder if the racism is that ingrained in the American mindset that they would hate to see a black man be successful in America.  He took control at the absolute worst time since the Great Depression and he has been fought at every point along the way.  Over every issue.  The fact that he has managed to keep it going this long has amazed me.  My favorite saying about him that I created is, "Obama was raised and fed on the American Dream, he was naive enough to believe it, determined enough to pursue it.  He proved it is true, but now what do is he going do with it."  That is where the American Dream meets reality what do you do with the truth when you see it.
      Recently I discovered a couple of other truths and they are making me question the whole value system of America.  The Constitution says we are endowed by "Our Creator" which implies a belief in creationism by our Founding Fathers.  With certain inalienable rights. rights given by God and supported by our Constitution.
WELL SOMEBODY IS LYING.....Why do I say that.  It is pretty simple. In Genesis 1:29-30, God said he gave "every" herb bearing seed for man to use.  George Washington and Thomas Jefferson raised hemp, that is Marijuana in today's language, as cash crops.  They did not demand the government control and attack a frigging weed.  Let alone spend billions and billions of dollars trying to legislate morality.
     When I realized these simple truths I had to ask myself what in the world is going on.  Finally I got it.  John 10:10 states very simply,  Satan is come to Steal, Kill and Destroy.  He will do it any way he can.  Part of what opened my eyes to this is the issue of abortion.   America claims to be a Christian nation.  However abortion goes against everything Christianity stands for and believes.  Life is God given.  It says clearly in the Bible, " God knew you in the womb before you were born."  In other words you had personhood before you were born.  Also in the Bible Satan used killing children several times to try and thwart the works of God.  He did it in the time of Moses and he did it in the time of Jesus.  He also did it in the time leading up to the captivity in Bablylon.  God feels very strongly about killing children.In Leviticus 20:1-5 God commanded the people to kill a person who would kill or sacrifice a child.  Not only that he said to kill anyone who allowed it.  If a nation did not do so. He would pour out his judgment on that nation.  Welcome to the just judgment  of God we are now receiving.  He said he would do it.  He is doing it.  If you doubt my word I invite you to read what God's Word says he will do to nations in the form of Blessings and Curses.  It is laid out very clearly in Deuteronomy Chapter 28.  You will quickly see America abided  by God's standards but that is not the case in this day and time.
    Additionally the Bible says Woe..Webster's says woe means great trouble, sorrow or grief.  That is so you will know what we are talking about when I quote the next verse because Woe is not very commonly used these days.  So here goes.  " Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet,  and sweet for bitter." that is in Isaiah 5:20.  Looking at that verse I realized that God knows the purpose of every plant and its potential.  Even its uses for healing and medication.  So when man says that something God given is evil.  Well I hate to be literal, but that man is working for the Devil.  When I look at all the lives that are destroyed and locked up in prison.  All the money being wasted trying to kill a God given weed.  It is insanity.  Not to mention that the medical system is totally messed up.
     The original purpose of the government creating drug laws was not to ban drugs.  It was to make sure that the people selling snake oil. (worthless medicines that they said would cure anything and everything) were banned.   Unfortunately a bunch of misguided, or maybe SATAN guided souls over the years have perverted the purpose of the law.  Legislating in the name of morality has cost Americans dearly over our history.  During the Civil War our government started taxing alcohol and it represented 30% of government income by the end of the war.   Buy the turn of the century it had climbed to 70%.  The Prohibitionist ( use the search bar on my blog and read some detailed blogs on these issues) manipulated the American people into voting for Prohibition,  Jesus did not say ban alcohol, in fact he turned water into wine.  