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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Why Trump will lose in 2020

          Why Trump will lose in 2020

   Trump will lose mainly because he never won an election to start with. Hillary won the popular vote. While I am glad for the way it turned out, I know America is a better country than to support a second term for Trump.  People who had not read his book and did not know him, felt he was the underdog.  America has always had a soft heart for underdogs. Wiley Coyote is the perfect example. However Mr. Magoo more personifies the image of the average American politician. Pepe Le pew more personifies the American view of politicians in general.

   Trumps presidential style has mirrored his personal background as a self-serving, egotistical, racist with a lack of respect for anything or anybody that disagrees with him. He accumulated his wealth from family handouts, con-games, rip-offs of contractors and a variety of embezzlement schemes, of which some are pending court hearings as to their legality.

    He is the very image of the main character in the book “1984,” Hate speech is his strong suite when it comes to facing his problems.  He constantly denigrates anything that he does not like. Unfortunately for him American’s are wise to his tactics.  I personally believe his base is not big enough to carry him thru the election. He is so busy alienating people that his potential base is shrinking. I know America as a whole is better than him.

   When Barrack Obama became president it made me realize, America is capable of overcoming hatred and bigotry. If you had told me twenty years ago a black man would be President I would have laughed at you. Obama’s election showed me that America can rise above its shortcomings. Trump’s election showed me that there is a festering sore just below the surface in America, and that our system, can be diverted and perverted by those who focus their attention on manipulating the system

 As long as the Electoral College exists the true will of the American people will never be secure. When it was created it served a purpose. It took almost two months to go across America and back. That is no longer the case and the Electoral College, just like slavery has outlived its usefulness. In this day and age it is a system of perverting the will of the People.

   It is not and never was intended to give equality of the little states, against the big states. The only true equality is when every vote counts equally. The Congress was created to fill the gap between big and little and provide equality. I vote as an American, for an American, for America.  I believe most other Americans do also.

    That is why I believe that the inherent goodness of America will never let the Evil stand that we are seeing perpetuated by this President. We as a people do need to stand up and fix the system so that NO outside source may in any way effect or alter the outcome of our election. The Electoral College does not provide that protection, in fact it creates the opportunity for the perversion of our system thru deception.

   On the issue of immigration I find Trump living on hate. His self-righteousness out-weights common sense. It was my good fortune to spend thirteen years of my life in service to my country.  Ten of it was spent overseas. In the course of that time I met many thousands of people who wanted to come to America.  I do not remember ever meeting any who wanted to change our country. Those who come here, or those who are born here and do so, need to be afforded the opportunity to leave.

    America was founded on Judeo-Christian values and those views are expressed in our Constitution. The state is forbidden to endorse or encourage any specific religion. Conversely anyone who wants to force their values on America or Americans violates our laws. Anyone holding an official position in America is required to swear an allegiance to America and our laws. It is my understanding that failure to do so eliminates the person from serving. In my view and opinion a person who refuses to do so should be removed from office.

    Having been married to a Mexican/American for forty-seven years this is a topic that I have discussed on many occasions. Whether you were born here or came here, once you are here, you are an American. That means you become American by adapting to our culture.

  Those who come here illegally are at risk of being deported. In my opinion America needs to create a Yellow Card, similar to the Green Card, but without the privileges. Any violation of American law should be followed by immediate deportation. It should last ten years and require them to study for citizenship and to find a sponsor to vouch for them to get a Yellow Card. If they do not obtain the card within one year of arriving on American soil, they will forfeit the opportunity to get a card and be subject to deportation.  This affords us the opportunity to know who is here and their status. It is better than having millions with no record of their existence in America. It does not afford them the opportunity of citizenship, but affords them and the government to recognize their presence.

   This last part I offered only because Congress and Trump are making no progress on the issue. The Yellow Card should also have numbering system that allows them to pay their fair share into the system.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Where Is America Headed

                Where Is America Headed

     Every now and then the media captures a picture that tears at our hearts.  The recent picture of a father and daughter in the Rio Grande River tore at my heart. As I approach my fiftieth anniversary of being married to a Mexican American it is an issue that has had a significant presence in my life.  My wife’s family lives on both sides of the Rio Grande which makes it very personal. The picture showed the showed the high cost of pursuing a dream.  The situation on our southern border has turned into chaos over the last few months.  It is a side of America that is far from the image America has created over its 240 + years of existence. Every American except the Native Americans has made the journey to come to America. The American Natives have paid dearly so the imported Americans could pursue their dreams.

     Over my seventy three years of life I have met hundreds of people who have left everything to come here, many of them illegally. I have to say I admire those who have managed to get here and fit in to the system.  Knowing that at any time they could be apprehended, imprisoned and thrown out of the country. For as long as I can remember Congress has been going to address this issue. What we are seeing on the Rio Grande is because of Congressional incompetence.

