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Friday, April 11, 2014

When God Says, April Fool!!

               When God Says, April Fool!!

      Most people at some point in life experience an event that becomes a part of their being and conscience for the rest of their lives. Events like 9/11, Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy and King Assassinations, are a few that touched great numbers of lives. The memory can be triggered and bought back to life by simple things like a song, a smell or something we see.  Our mood can be instantly and unexplainably altered.  Sometimes we understand it, and sometimes we don’t.

     For me the date is April Fool’s Day.  When God plays an April Fool’s Day joke on you, you don’t tend to forget it. In January 1967 I had an experience (it is explained in the third part of the linked post that shook me up so much I volunteered for Vietnam. see link ( )
   I was in Germany at the time. Yet just over two years later I found myself back in Germany, but assigned to the same unit, the same room and even the very same bed I had been in when the whole thing started. It was April Fool’s Day 1969. Forty five years ago the first day of this month I found myself setting on that bed wondering, God are you trying to tell me something.

   Over the course of those forty-five years I have learned a couple things. God has a sense of humor and yes he was making his presence known to me in a way that would never allow me to doubt His existence.  Also I have learned He is still unfolding His Word so that we can see his presence working in our lives if we take the time to look.

     If you take the time to really get into and study His Word you will find that there are patterns and events that He uses over and over to accomplish His Will.  It shows he is consistent in His actions and that he is an unchanging God.  What was evil when He established His Word, is still evil.  Regardless of what the views and opinions of modern society are, His Word is still true.

    One of the first events that showed me the truth of what I just shared is when they killed the babies at the time of Christ.  It was Satan’s way of trying to prevent the Messiah from coming forth and doing his work in the world.  It was the same method he used at the time of Moses to try and keep a leader from coming forth to lead God’s people out of bondage.  It didn’t work then and it will not work now in this day and age.  If you are a Christian you know that all the abortion in the world in this day and age is evil.

   There are several events and they are in a blog post titled "A Little Further Down the Path (Meat Only)"dated 4 November 2014.  Since originally writng this I discovered a new word that explains what I am trying to say. There are at least three paradigm's in the Old Testament. I thnk we are living in a fourth one now. I know there is a lot of me and about me in the story.  Skip over me if you can and read what the events in the Bible are all about.  It was a seven part book and I condensed it and got rid of myself as much as possible. A few points I kept to show how I came to my understanding.

    God has often uses the same pattern.  He used younger sons to get done what he wanted done.  Remember David and Joseph and what they went through.  That is what the book is about.  It shows many of the events that he has used over and over to perform His Will.

    Every major movement of God has come out of Egypt (Africa) remember Moses, Jesus spent some his youth in Africa hiding from Herod. Many of the prophets at the time of the captivity were taken to Africa. That is the thing I find interesting about Obama’s Presidency.  No I do not think he is the Anti-Christ, but I do think he may be a sign that the end is about to start.  If you read the book you will find there are several four hundred and thirty year periods mentioned in the Old Testament.  They are always followed by a seventy year period.
     So why is that important?  Daniel 12 gives several prophecies and they are for the end time.  One of them is a forty two month period at the time of the end. The irony of that is that Israel will be seventy years old in November 2017.  If you count back  forty-two months you come to April 2014. I am not saying that is the date of the rapture or anything else.  I personally do not know if the period mentioned by Daniel starts at the end of the seventy year period or does it start early and lead up to the end.

     I do know that seventy years from the time Christ was born the Temple was destroyed. I know from reading that Israel was in the Babylonian captivity for the whole seventy years.  The interesting one is Moses, he lived 120 years. The first forty years he spent in Pharaoh’s house.  Then he spent forty years in the backside of the desert.  Finally he spent forty years leading God’s people in the desert.

     So based on that God can work anywhere he wants in the seventy year period.  He used the last part of Moses life in the wilderness.  Israel was in the captivity the whole seventy years and judgment on Israel fell at the end of the seventy year period that included Jesus time on earth.  Yes there was a seventy year period at the time of Moses also, but you will have to do some serious studying to find it in the Bible. The Bible says Joshua was forty when Moses sent him in to search the Promised Land, it also says he was one hundred and ten when he died. One hundred ten minus the forty years in the wilderness equals seventy years. It is not mentioned but you can find it if you look at the timelines of the lives for the people involved.  Moses led during the first part of the seventy year period he was part of.

      Because of the Left Behind series of books most people think that we are out of here before the bad stuff happens and we do not have to sweat the tribulation.  That is not what Jesus said though.  He spent his whole last night on earth warning his disciples of the things that would come.  You can read Matthew 24: 29 – 33 and make up your own mind, but Jesus made it pretty clear.  First is the tribulation and then his people are gathered together.  He said it, not me.
     Jesus also said it would be as it was in the days of Noah.  If you read Genesis 6:1-13 you will see very clearly it pretty well describes the day and time we live in. 

    So what am I saying?  Just that this is the last Easter that is outside the timeline used over and over in the Bible.  Am I saying the Rapture will happen on Easter?  Not hardly, but I am saying that I would be looking up and anticipating the return of Christ, which I do every year.  The truth is he could come on any day and at any time, but if we are looking at the signs His Word gives us we will be ready.  

     Since originally writing this I have discovered this was not the first time April Fool was significant in my life . In 1956 I was ten years old. My younger brother was born December 26th of that year, doing the math and going back nine months puts you right at Easter. I know it was a surprise for my  parents because the doctors told my mother she could have no more children after me.


  1. please can you answer my question about the meaning of sideways cross have this style any meaning or not,

  2. I never heard of it. That does not mean it is right or wrong, just I can't answer that question. My view is to let the Bible interpret the Bible. Most things mentioned in the Bible will explain themselves if you read the whole Bible. It says the sun, the moon and the stars shall be darkened. The only place I find all three mentioned together is in Joseph's Dream. To me that means the Sun, the father is not giving his light to the world. As for the moon being turned to blood, when I see all the abortion today it makes me wonder. As for the stars they are not given the wisdom to grow and shine in light of God's Word in this day and age. Thanks for the question, if you have anymore feel free to ask, but I may not have the answer.