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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One for America...A Job Plan

      Now that the debt ceiling is behind us.  Hopefully things will get better. All the news was bad news the last few days.  Now China has lowered our Financial Rating.  It does not mean they can raise interest.  At least I do not think so, but they can stop lending to America and that would be just as bad.  America depends on loans for the 5.6 Trillion dollars we spend above what we take in.  Just the daily interest on that amount is over 1.2 Billion dollars.  That amount could create 30,000 jobs that pay $40,000 a year.  Over a year that would be around 10,900,000 jobs.  Just two years of that money would create more than the 14,000,000 jobs that need to be made just to get the unemployed working.  That is why we need a balanced budget. We need the money spent here.  Not paid out in interest and foreign trade deficits.  Especially to oil countries that not only hate us, but that support the terrorist that attack us.  We use 14,000,000 barrels of oil per day.  That works out to about 588,000,000 gallons of oil.  If oil was taxed at $1.00 a gallon it would be enough money if spent on infrastructure to create 14,700 jobs at $40,000 a year every day.  Over a year it would create 5,365,500 jobs which would creat tax revenue to help the government balance the budget.

       I know these are rough figures but this program would be moving America toward a solution.  This program does two other things.  It creates a permanent infrastructure fund and a permanent job program.  It   does not require government funding as it is self supporting from the fuel tax. The tax would be paid by those who use the oil.  Those who use little, pay little.  Those who use more, pay more.  That is a fair way to do it. The ones who drive gas guzzlers would pay more.  A person driving a vehicle that gets twelve miles per gallon and drives 50,000 miles per year would pay $4166 dollars.  A person driving a forty mile per gallon car for the same 50,000 miles would only pay only $1250 dollars. That equals about a $100 dollars a month and it puts America back on its feet.  Raising the minimum wage 62 cents and hour would make the cost neutral for a person driving a forty mile per gallon car. A small price to pay.  That is quite a savings.  As America changes to the high mileage cars our dependence on foreign oil would fall tremendously.  That money staying here, could create jobs here.  Anyone driving a 60 mile per gallon car could be made exempt from the tax.  Of course the people driving alternative fuel vehicles would be exempt till a method of making a fair tax on renewable energy can be developed.

      The trick is making sure the money goes to the states for infrastructure repairs and salaries to do the work. Keeping Federal and State fingers out of the money in the important part.  Rules have to be put in place that the money can not be used to pay for other state and federal programs.  At leat I am thinking on the issue.  I have a half dozen or so other energy saving ideas that can work and are proven to work.  As for me I prefer and air powered car.  They already make them in France.  Just put in air powered cars in France and  a site will come up.  You got ideas I would love to hear them....

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