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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Best and Most Popular. Based on readership

     Thank you, to all those who read my blog. As I enter my third year and look back I have found some posts are more popular than others.  I took the liberty of listing the top 25 most read posts for anybody who might be interested. Ten are trucking related, while nine are faith based, but some of the faith based are centered on trucking experiences.  The balance are personal opinion and financial advice pieces.  There are also two of my favorites that did not make the cut at least on the hit count list. I hope some people will take the time to read some of the ones they may not have read over the years.

       This blog is not advertised and has grown simply on word of mouth.  With over 11,000 hits and in over seventy countries it must appeal to some readers.  For me as a writer it is really enjoyable when a post takes on a life of its own and starts getting hits from all over the world.  The post "You Need No Man Teach You," was my first one to do that.  It did not really catch on till almost a year after it was posted.

       This blog started out giving financial advice.  Having been self employed I wanted to help those who had financial problems.  As I made my living trucking many of my adventures made it into my blog,  Especially as I hope to put them into a book format.  Finally I found many people liked some of the faith based posts I entered and the blog is definitely moving in that direction.  God is the center of my life and my whole reason for being here.  My free book on my blog "Further Down The Path"  is in seven parts and tells my life experiences, but also some Biblical truths that many would find interesting.  Yes there is to much of me in it, but I want people to see and know how I came to understand what I have written.  If you read none of the rest of it, read part seven.  You may learn somethings about the Bible you did not know.  There is a definite pattern and path in the Bible and there is a purpose in what it says.  My personal belief is that we are standing near the final fulfillment of all prophecy.  That is just my view though.

      Thank You Again, for any and all the time you spend reading any of the stories. They will only grow and spread if you share them.  I am not into advertising or selling.  I just enjoy sharing how the Good Lord has Blessed Me.  Especially if it might help someone else.  The two posts that reference 2012 may have gotten much of there popularity due to the end time obsession of many in December 2012. The rest seem to make it on their own merit.

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