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Thursday, May 10, 2012

2012,The Bible versus The Mayan Calendar, Points to Ponder

      Does the Bible validate Mayan Prophecy or is it the other way around.  If we just consider the actual and verifiable facts.  Most of what the Mayans say is going to happen does not disagree with the Bible. In the Book of Isaiah a lot of the things that are prophesied to happen are in total agreement with Mayan predictions. Verse one starts off saying.  Before I go any farther let me declare I am not an authority on the following issues.  However I find a lot of interesting, at least to me, coincidences about what the Bible says and what I hear people conjecturing about the Mayan prophecies.  To do this justice would take a book. My goal is to show what the Bible says will happen in the end time.
      "Behold the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof."  That sounds bad enough, but from there on it just gets worse. It makes clear that the curse that shall happen will effect all mankind."  Verse 6 says that those that are left will be desolate and that the inhabitants of the earth will be burned and few men left.  The punishment comes because the people of the earth have transgressed God's laws, changed the ordinances and broken the everlasting covenant.  You say what covenant?  Well just before I sat down at this keyboard I was watching television and they were arguing that same sex marriage was okay.  President Obama has finally said that he supports it.  That would not be that bad until you read Daniel 11:21-24 It says a leader shall enter peaceably taking the kingdom by flatteries,  and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers' fathers;  he shall work deceitfully and shall become strong with a small people.(Gays?)  That being said, this is not about the Antichrist.
       This is about the natural disasters that shall befall the earth in the end times.  It will be a time when the joy will leave the earth because of all the things befalling mankind.   In Isaiah 24 verse 19-20 says, "The earth is utterly(Webster's definition of utterly is totally) broken down, the earth is dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly.  The earth shall move to and fro like a drunkard.  The sun and the moon shall be confounded. Revelation 6:12-17 proclaims there shall be a "great earthquake," the sun will be turned black and the moon will become like blood, every mountain and island will be moved out of their place.  It says the kings and mighty men shall hide themselves in the dens of the rocks and beg the rocks to fall on them and hide them from the day of God's wrath upon the earth.
                 As if the above is not bad enough in chapter sixteen things get much worse.  In verse eighteen it says, ' And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a "great earthquake," such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake and so great."  That sounds like the biggest of the big ones. However that just adds to the destruction that happened back in chapter 6 where it implies a quarter of mankind was killed. That would be almost one and a half billion people.  That is a lot of dying. In Revelation 9:18 it says a third part of mankind was destroyed.  When you take away one and half billion that leaves roughly four and one half billion.  However at another point it says a third part of mankind will die.  That is another one and a half billion.  That means half of mankind on the earth today will have been destroyed.  That is hard to fathom My understanding of that destruction is that it was military in nature. Of course it could be some kind of natural disaster, but regardless that would be almost unimaginable.
     This is not the first mention of destruction of the earth. In Genesis 7:11 it says the fountains of the deep were broken open.  This contributed to the flood at Noah's time.   Job 41:31 says he makes the deep to boil like a pot, something man had no knowledge of till the last sixty years or so.  So much for the wonders of modern science.  The Bible talks of mountains under the deep(sea) and he stretches out the heavens like a curtain. It also says the heavens flee from the face of God.  Where have we heard that one before. Oh!Yes, the universe is expanding.  Modern science is mostly plagiarized from the Bible.  The knowledge has always been there. In Genesis 10:25 It says the earth was divided.  Earthquakes are mentioned a lot in the Bible.  If you get a Concordance you can look up each verse that uses the word.  Many events are related to or in the time of great earthquakes. So when the Bible talks of one greater than any man has experienced it means a big one.
      If you read my blog of 25 April 2012, America Under A Threat, Worse Than Katrina you will get a picture of one of the worst recorded earthquakes in American history.  The ones at  New Madrid, Missouri in 1811 and 1812 were so strong they rang church bells in Boston and cracked sidewalks in Washington, DC.  That quake caused much greater and broader damage than the one in San Francisco that is often mentioned as the "Big One"  The San Francisco quake was actually a small one by comparison.  The Bible says a far greater one is coming sooner or later. I can safely say that because we know about that one.
      Recently there has been a lot of discussion of "if" a pole shift could happen and what the consequences would be. Well scientists argue they can prove it has happened in the past.  They argue it has happened on a fairly frequent schedule. The following link is one small part of the puzzle, typing in pole shift on your search bar will bring up many theories on the issue.  You can learn a lot with a little research of the matter.  The link I have enclosed mentions changing runway numbers.  Further research on my part makes me wonder if there is not more going on than is being admitted.   The magnetic pole over the last few hundred years was moving at the rate of one to two kilometers per year.  However in the 40's to the 50's the pace started picking up and now it is moving toward Russia at the rate of 45 to 50 kilometers per year.
