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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swatting Flies With Sledge Hammers and 9/11

       Today President Obama announced plans to draw down the troop strength in Afghanistan.  That is nice and it may help the budget process, but the real question is why are we there to start with.  My opinion is that it is Bureaucratic Incompetence.  Had the leadership of the United States put half the thought, planning and time into retaliating for 9/11, that the hijackers did we would not be in the mess we are in.  It also could not have been used as an excuse to attack Iraq.   While getting rid of Saddam Hussein was worthwhile it was and is not justified the way they did it.  Had they done it as part of the Gulf War it would have been provoked and acceptable.  The only goal of government was to show that they could react to a situation.  The outcome was not as important as the impression "something" was being done.  Swatting at pesky flies with sledge hammers is the standard practice of the government.  A little sugar will concentrate the flies so you can get several with one smack of a fly swatter, with much less collateral damage.

     Had the government planned, imbedded spies and taken the time to learn the habits and weaknesses of the enemy one good clean strike could have taken care of the problem.  The recent killing of Bin Laden proves that it could have happened.  Knowing who you can trust in an area where no one trusts a foreigner can be a painful lesson to learn.  If we had waited two, three or even four years and then launched a successful strike it would have been cheaper. Also more effective in the long run.  Was the point to send a message?  If so be glad I was not in charge.

    If I had been in charge.  I would have taken one jet and one nuclear bomb and melted the side of a mountain.  It was in almost total wilderness.  The collateral damage would have been minimal, but it would definitely shown we meant business.  The statement would have been clear.  It might have encouraged our allies to do some of the cleanup themselves.  The message would have been clear,  We are going to get even. Deal with it."  A side effect of the Bin Laden operation is that it showed us the true sympathies of our supposed "Allies."   The question is not when but how long will it be before a nuclear weapon leak happens.  The terrorist are not really serious about terrorism.  It is to easy to build a bomb.  If they were serious they could come here.  If they started blowing up shopping malls, high school ball games and any other senseless act of violence they can dream up.  Who is going to stop them.  Almost any person can go into any store and buy the ingredients for a bomb.  All it would take is the will.  Who stopped the Columbine Massacre?  Nobody but the terrorists by committing suicide.   What about Oklahoma City?  Was McVeigh a terrorist or a psychopath.  Probably a little of both.  The point is our government feeds on our fears and tries to increase its control over our lives. 

     The war on drugs is the perfect example of incompetence in action.  I do not do drugs, other than prescription ones, but I would bet I could acquire some if I so desired in almost any city in America without to much effort or risk on my part.  The government has not put a dent in the supply of drugs.  Prohibition proved you can not legislate morality, but you can tax the heck out of it.  If they legalized it tomorrow it would destroy the drug trade, especially if you could grow your own.  There would be no money in it.  No money equals, no drug dealers.  OH!!!But if they legalize it everybody will become junkies.  Did everybody become Alcoholics when prohibition ended?  No, they did not.   I do not smoke, drink or do drugs and I am not about to start because some idiots in the government say I can.  That concept is assinine and survives only by feeding on peoples fears.  That is the governments biggest weapon.

    What proves the incompetence of the government is what is happening around America.  Many states have approved medical marijuana laws and allow the sell and growth of certain amounts of drugs.  Colorado has even created a system to inspect, set up guidelines and tax pot.  All of this in the face of Federal laws that say it is illegal to do so.  Cracking down is not the answer.  We need to take a new look at the whole drug problem and how America is dealing with it.
   President Roosevelt said, "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself."  The government has been using it to control the citizens every since that time.  It is time for a third party that will take that system apart and give the power back to the people.

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