    They come here, get a job and blend in to the system.  Yes every now and then some don’t. Those who don’t and create problems should be returned to their home county.  The truth is, based on my experience and conversations with many business men in America, they would go out of business without the Mexican labor.  I talked to more than one American orchard owner who said that they would lose their crops if they had to depend on American labor.

    As a Christian nation, or a nation that claims to be Christian, we should follow the Bible. Our Founding Fathers based much of what they did on the Bible. The situation we are now dealing with is addressed in the Bible.

     Exodus 22; 21-24…..  21Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt. 22Ye shall not afflict any widow, or fatherless child. 23If thou afflict them in any wise, and they cry at all unto me, I will surely hear their cry; 24And my wrath shall wax hot, and I will kill you with the sword; and your wives shall be widows, and your children fatherless.

    I had to look up the word vex in Webster’s.  It means to disturb, or annoy, especially in a petty way, or to distress and or afflict. If you read verse 24 it makes clear God will judge the matter in a severe way. Looking at the Jewish history and that they were literally thrown out of their land, the last time for over 2000 years, God means what he says.  Just based on what the Bible says our national leadership may be bringing damnation on this country.

     While we are here there is another thing America is doing that is coming to a head. It should not be an issue as we are, supposedly, a Christian nation.  It makes clear that it is not just committing the crime that brings judgment, but even tolerating those who do, brings judgment.

     Leviticus 20:2-5…. Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever he be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones. 3And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name. 4And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not: 5Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.

     President Trump’s decision not to attack Iran over a missile being shot down, because he did not see it as proportional, shocked me.  It made me feel maybe there is hope in the present situation. His hatred of immigrants is not rational. He is married to one.  Trump should provide the leadership to amend the system to make it work.  Making hundreds of thousands of people miserable is not a solution. It may even backfire by turning many who are unjustly treated into future terrorist.

    If you take a hard look at the matter, many of the worst terrorist acts in American history, like the Oklahoma City bombing were committed by Americans on Americans.

    Many people ask why all this death and destruction is happening. It is pretty simple if you look at the Bible. You reap what you sow.  The killing of Chris Kyle at a shooting range in Texas is a perfect example of fulfillment of that Biblical truth. Kyle had killed over 160 people as a sniper in the military. It goes far beyond that incident.

    Since the end of World War II, America has engaged in multiple military actions that have claimed between twelve and fifteen million people.  Yes America lost over a hundred thousand men, but the vast majority has been at the expense of the other parties, unfortunately mostly innocent civilians.  Millions more have been made homeless by our activities.

     A former president and commander of our military warned America before he left office that the Military Industrial Complex was a threat to our very existence as a nation. That has proven true over the years. The draft ended in January 1973. President Nixon felt it would end the anti-war protest and it did. The intention was not to end war, but to end the complaining so the MIC could continue to market their weapons of destruction for a profit.

    The whole problem boils down to a lack of respect for human life. The Vietnam War protesters were not really worried about life, except their own. As a Christian nation the destruction of human life goes against everything we should stand for. Yet thousands of lives are destroyed daily by abortion. We have become a nation that believes sex is for recreation and not for creation.

    President Trump’s proclaimed views on abortion are one of the only things I like about the man. His recent concern and decision that destruction of human life was not proportional to the destruction of a drone shocked me. I was also impressed by his willingness to meet with the North Korean leader. It shows an attitude of not being scared to talk to an enemy. So I find some of Trump’s actions confusing. His willingness to meet with leaders that are known to be cold blooded murderers, while treating refugees like less than human animals, is perplexing.

    In Proverbs 6:16-23 it says what God finds to be an abomination. It lists seven things and Trump seems to be batting one hundred percent.  I know many professing Christians who believe God sent Trump to save America. It makes me cringe when I hear it and I have to wonder if they have even read the Bible and if they have, do they believe it?

     It is not my position or duty to judge Trump.  When I compare his actions to what the Bible says and requires of us. I pray I am wrong in my understanding, because if I am not wrong, God may be going to use Trump as a medium to pour out his wrath on mankind.

    That is something that will happen sooner or later because the Bible says so, but I would prefer to see America standing for God when it does and not against him.  Only time will tell in the end.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Are You a Christian : Literally or Figurtively?

        Sometimes the Best Way to Follow, Is to Wait

   Sometimes just starting is the hardest part of a writing project.  Ernest Hemingway said it best, “Writing is simple, you simply sit down at a typewriter and bleed” At least sometimes that is what it feels like. I have not written much the last three years for several reasons.  Went thru several prolonged health issues, then five days a week I take care of my twin seven year old great- grand- daughters from 5:45 AM till 5:30 PM. Most days they are in school from 7:45 AM till 3:45 PM, which makes it a lot easier than it was before they started school. Last but not least I seem to be going through some form of dementia and can’t stay focused to read or write.