      Why is that important?  Because it could mean a pole shift is imminent.  Many scientist argue that nothing will happen physically to the earth in event of a magnetic pole shift.  They say only the magnetic poles are effected,  that it will have no effect on the geographical poles.  The geographical poles represent an axis between the north and south polar axis around which the earth spins.  It is oriented in relation the the physical spinning of the earth.  The magnetic poles are not truly aligned with the geographical poles and tend to move on their own.  It is believed it moves because of shifts in the earths core.
       If you consider both scenarios you have to ask yourself who is right.  From my experience of playing with magnets I believe magnetic polar shifts will cause a lot of shifting in the earths crust.  Will it be a complete reversal of the physical earth.  I do not think so, but a major shift I do believe is likely.  If you look up and check into it you will find out there are hot spots on the earth's crust.  The two most known to Americans are the one at Yellowstone and the one that created the Hawaiian Islands.  Those spots have moved eastward at a fairly regular interval in a plainly seen direction.  If you take two magnets and try to push the like poles together the magnets will move a little at first.  As they get closer together there will be a sudden and violent shift away from each other.  If it happens on the small scale it makes sense it would happen on the large scale also.
     Why should a person care?  Well it is pretty simple, if a major shift happens and it forces a movement in the plates which make the tectonic mantle of the earth.  Something has to give. Something will give.  It will trigger major earthquakes not locally but world wide.  If it creates enough shifting and pressure on the Pacific plate I could see the earth breaking or tearing all along the trench which creates the Marianne's Trench. Of course there are other things that can effect this happening besides the magnetic pole shift.  When you consider water finds its own level.  That means if the ocean rises 2 feet because of global warming in rises 2 feet all over the world.  Not just along the coasts. That means that the Pacific plate has millions upon millions of tons more water bearing down on it.  Then you add the effect of the super high tides caused by the perigee full moon, which brings it to its closest point of the year and pulls even more millions of tons on to the Pacific plate.
      There is evidence for this theory.  Just as the mountains on America's west coast are being shoved up by the Pacific plate shoving under the North American plate.  While the North American plate is moving steadily westward the eastern Atlantic or European plate is being shoved east.  Which means they are both pushing at opposite ends of the Pacific plate.  As the western edge of the Pacific plate is being shoved under the eastern edge of the Asian plate it is creating the same kinds of mountain ridges to the west of the plate.  Looking at a relief map such as the one put out by National Geographic you can see the ridges being formed along the line of the Marianne's Islands and throughout the Philippine sea.  Proof that the Pacific plate has pushed under the Asian plate.  My theory is every so often the western edge of the Pacific plate breaks of the bottom of the Asian plate and makes a major shift along most of its length.  This is caused by the millions and millions of tons of pressure. ( I will be adding a graph to show what I am saying in the next couple weeks)
      This effect could trigger volcanic activity on a scale most people can not even comprehend and I personally do not want to comprehend.  It would create tsunami's that could literally kill easily a quarter of mankind if not more  of those living near the oceans and in close proximity to sea level.  Could Los Angeles slide into the ocean as has been predicted for years.  I do not know, but I do know the size of the tsunami's we would be talking about could destroy many countries very far inland.  I could see Florida being completely submerged as it sets so low to sea level.  The problem with it is that when it does happen.  It will be so sudden and so catastrophic that no one will be able to move to safety in time to avoid the consequences.
      The sad part is contrary to the concept of global warming which does happen every so often.  It is, in the realm of geological time, just a very brief period.  Then it starts sliding towards a global ice age again. My question is what causes this periodic warming.  It happens about every 125,000 years or so. Could it be caused by a minor shift in the earth orbit caused by the earths alignment with the Galactic Center, the sun and the other planets that causes an effect to the earth's orbit similar to the one that causes the moon to come closer to the earth on a regular basis.  It happens at an interval of 1 year, 1 month and 18 days.  The earth could have the same thing happening just over much longer spans of time.  Something is definitely happening as you will be able to see in the next few paragraphs.
     It is not my goal to preach gloom and doom.  My goal is to wake people up to the danger they are living in.  Prophecy is being fulfilled in our time.  Jesus said in Matthew 24 there would be wars, famine, pestilence and earthquakes and these are the beginnings of sorrows.  It says clearly that it should magnify into a period of tribulation.  Then immediately after the tribulation of the those days the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give its light. Could that be because of all the volcanic activity caused by the shifting and earthquakes.  In John 16:21 it compares the time to a woman in travail or labor.  Well when a woman goes into labor she has labor pains which start out mild and increase in intensity and duration.  You might find this information I have taken from a chart by the USGS interesting.  The following link will let you see the charts for yourselves if you question my numbers. The link is  or just type in USGS earthquakes per year since 1970 and it will take you there.  Here is what I found interesting though
Total earthquakes per year world wide.  I stopped at 2010 as it was the last full year listed.
2002 - 1341
2003 - 1358
2004 - 1672
2005 - 1844
2006 - 1865
2007 - 2270
2008 - 1948
2009 - 2057
2010 - 2136

     What I find interesting is that the whole period since 1970 shows a steady increase.  It appears to be directly proportional to the increase of the magnetic pole shift and of course the melting glacial ice.  The melting ice shifts millions of tons of pressure from one plate to the other.  Is that a coincidence or an indicator that we should be looking for the poles to shift at some point in the near future.
