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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Obama Care or "Abomnicare"

                           Abomnicare, Will we survive it?

      The title is not a typo.  It is my personal name for Obama Care.  He may care but he has no business background and not a clue at the burden he is putting on average Americans.  While, supposedly, well intended it is quickly being seen for what it is.  It is an abomination of, supposedly, good intentions.  

      The reality of Obama Care is starting to hit home.  It would more properly be called the Abomnicare program.  As it is implemented it is busting the budget of low income Americans.  Worse yet it is actually going to reduce the number of people covered by health care.  As the details are released it is becoming a nightmare for many Americans.  People who have worked with companies and institutions for twenty or more years suddenly have no health care.  If the nation’s economy was in better health maybe it would work.  However the country’s economy is not in good shape.  Many states are on the edge of bankruptcy.  Decisions are being made totally based on the bottom line.  The effect on individuals is not a consideration.  The survival of the system is all that matters.

       How do I justify saying that?  Well I have seen firsthand how it is working.  School systems which have fixed budgets are making decisions to keep the schools running. One of the simplest ways is to reduce the number of people eligible for benefits.  That is done simply by cutting hours so that an employee is working less than forty hours a week.  They then become part time employees. It does not necessarily affect the teachers but the kitchen, maintenance and administrative staff may be fair game.  That is how state and county budgets are considering dealing with the problem.

      Corporate America is using much the same system.  They are passing much of the cost on to their employees.  They are not giving full time positions.  The ones that already are full time are being hit with highly increased cost. Raising the deductible and copay maintains company profits at the expense of the employees.  The attitude of the companies is take it, or leave.  With the economy in chaos and no alternatives the employees are being put between a rock and a hard place.  They have a choice between the frying pan and the fire.  Neither decision is a good choice, but which is the lesser of two evils.  If they keep the job, at least they will still be able to eat and pay their house payment as long as they do not get sick.  The irony is that though they have insurance if they get sick the copays may destroy them economically.  That is not a big change.  Many of the people forced into filing bankruptcy in America do so because of excessive medical bills.  They can’t pay the medical bills and still provide for their family’s needs.

       I am proud of America for rising above its prejudice and divisiveness.  Yet it raises the question of whether America can survive under a president that understands politics and the election process, but has no clue about administering the business needs of America.  Yes the economy is slowly recovering and the market is going up.  Every minor hiccup in the economy causes a setback.  If a real crisis arises it may push us over the edge. Abomnicare may become that crisis.

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