    There is plenty I would like to write about, but lately my diet seems to be my main focus. Since Easter last year I have lost fifty pounds. I intend if at all possible to lose another eighty pounds which would put me at two hundred and twenty pounds. That would mean I could skydive again if I so desired. I did it for ten years when I was in the Army and am a licensed Instructor. I have no desire to instruct anymore, just would like to make a few jumps and accomplish some unfinished goals I had before I was forced to quit, because of a compressed back. My ultimate goal would be lose one hundred and seventy-five pounds which is what I weighted when I got out of the Army.

   Losing the weight is not that big a deal. I had lost ninety pounds before I had my heart attack in January 2004. My goal back them was to lose one hundred and thirty pounds. Over the last fifteen years I managed to find every one of the lost ninety pounds. With the ninety I lost back then and the fifty I have lost now I have more than achieved my goal. I have lost a total of one hundred and forty pounds. Hopefully this time I can do it without having a heart attack.

    At almost seventy-three and having been dead technically twice already, as time carries on and having been fifteen years since my last heart attack I know the chances of having the final one are very imminent.  Over the years I have seen a large number of friends in much healthier condition than me depart this life. In spite of being morbidly obese my blood pressure averages around one hundred-fifteen over sixty-eight. My cholesterol is very good and my heart problem is that I have an arrhythmia heart condition. I have a defibrillator to take care of that though. My main problem now is that I was diagnosed as a Type II diabetic about three years ago. That means I take insulin. My doctor told me if I lose another twenty pounds or so she may be able to take me off my insulin. That would be a great blessing to me. Oh yes I also am an Agent Orange recipient and have COPD which make exercise a virtual no-no.

     My main goal is to sort of go with the flow and not do anything to rock my health boat. I have already beaten the odds a bit.  My grandfather was sitting in his favorite chair looking out over the lake at our family cabin in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of Minnesota which is right on the Canadian and American border. He asked grandma to get him a cup of coffee and when she came back with it he was gone at seventy-seven.  Grandma lived another fifteen years and one day was going to the grocery store with my Aunt. My Aunt called to see if Grandma was ready and she said yes. My aunt walked down got the car out of the garage and pulled up in front of Grandma’s and honked. They lived across the street from each other. Grandma did not come out and when Aunt Frances went in to check on her. She was lying in the floor with her coat over her arm.  My Dad died stepping out of the shower in the morning at seventy-two and a half which is only a few months older than I am now.  He died before he even put his teeth in. It has come to mean to me the same thing as the old west saying about dying with your boots on. For many years I didn’t realize I had an obsession about taking a shower with my teeth in. One day I got out of the shower just to put them in. I realized I had a problem with it. My Dad was always very concerned about his appearance. It used to tickle him when we would go out to dinner together and they would offer me a senior discount and not him. He had a full head of brown hair till the day he died. I was bald and gray in my thirties. That was not all bad. I got senior citizens discounts from my thirties on. It is clear to me that I am here only by the grace of God. The testimony also explains why I get a bit anxious around Easter and April Fool’s Day. 

      It took me about twenty five years from the time I got out of the Army to pack on the additional one hundred and seventy-five pounds the first time and fifteen years to find the ninety pounds I thought I had lost. You will notice by the title of my testimony I thought I was approaching the end of my life. I had always thought I would be here at the second coming because of my experience in January 1967. That is still my hope and dream, but for almost a three year period I could not even walk the four hundred feet to our mail box and back. I believe the hill I was walking down at the time of my dream/vision or whatever you want to call it is only a few hundred feet from the end of the drive to my house. The neat thing about the fifty pounds I have lost so far it has enabled me to be able to walk again.

     The date of Pentecost this year is June 9th and by then, with the changes I am making in my diet to lose weight, I may able to walk to that point on the hill where I believe I was in my dream/ vision. Like I said in the testimony, I saw me walking down the hill, so for me to have that experience I need to be able to walk.

    On April Fool’s Day this year my great- grand- daughters came in the door and they were excited. I said what is the matter and they said the moon is red. As a bit of an end time fanatic that little prophecy about stopped my heart. Matthew 21:16 makes clear that God speaks his wisdom through the mouths of children. When he spoke that verse he was dealing with the doubtful leaders of his time. We are in a much similar time in this day and age. If you follow the link you will see why I got a bit nervous.

   I have been going through some changes lately. I started taking care of my great-grand-daughters because I was convicted by a verse in the Bible. In First Timothy 5:8 it says that if one will not take care of his own, he is worse than an infidel. After looking up infidel, I had to decide if I believed the Bible literally or figuratively. If you take it literally, what God says is what God means. When you believe it figuratively you know what God says but use your own interpretation so you do not have to actually abide by what it says. The Bible says a man is not to even trim the corners of his beard. If that is the case shaving is definitely wrong. We are not to take marks in our skin. I have a tattoo. Some people argue those are Old Testament verses, yet they believe in creation and deny science. Which way is it. We all will explain ourselves someday, but His Word says what it says.

