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Thursday, August 23, 2012

In Memory of My Youngest Daughter

      Some things in life are hard.   Loosing a child has to be one of them.  It consoles me that I have the hope and belief that someday we will be together again.  She left three teenage sons when she passed.  She left me her dog Forrest, a Boston Terrier, to care for.  He lives life the same way she did, with gusto.

                                                    27 August 1977 -  11 August 2010

    Glenda would have been 35 on the 27th of August.  I have uploaded a video of Forrest, her dog, on You Tube at the following link  Forrest is a Balloonatic.  When he sees balloons he goes almost into convulsions till he can kill it.  The attached video is with sound and is fun to watch.  Glenda was a nurse and fought a brain tumor for seven years.  Through three operations, chemo and she never complained.  Never said why me.  She was an example to all of us.  She was able to communicate with us right up to the end.  We all truly miss her.  While I enjoy living I look forward to seeing her again and my Mother who would have celebrated her 89th birthday tomorrow on the 24th of August.
     This may not be a normal blog post, but is what was on my heart to write.  Thanks for reading and I hope you share Forrest's video,  Would love for it to go viral.

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