We all know what happened in Prohibition.  Gangsters and violence went out of control.  Finally the government did away with the ban, but they did not do away with the income tax, which was supposed to replace the alcohol tax,   they just started taking both.  Have to know that SATAN was laughing over that one.  At the end of Prohibition the alcohol companies used what they had learned from Prohibitionist to eliminate marijuana as a competitor.  I know this because my grandfather told me so.  He said during Prohibition pot became very popular and a lot of people did not go back to drinking when prohibition was over.  Hence the law.
     This evil is not confined to drugs and alcohol.  America invented the light bulb.  Now it is illegal to have and use a regular incandescent bulb.  The replacement is an environment polluting abomination.   These bulbs are going into land fills and polluting all over the country.  However that is not being monitored.  They say it is to reduce energy usage.  Well turning off lights when not needed would save just as much energy if not more. Designing homes so they face south and building them semi underground would reduce the need for light in the homes and also the demand for heat.   It would also afford more protection from being destroyed by tornadoes which lately has been a major problem.
     So in conclusion.  If we are a Christian nation, we better wake up and act like Christians.  The present arguments going on over birth control show the lack of moral understanding in America today.  Years ago when I was still trucking I heard a female Congressperson from California say, "Passing a law against partial birth abortions in America will create a moral crisis."  I had to wonder if she was so ignorant that she did not know what the word "moral" meant.   Just for the record, she had to be using the part that said, "distinguishing between right and wrong,"  Because the second part of the  definition says, "good in conduct or character specifically; sexually virtuous"  Well a sexually virtuous person has no need of an abortion period.  It is a perfect example of the verse I quoted earlier. Woe, to them that put good for evil and evil for good.  If America is a Christian nation it is time for them to stand up and be counted.  Not to hypocritically worry about what is wrong with another persons life, but to truly examine their own life in relationship to what God wants us to be doing.  That is caring for the lost, poor, orphans, widows and needy,   Not judging them.  The Christian ethic is alive an well that is evident when there is a disaster and people show the good side of America.  If Americans were living true Christian lives it would not matter if drugs were legal or illegal,  They would be leading souls into a path that leads them away from the evils of life. There will always be drunks, sinners, and poor people.  It is the Christians job to reach out to them, not condemn them.  It is easy to see who has the upper hand in America at this point.  It is time to WAKE UP AMERICA AND LET'S TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THE LIBERALS, POLITICIANS AND DECADENT CORRUPTION IT HAS FALLEN INTO.   Lets get America back on track by abolishing laws and agencies that stop Americans from being able to take care of themselves,  That stop us from making safe products that do not pollute.  Laws that force Americans to participate in a medical system that is designed simply to bleed people of every last dime.  Legalizing drugs will eliminate the need to give up everything you own just to relieve your pain when you are suffering from a terminal illness.  Laws that benefit the rich and powerful at the expense of the poor.  How often do we see celebrities, politicians and the wealthy violate the laws with no consequence or a slap on the wrist while a poor person gives up years of their lives for being in possession of something God said he had a right to use.  You say, Well God did not intend for them to abuse that drug.  No he did  not but he knew it had the potential to relieve suffering when he created it.  God gave the job of saving souls to man, especially to Christians.  It is time to wake up and realize we are getting railroaded to hell by SATAN.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why Would Anybody Want To Be President

