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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2012, Global Turmoil Could Be In The Making?

      I have addressed this question before and to be honest I did not do it very well.  First I do not have a clue what the Mayans taught and could care less.  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out something is going on.  Certainly there are some serious signs occurring, but in my opinion the wrong questions are being asked.  It is not that the glaciers and ice caps are melting.  That is obvious to anyone willing to look at recent history and pictures taken over the last 100 years or so.  It is like a trigger being pulled in slow motion and at some point it trips and the gun goes off.  It is sort of a cause and effect type thing.  If the ice is melting where is it going.  Well down the rivers and into the seas and oceans.  That is pretty simple and can be documented by the rising sea levels.  One thing about water is that its seeks its own level.  It does not stack up.  So based on that simple theory most of the water must be going to the Pacific ocean.  Why? Because it is the biggest body of water.
      All the snow that was in glaciers, on mountain tops and in the polar ice caps had mass.  If all that weight is no longer in those places, where did it go.  The weight has to have moved.  Simply put all that mass that was on one tectonic plate has picked up and moved to another location or another plate.  It certainly is not where it was.  Anybody can see it has disappeared.  So while some plates have become more buoyant (lighter) the weight has moved to make others heavier.
        It is my hope you can bear with me as I try to get my point across.  I am a lay person with no scientific training and trying to explain this all based on common sense.  The goal of my explanations is to explain it so that a person who has no science background can understand it.  Over the 4th of July weekend on a long car trip with my grandson who is twenty he told me my theory does not work because of physics.  Well part of it may not, but what is going on here is a series of inter-related things that may effect each other.  If you can give me the space to explain it all then I invite you to write me and tell how and why I am wrong.  It won't be the first time I have been wrong, however, I do not think I am.  Our conversation challenged me to come up with several explanations for each step so together, hopefully it all makes sense.
      Getting back on track the plates set on a fluid core and move around the planet crashing into each other and raising up mountains.  Most scientists will agree that the Atlantic Ocean is spreading and getting bigger and that at one point the European and North American coasts were attached.  What started that movement.  My theory on that is pretty simple.  At some point the earth was hit by a very massive object that almost blew the earth apart and caused it to crack all over. If I am right it hit in the area of the Pacific and pushed through forcing the fluid core to start moving the now separate pieces by hydrostatic pressure.  As the North American plate has moved west it has also shoved the Pacific plate west.  Filling and closing the void caused by the impact.  The western edge of the Pacific plate was shoved down sharply by the impact.  This allowed all the water to shift finding its own level and putting massive downward pressure on the plate.  The westward movement of the North American plate is putting additional pressure on the Pacific plate. The Pacific plate is by far the largest of all the plates on the planet.  The volume of water on it has tremendous weight and as the water levels rise so does the pressure on the plate.  Can you even fathom how much the increase in weight would be of adding three foot more water over the whole Pacific plate.  Most of the major earthquakes happen on or near the perimeter of the Pacific plate.
     All this movement triggered massive volcanic eruptions that pushed earth into an ice age.  As the ice age advanced seas levels dropped and the moisture that was sent into the atmosphere descended in the form of snow.  The snow accumulated into massive ice sheets which covered most of the planet.  Then with everything stabilized temporarily the earth starts to warm up some.  From information I acquired from the history channel that has happened about every one hundred and twenty five thousand years.  At least that has been the case for the last 600, 000 years or so.  See the chart below, which was on the history channel.  It is not really great, but it does show global warming is nothing new.  In fact it happens in cycles and if anything mankind better be figuring how we are going to deal with the ice age in between warmings which lasts far longer than the short warming periods which tend to be brief peaks.

