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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Good News for Christian Truckers

    Good News for Christian Truckers

       About time there was some Good News for the American Trucker and Christian Truckers in particular.  The Road Angel Trucker Centre at exit 68 on I-70 in Illinois is under a new director.  The goal of the new leadership is to bring the Centre back to, or to even better, condition than it was years ago. Due to the loss of staff and support the center has reached a point where it is in less than perfect condition.  While it may need lots of TLC the basic structures are solid.  The shower house is temporarily out of service and meals have not been served on a regular basis in sometime.

     Dock Hinman, the new director, and his wife Mary have stepped into the job and accepted the task of putting things back in order.  I welcome them and pray my fellow truckers give them plenty of support and a hearty welcome also. To accomplish all that needs to be done will require lots of support.  They need spiritual support, physical (labor) support as well as donations of time and finances.  At this point the staff is a bit overwhelmed at the task before them.  They are setting a plan in order to break the tasks down into manageable goals.

     Truckers who have stopped at the Centre in the past are invited to stop in and see how things are going and to offer any kind of support they can.  Even prayer support can help at this point as the leadership tries to reconnect with supporters from the past.        

      Plans are under way for a New Year’s Eve Bonfire and cook out.   The goal is to start the New Year out, “On Fire for the Lord”.  Truckers who come through the Centre can carry a message of faith and hope to return America to its roots in the Christian faith.  There are plenty of limbs down all over the property due to recent wind storms. Truckers are invited to come in and help gather a pile of wood for the bonfire.  They can then share the message that the Centre is back and ready for fellowship. With New Year’s Eve falling on a Tuesday this year many drivers may be on the road.  If you are on the road or live near the Centre we invite you to join in. 

     I spent a couple days at the Centre last week and a couple days this week.  Hopefully I will be spending a couple days per week at the Centre for some time to come.  At my age I am not much physical help, but I try to do what I can to support it.  I had a heart attack ten years ago and had not been involved in trucking during that time, but I just received and enormous blessing and am now able to afford to get involved in the activities.

    Before I had to quit trucking the center had a fairly large staff and provided meals and showers anytime of the day.  They also provided fellowship and a place for truckers to get together build friendships based on a mutual belief in God.

       Dock certainly did not take the job for its financial benefits.  He did it because he believes in the need for the Centre and its mission of sharing the Gospel with drivers and the local community.  He said it is unlike any job he has pursued in the past and has required him to step out in faith.  He said as he has done so, he has seen needs answered.  He also said it has reinforced his faith and belief.  He is sure he will accomplish what he feels he has been called to do.

     Dock was a trucker himself for many years.  His association with ACT goes back many years.  He often stopped at the Petro in Milton, PA and played his guitar at services in the chapel. His home was in Fargo, ND.  He spent about nine years in the service and many years overseas, several years of it in Germany.  Our paths crossed many times over the years but we never really met that we can establish where we may have met.

    The Centre is also looking for three trailers to put out as billboards for the Centre.  The goal is to put one at the Centre facing the highway and the other two a few miles east and west.  Drivers will be reminded when they are in the area that they are near the Centre.  I would like to see billboards all over the country that not only spread the message of Jesus, but let people know the where the Centre is. 

     You are invited to read this and share it with your fellow truckers.  It is not a long time till New Year’s Eve, but we have time to get the message out.  If you stop at the Centre say hi to Dock and ask him to let Turtle know the message is getting out.  Thanks for reading.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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