      It is a amazing to me that people will spend millions upon millions of dollars to get a job that only pays $400,000 a year.  Of course it is not their money they are spending in most cases.  So why would a person spend that kind of money to get the job, for the power, for the fame.  Surely not because they want the responsibility.   Maybe they think they will change the world.
      Here is some interesting trivia about Presidents you might want to impress friends with.
            18 % of our presidents have died in office.  Some by natural cause and some by assassination.
                        That means that almost one in five presidents die in office.  The Presidency is evidently
                         a high risk job.
            37% of those who died in office were in there second term in office.  Proof that politics can kill you.
                        The longer you stay the greater the risk.
             9% of our Presidents have been assassinated.  That means you have almost a one in ten chance
                         of dying in office.  Those odds are almost worse than playing Russian roulette.  Guess most
                         people seeking the job have not done the research to know the risks that come with the
                         job.  Only an idiot would want such a high risk job.
            50%  of those that have been assassinated were in their second term in office.  Which definitely                      
                         proves  my theory of higher risk if you serve longer.

      When it comes to getting the job education is not mandatory but it helps.  Twenty per cent of the ones who have been President did no graduate from college.  In fact a couple had no formal education.  Having not gone to college did not hold them back though.   While twenty five were lawyers.  Twenty percent (6) of those who were lawyers did not have a college education.  They were self taught and motivated.

       Four of the Presidents were professional soldiers and at least two of them graduated from military academies.  At least four of them attained to the office of President based largely on their role in the military.
Washington, Jackson, Grant and Eisenhower were held in high esteem because of their military records and not from their non military accomplishments.  Several others were military veterans with impressive records.

       In America's times of greatest trial we have had leaders who were not college educated or did not hold a degree.  Washington, Lincoln and Truman had no college degrees.  So God evidently provided men with strong common sense when the nation needed strong leadership.

      When you do look at the educational backgrounds some colleges standout.  Before the Civil War four of the Presidents had been graduates of William and Mary in Virginia.  From the beginning to now seven have been Harvard graduates,  Yale has produced five Presidents.  So it seems your choice of place of higher education can influence your chances of being President.

      America has proven to be a pretty good place to achieve the American dream by working your way up from the bottom.  Religious backgrounds have varied.  We even had a Quaker for President.  Even racism has not been a bar to reaching the highest office in the land.  When the Constitution was written blacks were considered only three fifths of a man.  That was changed with the Civil War and now a man of Color has achieved to the highest  office in the land.   He was raised by his mother and his white grandparents and he evidently was fed a full measure of the American dream.  He not only believed it.   He pursued it and proved it is truly possible for anybody to become the President of the United States of America.  He proved the dream is true and works. Now that he has the job, he seems to be struggling to figure out what to do with it.   He has views that our considered wrong by many Americans, but his life view is tempered by his upbringing. Having lived overseas his view is more comprehensive. He has seen  that America is the land of opportunity and hope. He could not have picked a worse time to become President, but history has shown divine providence provides the right man for the job at the right time.  Lets pray that is still the case.   There is only one thing that will keep you from becoming President of the United States.  You have to be born here.  That has been an issue since the President took office, but it has not been proven that he was not born here.  It is time to give the man a chance to do the job he was elected to do.  Hopefully his "change" will not tear America apart.  Time will judge if his actions are right or wrong like it has every President before him.

       As a "Christian nation" if we have elected a man who does not believe in and live the Christian values this nation was founded an based upon,  we will get our just reward.  Whatever that may be.  While Obama does and says many things I do not agree with.  It is my prayer that my judgement is right.  That he will do the right thing in the end.  We have a nation of checks and balances.  In the end he can do no more that the Congress allows him to do.  My hope and prayer is that he not be made the scapegoat for the whole mess America finds itself in today.  He was given a broken system with a broken and empty piggy bank and given the job of fixing the mess created over a period of eighty years.  Things do not happen in a vacuum and they do not happen in a day.  Just as I explain in my blog, of 20 Feb America's Political Suicide, this mess was set up to happen by a compromise by Clinton and Gingrich clear back in the 90's.  The stage was set by actions they took.  They passed the bill to give housing to people who could not really afford it.  Then they made the largest capital gains tax cut in history.  That tax cut took immense amounts of money out of the governments pockets and gave it directly to the wealthy.  The main problem was that they made no corresponding cut in spending.   So spending went on its merry way and when the housing crisis happened capital gains drained the system as it was given to Wall Street Bankers in the form of bonuses.  Now today we are seeing the real cost of the deal they made.   The nation can still be saved, but it will take a determined effort and cooperation between the President and Congress and sadly I do not see that happening.  Fortunately for Obama history will see and show what really caused this whole mess and he may be vindicated as a victim of circumstance.
Just for the record I vote independent.  My views are not biased.  I spent thirteen years in the military, ten of it overseas.  As a history buff I try to look at the whole picture.  Not just what I can see right now.  Hope some body gets something out of this.