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Thursday, May 19, 2011

2012, Or Sooner, Or Later, Whenever, Whatever, Endtime Gloom and Doom

    People seem obsessed with the endtime thing. It does not really bother me as I am pretty sure I have my eternal destiny lined out.  The media is hyping that the Judgement Day will be the 21st of May.  The Bible says no man knows the day nor the hour of the end time.  It implies that we will be able to discern we are in the time near the end, but the date is not to be known.  If it happens to be the 21st, it will be coincidence, and not accurate predicting, supposedly the one making this prediction made a similar prediction back in the 90's
     In the Bible a verse in Matthew twenty four verse seven Jesus said, " For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in diverse places." Yet it says these are just the beginnings.  The Bible has a lot to say on the matter and in Luke and Revelation it says there will be a time of tribulation like there never has been on earth and an earthquake like as has never been since the time man appeared on the earth.
    Earthquakes do seem to be a big part of the endtime scenario.  They seen to get larger and more frequent. The day of Pentecost this year would be June 2, which is forty days after Easter and the timeline at which Jesus appeared to his disciples. It definitely seems to me that we must be getting close to something. I recently pulled up the site for the U.S. Geological Survey and their chart on earthquakes and it goes back to 1970. It may be that I gave it that cut off date, but the chart shows the total number of earthquakes above 5.0 per year and it is kind of scary. There was a couple years that they got up to the 1700's in 1976 and 1977, but they usually stay in the 1300's to 1400's. However since 2004 when there were1672 it has gone steadily up. 2007 there were 2270 and in 2010 there were 2117. Buy the end of March this year we had, had 659 and if that continues you could expect 2600+ this year.  If you would like to look at the site it is easy to access at 1.html and it should give a graph from 1970 forward. My studies suggest it could happen at anytime, but I would expect it by late 2017 if the Bible is consistent with past dealings that God has had with mankind.  There were at least three, five hundred year periods that had several consistent events that happened in each five hundred year period.  As the Bible says of God, I am the same yesterday, today and forever, therefore it might be expected he would deal with mankind in the same manner in this five hundred year period, if we are in one.  If we are not, just the fact that the Lord said he would return and that there would be an end to time, the circumstances are favorable.
If I get any responses, questions or comments I will go into more detail, but it is not my intent to push what I believe on those who are not interested.  Just the fact that the number of earthquakes has increased is interesting.   The Bible also says the earth will be turned upside down.  Recent news events suggest the magnetic pole is moving about forty to fifty miles per year and it has moved enough they had to change the compass heading for the Miami airports main runway.  Anybody that knows anything about magnets knows when you try to push like poles together they repell each other.  Could the increased movement of the poles be causing the core to shift thus creating the increase in earthquakes.  If that is the case then the gravitational and galactic alignment predicted for December 2012 could bring about the forces to flip the core if not the surface and the number of earthquakes would increase exponentially.  There was a planetary alignment in 1982 and leading up to it from 1975 to 1978 there was significant increase with a lull and then another increase 1982 till 1986 followed by general average increase.  The average hit a low in 1998 which is roughly the middle between the alignments or when the alignment was not an issue.  However it is building in intensity again.  During the eighties period Mt. St. Helens went off and several other volcanic episodes. Coincidence?  I do not know.  The recent volcanic activity in Iceland the south Pacific and South and Central America do raise questions and possibilities.  All we can do is wait and see what happens.  Scientist in the right fields should be able to tell us how far poles on magnets can shift before they trigger a major shift.  The laws of physics are pretty constant, but they are not my area of expertise.  Anybody reading who knows the right kind of scientist could send him a copy of this and ask him the possibilities on my being right.  Enough rambling I am curious how many people are interested in this subject.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. i am glad that my email could inspire you with something to write about. I'm interested in the topic, just because I hear so many people that disbelieve or could care less if He's coming back or if He is here. I agree that there have been to many people trying to predict this and that we should live our lives to be prepared for Him. It just amazes me everyday how much pain and suffering I see when God created such a beautiful world!