   I have always felt I was or am a literal Christian, but found sometimes it is easier to go the figurative route. In reality I do not think we have that option though. If I did not step up to the plate on this one, my great niece was stuck in government housing with the roaches and the druggies. My stepping up to the plate afforded her the chance to get out of that circumstance. She now has her own home bought and paid for with no house payment, something I can’t say. She also has a decent car with no payment. I have tried to convince her that living debt free is the key to getting what you want in life. It may be a struggle at times.

     The Good Lord opened the doors to accomplish all this. Recently though I came to the realization that I am not going to live forever. I told the Lord you opened all these doors but what happens if something happens to me. She will not have a babysitter and will probably lose her job. How do I get over that hurdle?  Shortly after taking that issue to the Lord I was looking on YouTube and saw that people could make good money selling T-shirts. It is something she can do online out of her home.

      After making that discovery I started focusing on how to start a business, I have been self-employed most of my life. I have already ordered my first T-shirts of which I gave most of them away, but it has given me the experience that I may be able to set it up so she can take it over if something happens to me. I am not focusing on individual shirts, but shirts for groups that might order 50 or more shirts. It will take a while to build it up, but a couple decent orders a week could make a decent living. The trick is to find several niches and come up with designs they will like. So far I am into trucking, politics and religion. All three can order multiple shirts or designs and have the potential to have a large turnover of reorders which will build the income. There are hundreds of possible niches. The reason for focusing on niches is you build your sales and only have to keep a small amount of inventory which is a big plus.

   At least it is giving me the opportunity to stay busy and meet people. It is getting me out of the rut my life was getting into. A preacher I used to listen to years ago had the saying, “A rut is nothing more than a grave with both ends kicked out that goes on forever.” So maybe it will give me a chance to stay busy till it is planting time for me.

    The longer I walk the road of life, the more I see that if we follow the Word of God literally the more chances God has to open the door for us. I went through a period of life where I tried to do it all on my own and lost everything I had, my family, my house, my business and even my car. When I got as low as I could go and finally decided to turn it all over to the Lord things started changing.  In less than three years I had it all back plus some.

    My life was at a point that I started tithing my time to the Lord studying His Word as I had nothing else to give. I found several verses that changed my life. The first was in Malachi 3:10. In it God literally challenges us to trust him, and he will do so in such a manner we will not be able receive it all. Another verse makes clear that we have not, because we ask not. In Joshua 1:8 it makes clear if we follow His Word we will be Blessed. I do not think he meant figuratively. Finally he makes clear in 1st John 2:27 that he will teach us all we need to know.

    How we should go about our lives is made clear in Proverbs 3:5-6, we are not to rely on ourselves or our judgement but on God’s direction. It is hard to do and sometimes requires a lot of patience. Sometimes just sitting and waiting on God to give us direction is the best direction to go. He will be in time, on time, every time. Plowing ahead without his guidance can really undo the opportunities that God puts in our path.  I can testify to that totally, which is why I have the Spirit of Jonah on the side of my vehicle. I think many of us miss the opportunities God would like to give us because we are too busy doing it our way.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Que Sera, Sera, Whatever Will Be, Will Be Part III

                 Que Sera, Sera, Whatever Will Be, Will Be     Part III

    Recently I took a survey of my property with the intention of making a list of all the unfinished projects I have to do. We moved to this property in 1986 and some of the projects date clear back to the time we moved in. I had a heart attack in January 2004 and have not really worked since then, but my list of unfinished jobs has continued to multiply.  It has become clear to me that one thing I am good at is procrastination. However procrastination can be overcome with focused effort.

    I finally accomplished a goal I had for a number of years, but that is all a matter of perspective. In 2003 I decided I needed to lose one hundred and thirty pounds. It went fine till January 2004 when I had the big one. I had lost ninety pounds. I was forty pounds short of my goal, having gone from three hundred fifty pounds down to two hundred sixty which is when I stopped dieting till, Easter of 2018. At that point I had found all the weight I had lost and was back at three hundred fifty. Pretty sad situation if you think about it. However because of a series of health crisis in my life over that long period of time I decided I needed to continue to my original goal, even if for different reasons.

    The original reason I was losing weight was that I wanted to start skydiving again. It was something I did when I was in the Army and I was a licensed instructor. The reason for the specific amount of weight was because of limitations on the equipment.  You can weight more than that jumping on your own and with the proper equipment. The equipment for most instruction centers however was based on a weight limit of the student, instructor and equipment. The total weight was determined with the goal and size canopy to slow you to a safe landing speed.