     Another thing I learned in the course of my studies, which I alluded to earlier, was that their is a period of global warming roughly every 125,000 years.  They can verify this from ice core samples dating back almost a half million years.  It happens like clockwork.  It is followed by a very long period of global cooling.  The coincidence I find to that, is that as the earth completes a wobble on its axis every approximately 125,000 years.  The earth completes its circle of the astrological houses. Again coincidence or is there a relationship or cause and effect. The recent perigee moon, where the moon is closer to earth than normal made me wonder.  If the moon's orbit is not circular but a little oval, what if the earth's orbit of the sun is a little bit off of circular. This could be the cause of the periods of global warming. What I learnt from watching the program on global warming is that there are much longer periods of global cooling than warming.  Each global warming period happened after a rise from a very, very deep ice age.  So does the melting of all the ice allow the earth to move in way that causes the magnetic polar shift. Could the melting of the ice release pressure from the crust that allows the core to shift. We are talking in time periods that mankind can not comprehend as we have not been here long enough see the effects.  We have not been on earth long enough to make it through one whole cycle.  (Hopefully I will add a graph later to show what I am trying to explain)
     Maybe science needs to take a look at the whole cause and effect  thing.  The point I am trying to make is that maybe the Mayans were smarter and understood more that we are giving them credit for.  However our Biblical history goes back to the same time frame as the Mayan calendar.  About 5,000 to 6,000 years ago so maybe they actually validate each other.
     Jesus gave us signs of a time of the end.  It must have been for a reason.  It may be time to get right with God cause there are events coming that will effect all mankind.  If you have your eternal salvation taken care of it is not a problem.  If you don't though it could be a major problem.  As the Bible says, "The rain falls on the just and the unjust."  Jesus made that clear in one of his parables when spoke of a wall falling.  Just as Isaiah 30:25 talks of a great slaughter when the towers fall.  If you look in the Bible and study it.  Often high mountains means nations.  While rivers and streams of waters means understanding in God's Word.  In Verse 26 it talks of the light of the moon being increased like the sun, and light of to the sun shall be seven fold. In the day that the Lord shall heal the breach of his people.
     I like to let the Bible interpret the Bible and in Joesph's dream his father was like the sun and his mother like the moon and his brothers like the stars.  When I read the sun is darker, is it because the fathers are not teaching their children.  When the moon is turned to blood, could that be a reference to abortion.  Finally when the stars fail to shin, is it because they are not being taught and giver the light of understanding. Something to ponder anyhow.
     To me, I believe that just as it says in Daniel,  that knowledge shall be increased   I believe it is Biblical knowledge that shall be increased.   There will be increased understanding to those who believe.  So they can share and bring others to  know the Lord before that great and dreadful day  The Bible makes clear that the coming of the Lord is not until after that great and dreadful day.   So you can come to your own understanding, but I hope you are not like those mentioned in Micah 7:15-20.  "They shall lick the dust of the earth like a serpent; they shall move out of their holes like worms of the earth; they shall be afraid of the Lord, our God, and shall fear because of him."  That is only verse 17 of Micah, you need to read the rest to get the whole understanding of what it says.  The Lord will complete what he has promised in his Word.  You can take it to the bank.   If you do not believe it, well my prayer for you then is may God have mercy on your soul.  If you have questions feel free to ask me and I will answer the ones I can.  The Bible says "his people" perish for a lack of knowledge.  So are those who survive the smarter ones who understood the warnings God was giving, or are they the unsaved that are left behind to endure the tribulation, which as I understand it is after all this chaos and turmoil.  A time of great darkness and torment.
    If you would take the time to read the last chapter in my book Further Down The Path, Part 7,which is at another location on this blog, just use the search bar.  It will explain why I think we are in the last days.  One thing I have also learnt since writing it is that our calendar is off by two years.  So instead of seventy years being October 2017 it would be October 2015.  Which does not leave time for the 42 months spoken of by Daniel, but God is the one who sets the day and time.  I am still not trying to set a date, just showing there is a pattern to the Bible and that I believe as it says, "I am the same, yesterday, today and forever."  God does not change what he has done, he will do.  He will reveal himself.  His Word says no man should be judged unless there are two witnesses.  Well I believe those two witnesses mentioned in Revelation are Enoch and Elijah for one good reason.  The Bible says, "Every man is appointed one time to die."  Those two left here and were spirited up to heaven without dying.  They have been witnessing how heaven operates for over 2000 years and when they come to tell mankind what is wrong.  They will have things to say mankind does not want to hear.  I am sure.  They will be killed for their testimony.  Then after three days they shall rise up and ascend into the heavens.  The Bible says the whole world will see it.  That is something that could not happen until just the last few  years.  However, now it can and sooner or later it will. Just as it could not have ended without Israel being a nation.  Which they are again after 2000 years, which fulfills many prophecies.
God is still unfolding his Word, just take the time to read it.

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