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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Big One, Here are some points to ponder.


The Big One,

 Here are some points to ponder.

     Where did the idea of the big one come from?  How about the idea of California sliding into the ocean? My guess is the Bible and, a preacher have, some part in it.  Revelation 16:18 tells about the biggest one of all time. It says, "And there were voices and thunders, and lightening; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake and so great." That would have to be a big, big earthquake.  It does not stop the description there verses 19 to 20 give some more details. 19 says "And the great city (Jerusalem) was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nation’s fell (that is many cities falling at once, this is a big one)"; while 20 says, "And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found."(That is a whole lot of shaking going on. Pardon the pun.) It also talks about great hail out of heaven. It says the stones weighted a talent.  As close as I can find a talent weighted roughly a hundred pounds.  That was using the silver scale.  A talent of gold was weighted different and was about two hundred pounds.  I guess in this instance I would settle for silver instead of gold.  It says men cursed God because of the hail.  It said it was great which I assume means a lot.  In Revelation 9:18 a third part of mankind was killed.  That would be about two billion people.  That is one super bad hail storm and earthquake.  The world as we know it would come to an end.

   During the early 1950's a nationally known preacher predicted California would slide into the ocean.  If the scenario I am predicting happens and the earth shifts drastically the Pacific plate could move west a couple of miles quickly.  While it may not pull LA or San Fran into the ocean, can you imagine the size of the tsunami such a movement would cause.  From my studies I could see the sea level raising 400 to 700 feet which would not be good for Florida or most of the Mississippi River valley up past St. Louis, not to mention if it triggers the New Madrid fault and all the others that have had major earthquakes at some point in America’s history.  Definitely a bunch of gloom and doom, but you don't have to fear just keep looking up.

     What scenario could allow this to happen?  Could it happen? I think it could but it will be a combination of things that cause it.  An article I read recently said the magnetic pole is shifting at the rate of 40 to 50 miles per year.  The Bible says clearly the earth will be turned upside down.  The only question is when?  What is the trigger point?  I think a good scientist could figure it out if he tried.  If you have ever played with magnets you know you can’t put like poles together. They repel each other and my theory is, we are approaching that point.  If the earth shifts on its axis that would put enormous amounts of pressure on the tectonic plates.  If you look at a plate map that shows topography you will see there is a trench running from Alaska all the ways to New Zealand and it goes right by Japan.  It is on the line that all the major earthquakes have been happening.  The ones in Mexico and Chile are on the opposite edge of that plate. Movement on one side of a plate sets up movement on the other side.  If you look at a map it is easy to see that there are several ridges running parallel to the trench running from Alaska. 

      My theory is every so often pressure builds enough to make a major shift of the plates.  Could the magnetic pole shift be the trigger?  It is also known that every so often the there are situations that cause ice ages to happen.  Another part of my theory is when that shift happens it releases and causes major volcanic eruptions globally which puts so much stuff in the atmosphere it triggers the ice age.  Scientists studying the ice in Greenland and Antarctica have established that ice ages are regularly occurring phenomenon.

      Any person can see that North America and Europe were at one time near each other.  The same goes for South America and Africa.  They have been moving apart and are shoving North America toward Asia, and Europe towards China.  The resulting mountain chains show the results of this movement and the South China Sea and Indian Oceans show ridges where the collisions are continuing.  If you have ever seen an apple or fruit shrivel up that is the effect you are seeing on a grander scale as the earth cools and shrinks.

     In the year 2012 there is supposed to be a super planetary alignment that will trigger unknown events. As I understand it this alignment only happens every 24,000 years.  As it gets close to happening smaller alignments happen and the last minor alignment close to this type was in 1982 and that was shortly after Mount St.Helens went off.  

   Looking back at the USGS history of earthquakes the period 1977 to 1979 showed a significant increase in earthquake activity and there were several volcanos that became active also.

    This paragraph has a lot of numbers, but I think it shows something interesting. Starting in 1970 the earliest year I have records of there were 1325 earthquakes. The number increased yearly till 1977 when it hit 1,788 earthquakes per year.  In 1977 a decline started thru 1981 and then a quick peak of 1,813 earthquakes in 1983.  From 1983 the numbers tapered down till a low of 1108 earthquakes in the year 1998.  From 1996 till 2003 the average stayed in the low 1300 range. Then in 2003 not only did the total numbers start climbing but the number of 8.0 or larger started increasing steadily.  In the years since 2003 the numbers have increased by a couple hundred per year.  The year 2007 seemed to be a peak year.  There were 2,270 earthquakes that year and 4 at 8.0 or larger and 14 at 7.0 or larger.  While 2008 was a mild year with no 8.0 or larger both 2009 and 2010 had over 2000 earthquakes per year with 1 at 8.0 each and 2009 had 16, while 2010 had 21 over the 7.0 rating.  Just three months into 2011 we have had a couple over 8.0 and a dozen over the 7.0 rating.  The numbers are definitely increasing and as the planetary alignment lines up all on one side of the earth the combined gravitational pull of the super alignment which peaks around the end of 2012 shows signs of being able to live up to all the stories being told about the disasters being forecasted for December of 2012.

     In the course of my life I have found I can take most things said in the Bible with confidence that they will happen. So if you can’t run and you can’t hide I would suggest you at least get your life right and be ready to meet your creator.  You can choose not to believe the Bible but I will give you a few Prophesies that were made over two thousand years ago and have come true.
     1. At the time of the end there would be a nation of Israel which would be home of the Jewish people.  There was not a Jewish nation for almost two thousand years, but there is now.

     2. It predicts an army of 200 million men would rise up at the end of time.  That could never have happened until this day and age.  However China has the manpower to raise just such an Army.

      3. Jesus said the Gentiles would rule the world for a period of time.  Intimidating that there would be no Jewish state and there wasn't from 70 AD till 1948 AD;

      4. The prophet Daniel prophesied that in the end time knowledge would be increased and people would go to and fro throughout the world.

      5. The book of Revelation said two prophets would come to the end time and they would be slain.  It also said that the whole world will see them lying dead for three days in the streets of Jerusalem.  Then they shall be raised up to heaven.  That prophecy could not have been fulfilled till the last twenty to thirty years, but it is definitely a possibility in this day and age.

     6. In 1946 between the end of World War II and the founding of the nation of Israel the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.  They verified that all the books of the Old Testament are accurate as written in today’s Bible.  Just a coincidence I am sure.

     7. While all the previous ones I mentioned are able to come to pass or have come to pass.  This last one is future tense at least at the time of my writing this.  The earthquake that kills a third of mankind may sound unbelievable, but so was man flying in space and speaking to each other around the world in an instant. The recent disaster in Japan though has unleashed another sign.  Revelation says in the end time the water shall be changed to wormwood.  The Russian word Chernobel means wormwood in English.  If the earthquake is of the size the Bible says you can bet nuclear reactors world- wide will be destroyed.  It says men will beg to die and not be able to.  Sounds pretty horrible, but so is hell.  I can’t prove I am right, just as you can’t prove I am wrong, but if I have to bet my life on something.  I will take my chances with God.  You can do as you choose.

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