  Since starting my new diet at Easter of 2018 I have lost fifty pounds. With the ninety pounds I lost before my heart attack, I have lost a total of one hundred and forty pounds. That is ten pounds more than my original goal, but still eighty pounds short of my original goal thanks to all the weight I gained back. My purpose has changed though. Now I am doing it purely for the health benefit. I may still jump if I feel in proper condition when I get to the desired weight, but jumping is no longer the goal. Being a Type II diabetic, and Agent Orange recipient and Heart Attack survivor who was technically dead twice.  Just staying alive is my goal now.

    When I was losing weight the first time I was an over the road truck driver. I did all my own unloading, walked forty minutes every day and very carefully monitored my diet. Yet I had a heart attack. It is with a little bit of trepidation that I approach my original low weight of two hundred and sixty pounds. The condition I am in I could die before I get out of this chair, but I believe the health benefits are worth it. A year ago walking in and of itself was a challenge. There are five steps up to the porch to get into my house. A year ago getting up them left me winded and totally out of energy.

    Once a month I carry in three five gallon bottles of water and four forty pound bags of salt for the water conditioner. A year ago I carried a bottle from my van to the porch, stop and get my breath, carry it to the kitchen, stop and get my breath then finally to where we store them in the back room. After that I would have to take a ten minute break and go through the same cycle till I managed to get it all in the house. At this point in time I can make two can complete trips without stopping three times to catch my breath on each trip. I could probably do all of them without stopping.  I may as time goes on be able too, but I am more into enjoying the improvement in the quality of my life. My diabetes doctor told me if I lose another twenty pounds or so, she may be able to take me off of the insulin I take for my diabetes. Not bad for a seventy-two year old who takes care of his twin six year old great-grand-daughters, eleven hours a day, five days of  a week.  

     Yesterday my fifty-eight year old brother-in-law passed away from a bad lung infection. I was fifty-seven when I had my heart attack, so it reminded me I am not going to live forever and I need to add these few pieces of diet advice that I have accumulated over the years that helped me and might help someone else.

    My youngest daughter, Glenda, who taught me “The Way Down Diet” taught me a few other pieces of trivia that might help others. When you get in a serious diet mode you will plan your meals and done right it can really make dieting almost fun as you try new recipes and foods that you might not normally eat. On Pinterest I have a board with healthy meals. Pinterest is a very good place to find some fascinating and different meals. Just type in what you are interested in eating or preparing and hundreds of menus will come up. Some are very simple and some are very complex. You get to choose the one you like and put it on your board, or create a board for the things you like.

      Glenda taught me what she called glycemic dieting. It is based on eating foods that have a very low glycemic number and are usually ones that have a lot of fiber. The good thing about these foods is that they require more calories from your body to digest them than they put in your body to start with. A few examples are cabbage, lettuce, carrots, onions, asparagus, broccoli and peanuts. Putting some of these in almost every meal helps lose weight by forcing your body to provide the calories to digest them.

    As I said in one of my earlier posts, it is not a matter of calories in and calories out.  All calories are not the same. I think the most important thing is not so much what you eat but how much you eat. As I slowly adapt to the diet and cutting down on the portion sizes. Your meal size slowly shrinks, and so do you. It is funny the first time you go to one of the old fashion carry in dinners and find out you are full and can’t even sample all the wonderful food. Over time your stomach’s capacity shrinks.

    Once I discovered I could lose the weight, I realized losing weight was not the only problem. I know I have a heart condition.  A big part of it is from eating foods that are not really good for you.  Foods that clog your arteries by creating plaque can be eliminated from our diets. I discovered that over time a lot of the damage we do can be reversed or at least slowed down. There is a link that lists fifteen heart healthy foods.  Adding these foods to your diet and even planning your diet around them can really make a difference in the way you feel and what you can physically do.

     One of my favorite diet advice blogs is on YouTube and the title is “Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off.” The blog is a little hard to watch because he hardly ever looks at the camera. He does make it clear though that many of the concepts we believe about food and dieting are totally wrong. The diet he is advocating is called a KETO diet and is a high fat, high protein, low carb diet and it is a way of dieting that definitely works.  It is similar to some of the more popular diets like the South Beach Diet and the Atkins Diet, however, he is not trying to sell you anything. He simply advises you on how the diet works.

    This will be my last diet post till I reach 250 pounds.  At the pace I have been losing at that may be about eight or ten months from now.  When I started dieting it was a goal oriented program.  While I still have goals I would like to accomplish my reason has changed.  It has become a lifestyle and is no longer really a diet, but a new way of living my life and hopefully making it a lot more enjoyable.

