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Monday, November 18, 2013

Reality versus Market

                        Reality versus Market

      As the stock market passed the 16,000 mark today I had to wonder what the stock market has to do with reality.  It definitely can effect a person’s retirement when it crashes.  My wife retired in January 2009 and lost almost half of her retirement money.  On March 9 of 2009 the market hit a record low of 6547.05.  That means the market is almost 2 and 1/2 times what it was at the low point.  What it has shown me is that the market has absolutely no relationship to the health of the economy.  All it shows is how much someone who is invested in the market might lose if the market crashes again.

     As institutional investors have nowhere else to put their money that might make a return on their investment it gets kind of scary.  The government has taken virtually no steps to improve the job market or to ensure that the crash of 2008 does not or can’t happen again.  It has been basically, business as usual and the scary part of that is that the few actions they have taken may collapse the economy again.

    Obamacare has pushed many employers into letting people go, or reducing their hours so they are part time help and exempt from the requirements under the new law. Obama’s statement that people would be able to keep their present health care policies has proven to be one of the biggest lies ever told to the American people.
Millions of people have been forced from the ranks of the ensured as their employer’s figure out how to deal with the transition.  Those who have managed to keep their jobs are paying much higher costs for the medical coverage.  Thanks to Obamacare.  My daughter’s share of the bill went from 10% to 20%.  Her co-pays increased tremendously.  So did mine and my wife’s co-pays.  Where is the savings.  Family policies have gone through the roof cost wise.

     Millions of Americans are being forced to make the decision of how they will pay the mandatory insurance required by law.  Fines and even jail time are threats most Americans take seriously.  The very fact that our government has become a threat to our individual freedom might show us something is wrong.

      As for the job situation, it does not have to be the way it is.  I have bunches of blogs on the topic.  Type in the word “jobs” in the search bar on my blog and you will find everything from how to create a job, how to survive without one and what the government can do to fix the problem.  You will discover how the government could be preparing for a major disaster that will make Katrina look like a cake walk.

      The one thing that can stimulate the economy the most is for the little guy to start spending his money.  That is not going to happen as long as the little guy feels insecure about where his future is going.  The few actions being taken by the government are only making the problem worse, not better.

      It might be a good idea to start looking out for the next economic collapse.  It is something that based on what I see going on looks a lot more possible than a recovery.

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