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Monday, September 19, 2011

Class Warfare, You Betcha. A Little Radical?

     Sometimes people miss the best possible chances to put their enemies in their place.  A few elections ago in Missouri a Republican was swiped at with the remark,  "There will be riots if the Republicans win."  That Republican backed down and lost the election.  Had he thought about it he could have thrown that one right back into the Democrats face and scored big points with it.  If he had just said,  "Well as a member of the Republican Party of which Abraham Lincoln was a member.  Yes the one who freed the slaves. I have to agree.  However there will not be riots because the Republicans won, but because the Democrats are sore losers."

     Recent newscasts have stated that, "Raising taxes on the wealthy and big business is class warfare."  Instead of backing off President Obama should have said, " Your darn right it is,  the poor in American are tired of being pissed on by you rich assholes."  Of course a President can not use that language, but he can sure plant it in the system.  What is wrong with the rich and business paying their fair share of the taxes.  It is money they took from the poor by overcharging for goods and services anyhow.  The Republicans are the ones who ran up all the debt to pay for the wars they started buy telling lies to the American people.  Had the military been allowed to plan as long and methodically as Al Qaeda did on their attack.  The war would have been over in one good raid or at best a few and billions and billions of dollars would not have been wasted not to mention an additional seven thousand lives.  The cost in lives on 9/11 was enough.  How many thousands of lives have been needlessly wasted in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  It is the same stupidty as was done in Vietnam.  Those people are so poor and so uninformed that they have nothing better to do than fight.  They do not care who it is with.  What should have been done is telling the Afghanistan people how they had been used by a group of fanatical thugs who hijacked their religion and their country.  Once that was made clear to them and that America does not hate them.  That we are the ones who helped them defeat the Russians.  Make it clear Al Qaeda does not care about them, but is using them and they will take care of Al Qaeda.  They are the type of people who do not like being used by anybody.  Which is something they have in common with the American people.

     It might seem I am a long ways from where I started, but the point was that no one likes being lied to or used.  Whether they are Afghans or Americans.  We need a third party to take that message from the American people to the American government.   The exploitation of Americans by the wealthy upper class and big business needs to end.  Make the rich and big business foot the bill for their frigging war.  They have lied to the American people to justify their goals.  They have no conscience about it.  The American people need to take back their country and if it takes class warfare.  So be it.   It can be done within the system by creating a third party.   If that does not work then the American people need to return to a bartering society and quit paying taxes.  Quit supporting big business and big government and see how long it takes them to change their ways.  Maybe it is so messed up it is time to tear it down and start over.  That is a scary thought.  Sometimes the truth is.

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