   Questions and comments on my post are always more than welcome, thanks for reading and hope to share with you how I am doing down the road. If I reach my ultimate goal I will have lost over 265 pounds, thanks to my detour in route. In closing I will only say this. “Diets Work,” The secret is having the willpower and determination to follow the diet. I take a few days off every month, but I am learning as I become better at planning my meals I really like the things I eat and no longer desire the carbs. My one compromise is pizza. I do it a little different though.  I order it with double toppings and extra cheese, then I scrape it off the crust and just eat all the protein and fat.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Que Sera, Sera, Whatever Will Be, Will Be Part II


   Que Sera, Sera, Whatever Will Be, Will Be     Part II

    Writing is a strange thing to do. Especially when you want to say a multitude of things and can’t figure out what is most important. I had a lifelong friend whose favorite saying was, “Shoot the bear closest to the cave.” His meaning was that whatever offered the greatest threat to you should be taken care of first. Sometimes figuring that out can be harder than one might think. In this case I guess it might be to just pick up where I left off in part one.

    This may not be exactly picking up but it is continuing in the same direction. The attached picture is not that good but it is to make a point. I am one bag down and two more to go. I do not really see any loss in the picture but I know I have when step on the scale, or put on my jeans instead of my usual sweats. I actually have to tighten up my belt a couple of notches. Finally after just ten months I am down fifty pounds. That is the significance of the bag of chicken feed. It represents what I have lost so far.  When and if I get to where my goal is I will have lost three of those bags.

      When I try to tell people how to tell how much overweight they are I tell them to go to the store and pick up something that weighs as much as the difference between what they weight and what they should weight. For me that would be three bags. I can already tell the difference in several ways.  We have five steps up to the porch in front of our house. That is not much but I would always be wheezing and short of breath when I walked up them. Now I can carry in five gallons of water or a forty pound bag of water conditioner salt in one trip. Before I started my diet I had to stop three times on each trip and take a ten minute break between bottles or bags. At seventy-two it is a bit of challenge, but I can do it again.  I won’t be doing any marathons any time soon, but I am certainly making headway which keeps me motivated.

     One of the big reasons for starting the diet was that I have type2 diabetes. My doctor told me at my last visit that if I lose another twenty pounds I may be able to get off of insulin. That is definitely a motivator. Since then I have hit a plateau which means I am still eating the same but the weight is no longer coming off.  So I am getting ready to make some changes to my diet.

    Up till now I had been on a keto type diet.  It is a high fat, high protein and low carbohydrate diet. I had been avoiding veggies almost entirely and found from reading that veggies maintain balance in your system.  Another thing I learned years ago but had been ignoring was paying attention to the glycemic index. If you follow the link it will tell you how much a food affects your blood sugar. I try to eat foods under 30 points.  It does not take much figuring to realize a normal diet can easily overload your system, especially if you have an insulin problem. The last few months I have been spending much time on YouTube. They have dozens if not thousands of videos on how to manage a diet and insulin.  The main thing it takes is the willpower to change because you need it.

   Another reason for dieting for me is simply I may be running out of time. On January 22nd 2004 I had the big one.  The link tells that story and gives a testimony on my part.  A week from tomorrow will be the fifteenth anniversary of that event. To me it has significance because of a Biblical character named Hezekiah. The Bible tells the story how he served God and at one point the Prophet Isaiah came to him and told him God sent him to tell Hezekiah he was going to die. He turned to the wall and started crying out to God about all he had done.  Well Isaiah left, but then God told him to go back and give tell him he had fifteen more years to live. My fifteen years are about up, not that I think I am about to die. I believe and hope I will be here at the second coming. If you read the testimony in the link you will understand why I think that.

     In the course of writing my blog I have shared a lot of dates that to me say we are definitely in the last days.  There are many prophecies left to be filled and the rapture is one. As I write this my wife is in a hospital in St. Louis with her 57 year old brother Gus and he is in need of a lung transplant and at this time we are not sure where that is going to go. Your prayers for him are more welcome and wanted. None of us really know what life holds for us in the future, but I do know that God will get us through whatever it is and guide our paths.

     Some people think my blog is all about me. It is not, it is about how God has opened doors for me all my life and guided my path. When I think of the rapture one thing bothers me about it. I am ready to go and thought I had years ago, but the Lord has given me these years to share and show and tell how awesome and real he really is.

     The last four years I have been taking care of my twin six year old grand-daughters, which is why my writing has really slacked off,  The only thing that bothers me about dying is what will happen to them and who will step up to the plate and take care of them. I take care of them about fifty hours per week. When reading thru the Bible one time I came across the word infidel in 1st Timothy 5:8 and had to look up the word in the dictionary.  It means someone who does not know God. It struck my heart and I realized many people turn their back on their own and do not know what the Bible says about such a person. So I stepped up to the plate and started helping and recently realized if something happens to me Michelle, their mom may have to quit her job and I know she is trying hard. She has two sets of twins, the six year olds and a pair of one year olds.  The Bible also says you have not because you ask not. So I asked God how do I take care of them if something happens to me. Well I stumbled into an opportunity to start a custom tee shirt business which is something she can do on her computer from home and take care of her kids. Lord willing I have enough time left to get it set up.

