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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Simple Solutions That Will Solve The Deficit Problem

     With all the problems facing America a couple simple spending standards might solve a lot of problems. It came to me that the big problem of the deficit is that nobody on Capitol Hill understands one minor rule.  The money they are spending is not theirs.  It is OUR MONEY, the people of the United States of America, and should be spent accordingly.  Every expenditure needs to be weighted in relation to it's benefit to all Americans.  If an expenditure is not going to benefit every American, it is not a valid expenditure.  It is not governments's job to subsidize the Alaskan fishermen.  It is also not a benefit to every American to spend money on NASCAR. It is also not a benefit to every American to study the mating habits of bears in the wild. It is also not the governments job to enforce moral standards that evidently half of America disagrees with.  Prohibition did not work and it was repealed.  It is time to quit trying to enforce morality via legislation.  It does not work. However, It can be taxed very effectively.

      There are to many expenditures that do not benefit all Americans directly or indirectly.  There were big arguments over building the Interstate Highway System. The guideline behind building the National Interstate Highway System was that it would benefit all Americans. There are a number of other things that could be fixed to the benefit of all Americans and improve our infrastructure.  Many could be done by private industry with the only government involvement being the removal of restrictive regulations.  Regulations that keep businesses from developing new programs.  Even giving businesses tax breaks if they can show the benefit to all Americans and how it will help create jobs.

     My blog of 4/25/2012 America Under A Threat Worse Than Katrina, shows some events that could not only happen in America, but sooner or later probably will, also steps America can be take to reduce the loss of life and hardship the described events might cause in America.  The blog is not simply to scare people, it is something that can happen.  I also offered solutions and ways to reduce the effects of such an event.  My thirteen years in the military logistics system and twenty plus years in the trucking industry gave me the insight to see the potential dangers.  In military logistics we had to look at all of the possibilities and find solutions.  This was not always dealing with real problems, but also the "what if" problems. Our job was to make sure that we had no logistical failures when it came to supporting our troops in the field.  Twenty plus years going up and down America's highways helped me see a lot of "what if's"   After 9/11 I became very serious in looking at the tactical weaknesses.  Unfortunately I see many weaknesses that terrorists could easily exploit and that we are not prepared to deal with.  Mainly because we are not looking from the point of view of people who place no value on life.  That is why no one considered the insanity of using commercial airlines as flying bombs.

     The point of the blog was not to promote the fear, but to provide workable solutions as I did in the article.  Ones that create jobs, and not at government expense.  It would also reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  At the same time it would help reduce the impact on the environment.  This article was sent to President Obama's offices.  I do not see him using it to create the jobs that America needs.

     Getting back on track, the problem is how the Congress spends our money.  Cutting benefits programs that help Americans that need help is not the answer.  Going through the budget and making a straight and flat tax system.  Eliminating the loopholes and subsidies for big businesses and making every penny count by making sure it helps all Americans equally.  The governments subsidizing people sitting on their ass is not a wise expenditure of "OUR" money.  It should be spent creating infrastructure renewal and development.

      The recent shootings in Connecticut opened my eyes to a couple possible revenue solutions.  Let's license all automatic and semiautomatic weapons annually just like cars. Let's create a permit system that has to be renewed every so often with background checks.  I forgot to mention all single shot weapons, bolt action, pumps and single action revolvers are exempt from license and permit requirements. These are the same kind of weapons that gained our independence and preserved our nation.   How about doors with card locks so only those that have a proper card can even gain access.  Note I would use the money generated to make more secure schools.  How about doors with card locks so only those that have a proper card can even gain access. I did not arm the teachers with this scenario.  This could raise billions of dollars.

      How about ending the futile and wasteful "War on Drugs" and legalize and tax the heck out of them.  Let those who abuse the drugs pay for the programs to deal with the "addicts."  People which will not and are not being helped by building more and more prisons to incarcerate them.

     Raise the taxes on alcohol and make it a self policing program that pays for the mayhem caused in America by the drunk drivers.  Finally how about a tax on gasoline to be dedicated to fixing the infrastructure.  I have talked to hundreds of Americans and most say they would not mind paying a few cents a gallon to fix infrastructure if that is what the money was actually used for.

     The average American understands the problems and is willing to make sacrifices, but not while others abuse the system.  The taxes on the programs I mentioned could help balance the budget.  If the funds raised just continue the present system of wasteful spending most Americans will not support it.  The only thing that will bring America back is the creation of jobs.  That is the only thing that got America out of the Great Depression.  It took the building and arming for World War II to accomplish it.  It is easy to see how it worked.  We do not need a war, but we do need a commitment to making America the world leader in industry that made us great.  Many of the inventions today eliminate as many jobs as the create because of advanced manufacturing techniques.  One of the biggest helps America could ever put forward is a program to "BUY  AMERICAN"  When I go shopping I look for American products.  Yes buying American may cost a little more, but I know I am helping another American when I do.  That is why the bleak economy is not being felt as bad as it could be.  Americans are helping other Americans.

     We need to end the stupidity that outlaws American products like the light bulb.  What company benefited from that little deal.  How many Congressmen got their pockets lined.  Long ago I quit smoking and eating candy bars because the cost outweighed the benefit.  The recent demise of Hostess and the end the "Twinkee" as an American Icon says a lot about why America is loosing the battle in world markets. The leaders of Hostess got their million dollar bonuses.  Even though they may not have a job anymore.  Unfortunately that is the same mindset that is running the Congress of the United States.  They do not have a clue what their duties in relation to the Constitution are.  They are to busy lining their pockets and pigging out on pork.  As long as they keep thinking it is "THEIR MONEY" they are spending common sense will not prevail.

      Balancing the budget will only happen when the Congress of the United States realizes that any expenditure that does not benefit "EVERY AMERICAN" is pork. They will have to make it a very lean and efficient government if they are going to get the budget balanced.  A balanced budget will require the removal  of almost 6 Trillion dollars of expenditures.  That can be done without cutting entitlements.  The trick is understanding what is pork and what is necessary for the Welfare of the American people.  Yes some entitlements might be trimmed, but it should be done in a way it does not hurt Americans who have a real need for help.  It is Congresses duty to provide for the WELFARE of America.  The Constitution says so. Providing for the needs of individuals is a duty under the Constitution.  Providing for the needs of corporations, banks and the wealthy at the cost of the individual is not their duty.  They simply need to ask who is benefiting before they sign the check.

      When making any expenditure, each Congressman needs to ask, "Does spending this dollar benefit every American, or have the potential to benefit every American that might become eligible for this program."  If the answer is no, it is not a valid expenditure.  Simple but it works.  It is how almost every American balances their budget.  So should Congress.

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