     Looking at the chart the white line shows global warming. This information is known because ice cores have been taken from around the globe.  Scientist then measured the amounts of greenhouse gases present in the ice.  Notice at the far right the line goes way higher than previous warming spells.  That is the recent warming that has the scientists worried.  Also notice there are bumps of warming periods every few thousand years.  The blue line is sea levels and you can see they go down every time there is a cooling period. What I find interesting is that when it hits its peak cold periods they are followed by a radical warming.  Does the massive buildup of ice cause a shift in the earths relationship to the sun?
    The interesting point of that observation is that the earth progresses through a complete galactic progression about every 26,000 years. There is also warming trends at intervals over each period of  approximately 125,000 years.  A progression is the time it takes for the earths pole to complete a transit of the houses of the zodiac and return to its starting point.  Does the earth for some reason get drawn closer to the sun because of gravitational issues every so often. Every so many months the moon goes through a cycle and comes somewhat closer to the earth.  Could our travel around the galactic cycle cause the earth to do the same in proximity to the sun. Could the Galactic Alignment create enough increased gravitational pull on earth to bring us into an orbit slightly closer to the sun.  It does not take a lot to effect to change conditions here on earth.  Just look at the changes in seasons because the shifts as it goes through the seasons.  As the earth is released from that gravitational pull could it cause the cooling periods reflected in the chart above.  After all mankind has not even been here through a complete cycle yet.  At least not at an advanced enough stage to comprehend what is going on.  Could our predecessors have figured all this out simply from watching and observing the stars.  If they did then we have lost a lot on information that they gleaned from their observations.
     This brings us to another interesting point.  There are hot spots under the earths crust.  One is in the vicinity of Yellowstone National Park,  another is in the vicinity of Hawaii.  There are several others around the globe and what  they show is that the hot spots seem to stay stationary in the fluid core and as the crust moves across them it is melted from the intense heat.  Yellowstone is suspected to have exploded every 600,000+ years or so, which it is presently overdue for.  Is that just a coincidence or a cause and effect.  To me the continents moving have the effect of creating pressure which forces the core to pour out of the volcanoes around the world.  Much like squeezing a tooth paste tube.  Another example is when you have a plastic pop bottle say three quarters full and you squeeze in the sides with your hand.  The fluid level rises in the bottle.  Shifting pressures cause the fluid to shift.
      This is the point that set my grandson off with his explanation of physics and that the water would not create pressure.  If you pour liquid into a cup it will not force the sides out it will simply keep filling till it over flows.  While agreeing with him on that point I could not get him to understand that the shift of weight would cause pressure on the Pacific plate.  He kept saying the water would just overflow the shores and no pressure would be created.  Again I agreed, however, I tried to make him understand the movement of the mass would shift weight.  So here is the example I  came up with which we have not discussed yet.  So here goes and I hope I can get my point across.
       Take two saw horses and place a board across the top or them say maybe twelve feet long positioning a saw horses ten feet apart.  One near each end but with about a foot of overhang.  Now put layers of bricks side by side evenly all the way across the board till it starts to sag.  The board equals sea level the bricks equal ice and snow.  Now take the bricks from the ends (ice caps & glaciers) and move them to the center.  They represent the movement of the melted snow and ice. As the sag increases move more bricks from the ends to the middle and the sag increases.  If you had enough bricks on the board eventually it is going to collapse or break in the middle. The bricks representing the melted snow and ice still fill the same volume of space but their weight is focused downward by gravity.  As the sag gets bigger it will require putting more bricks in the middle to keep the middle at sea level.  Of course the more you put in the middle the more the sag increases.  If you left a foot over on each end beyond the sawhorse you will notice the ends are starting to move upward.  As the the weight of the melted snow and ice shifts the weight on the ends (plates where the snow and ice was) get lighter.  Sooner or later the board has more in the center that it can hold and it breaks.
      Now we introduce global warming. The question is what causes the warming.  As it happens on a fairly regular cycle, it is my opinion it is caused by minor orbital changes of the earth and our proximity to the sun. The man made problems are minor by comparison, but aggravate the situation. The ice and snow start to melt at a faster rate.  As the ice and snow melt it turns to water which seeks its own level.  So it will go to the lowest point.  The water which was ice and snow and moves toward the plates covered by water.  The Atlantic and Pacific start sinking because of the pressure building up.  We take the bricks representing ice and snow again and move them to the Pacific plate.  Now the poles (ends) are empty and can float and move. The weight has been shifting to what represents the western end of the Pacific plate. With the heavy load things start shifting and cracking occurs in the form of earthquakes.  The Pacific plate also squeezes the core creating hydrostatic pressure which moves the internal fluids into the the areas under the lighter now floating plates and the magnetic core is shifted in the process.
     It has been known that the magnetic poles are moving for several hundred years.  Scientists believe the magnetic poles have shifted or flipped in the distant past.  Hundreds of years ago the poles moved very little.  Since the turn of the century the pace has picked up.  Where it was just a kilometer or so a year, over the last fifty years the movement has increased tremendously(almost in direct proportion to the ice and snow melting) and now the magnetic poles are moving at almost fifty kilometers per year.  Anybody who has ever played with magnets knows that when two poles move so far they reach a tipping point and flip rapidly all of a sudden.  Are we nearing that point.
    While plates normally move inches at a time.  My theory is that as forces build up they are like a trigger and every so often it trips and the Pacific plate jumps forward several miles at a time all along the Mariana Trench.  Which triggers earthquakes all over the world as everything tries to resettle itself.  The Tsunami's unleashed would be gigantic.  They would be happening all over the world.
    While I do not know what the Mayans thought, I do know that the Bible describes a number of events that have happened or will happen and they all fit right in with what I have been saying.  I will put them all together in a Part Two for this blog.  So at least in my opinion there are signs that indicate some kind of major disaster could happen in the future.  Will it happen on December 21st?  I do not have a clue, but if it does it will be coincidence.

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