      I shouldn’t worry but several things are coming up that I would like to be around for. My youngest and only grand-daughter Mackenzie graduates from high school in May. My Dad lived long enough to go to all my children’s graduations. The 18th of September I will be the same age my Dad was when he passed away.
 My Mom lived to be 84 and I take more after her. Would love to make it that far and see my great-grand-daughters graduate also, but I don’t really think this old world has that much time left on it.  I have been wrong on a lot of things in life and would love to be wrong on this one, but that is God’s business, not mine.  Mine is to treasure everyday he gives me.

    Proved one point to myself today. I had been eating normal the last week and snacking occasionally, my blood sugar had been creeping up from the 90 to 100 range and I figured that was the problem. Also I had been eating more carbs. Today i forced myself to not snack after breakfast and get back on my regular eating schedule. My blood sugar this morning was 133 and last night it was 137. Tonight it was 86. Halleluyah.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Time to Fix America

                Time to End the Insanity…
Get rid of the Republicant’s and the Dumb ol’ Crat’s

   Why do I call them these names? It is pretty clear really. The Republicant’s do not get anything done but whine. They have not fixed the health care issue, the immigration issue, the budget issue, and when it comes to taxes, they exploded the national debt and called it a tax cut. The only thing they do, do is undo   what the Dumb ol’ Crat’s accomplish. They are more interested in getting re-elected than serving the country.

    The Dumb ol’ Crats are not much better.  They whine and scream if things do not go the way they want. The Kavanaugh hearings showed their anger as much as it did Kavanaugh’s lack of bipartisan views.
    The Senate election in Alabama showed that a small number of votes can swing an election, just two percent of the vote gave the election to the Dumb ol’ Crat’s.  It is time for a third party to rise up in America to fix our problems. They do not have to be a big party, just an active an vocal one. Just three independent votes could change the outcome. Twelve seats could even defeat a bill requiring a two thirds majority.

     Well placed votes can turn the balance. That was proven when Trump defeated Hilary. Did the Russians do it, we may never know, but we know that the Electoral College will never allow us to have a leader who the majority of the people elected.
I certainly did not want Hilary, and I did not vote for either of them. I have not voted for a mainstream Presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan’s first term.

     Reagan said it most clearly, “The government is not the solution to the problem. The government IS the problem.” It is time to fix the problem. The definition of insanity is a perfect example of what is wrong with America today. Insanity is when you do the same thing over and over the same way and expect to get a different result. It is a perfect description of politics in America today.

     The fact that many of the people on the Kavanugh hearing have been in Congress clear back to when Justice Thomas was nominated says it is time to send some of them home. Especially since this hearing was the same miscarriage of justice to the American people as Thomas’s hearing was.

    I am attaching a link to a post I wrote on how to fix America’s problem and a platform for a third party. At seventy-two I have no desire to run but something has to be done. The second link I put in is one to a post I wrote years ago and tells how we got into the crisis we are now in and how to fix it. It is very long as it was my original party platform.

    I invite you to read both links. They may open your eyes to the fact that there are solutions.  Then I also invite you to vote against every incumbent in office. We need to get rid of the old before we can have a new beginning. You have two years to change things.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Que Sera, Sera .... A Simple Diet that Works

                                Que Sera,Sera
                             Whatever Will Be, Will Be

      I spent some time recently pondering the meaning of things that have been happening in my life. Basically I started questioning the purpose of life. In January 2004 I had the big one after losing 90 pounds. Having reached 260 pounds, from my starting point of 350, my life was basically over at fifty-seven.  Due to getting a defibrillator installed, my truck driving days were over and I had to sell my truck and go on disability. Really it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The doctor informed me the next morning that if I had not lost the weight we might not have been having our conversation. He also explained they had lost me twice in the operating room, but bought me back. The first time they hit me with the paddles twice and I did not respond. They were giving up and one of the techs in the operating room said, 3rd time is a charm and they hit me again. It worked and I came back. Need to find that person and thank him personally for his part in the matter.
      For twelve years things went on pretty good. In the fall of 2016 I had a very bad case of pneumonia and really wondered if I was going to survive it. In the spring of 2017 they diagnosed me with type II diabetes and I started taking insulin. If that was not bad enough I started putting on weight and found myself  back at 350 pounds again.  Even dieting and watching what I ate I could not get rid of the weight.  I found myself at the same weight in the summer of 2003 and took measures to shed some pounds. Back then fasting and exercise were my weapons along with a controlled diet. My goal had been to reach 220 pounds so I could start skydiving again. Skydiving had been the center of my life in the 60s and 70s and I had my instructor rating. It quickly hit me that this time was going to be more of a challenge. I can’t exercise and the many meds I am taking seem to defeat my normal way of dieting.
       A few days before Easter of this year a pound of hamburger changed my view of life. As I opened the door of the freezer to get something a pound of frozen hamburger fell from the top shelf landing end first on my right foot, right behind my toes. It cracked a bone and busted a blood vessel and took almost three months to get to the point I could walk again.  This unfortunately was the time of year when I usually started working in my greenhouse. This year the greenhouse did not happen. Since the bout with pneumonia my stamina and physical condition had been on a steady downhill slide. The battle lines had been drawn and I started to study my options in this new battle.

   Because of thirteen years in the Army I understood that the chances of winning any battle are much improved by knowing your enemy. I spent almost my whole life working in logistics. A big part of winning any battle is having the supplies or weapons you need, when you need them. After a year of trying to follow the six times a day dietary program my dietician was telling me to use I realized I did not have the discipline to fight my battle that way.  The weapons they wanted me to use were not working for me. Google and YouTube became my weapons of choice.
     The first thing I learned is that what works for one person may not work for another. The diet I was on when I lost my 90 pounds would still work for me, but it would require a couple of small modifications as I can no longer go for forty minute walks. My youngest daughter Glenda put me on what she called The Way Down Diet. It will work for about anyone. It is working for me now. I started at Easter and have lost twenty pounds since Easter which is about five pounds a month. It is a lot slower than the last time, mainly because of my inability to exercise. It has required me to use two or three different diet techniques and modify them to make a plan that works for me.
     The Way Down diet is really pretty simple and only has about six simple easy to follow rules. What I like most about it is that you can eat whatever you want and you don’t count calories. At the time I started it I was a truck driver and ate buffets for breakfast , lunch and supper. Usually a couple plates plus desert. This diet works if you follow the simple rules. It may take a while to see the difference. This is really more of a life style change and learning what your body really needs, not what you think you want.
Rule #1 Reduce your portion sizes every time you eat. I was eating two plates for every meal when I started. This rule is the key to success. You know how much you eat. You serve yourself and you always try to make your servings a little smaller. If you want a piece of cake and ice cream, eat it, but it must be within your portion size and it counts as one of your meals. You may have to give up other items, but make sure you stay within your portion size. If you feel full quit eating. Do not clean of the plate, your full or feel full quit. If you do not feel hungry do not eat. You do not have to eat because it is meal time for everybody else, let your body tell you when it is hungry. You will be surprised to find it is not near as much or as often as you think.
Rule #2 No snacks between meals. Period.
Rule #3 Never eat anything after 6PM.
Rule #4 Drink lots of water.
Rule #5 Walk 20 minutes every day. If you hit a plateau and quit loosing increase   your walking time.
Rule #6 Cut out sugar and snacks containing sugar.
The first six rules are all that apply to The Way Down Diet. As a diabetic I had to add a couple rules to win my battle with fat.
Rule #7 Cut out all starches and carbs. Yep that means no pasta, no potatoes, no pizzas, (I still eat pizza but I order double toppings and scrape them off onto my plate and do not eat the crust. You are now on a high fat, high protein and low carb diet and it works if you follow it.
Rule #8 Fat is good. If you want to see how this one works, Go to YouTube and watch the video entitled. Butter MakesYour Pants Fall Off.  I can’t explain it, but know it works. It is about eating in what is called a Keto diet style. It is hard to watch because the guy never looks at the camera, but he is sincere and what he says works.
Rule #9 Is more of a life style change than a rule. It works for me. I use what is called intermittent fasting. I eat at 9AM and 5PM, between 5PM and 9AM you eat nothing. Rules 7 thru 9 are to help control my sugar levels. It is called a 16-8 plan. A couple days a week I eat supper at 5PM and go till 1PM the next day which is a 20-4 plan. The longer the better, it helps to get your body to start burning the fat in your system.  I go to the gym right before I eat and it helps get the fat to burning off.
     This is not intended to be high speed dieting, but for someone healthier it will go a lot faster than for me. I finally realized I still would like to jump again and unless I get under 240 pounds that will not happen. There is a weight limitation on the equipment. You can buy for bigger, but starting back at it I would rather rent the equipment. A complete rig can be in the $7 to $9,000 dollar range.

    I also included a YouTube testimony about  a lady who lost 145 pounds on this diet.  As she says it is more about a lifestyle change than about a diet. If you intend to keep it off, it has to be a life style change.  It requires learning that all calories are not the same. Having a 16 ounce serving of Pepsi is a lot more fatting than having a 16 ounce serving of lettuce. To win you have to know what you are eating and what it is doing in your body.  It is not calories in versus calories out.  That Pepsi has about 200 calories.  The 16 ounces of lettuce has virtually no calories. They will both fill you up, but one will take a lot longer to get out of your body than the other one.