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Friday, May 16, 2014

What Time Is It?

               Signs, Signs and More Signs

     Yesterday, which was the day after Easter 2014, was one strange day. Rainbows everywhere, even a double one in Alaska. My family has a lot of strong ties to Rainbows.  There was a beautiful double rainbow the day of my Mother’s funeral.  She loved them. My wife, daughter and her great-granddaughter sat down on the floor of the lobby and put together a fleece throw blanket for her that had a rainbow pattern in the material. It was only a few days before she died.  Also I bought a new van yesterday. It has nothing to do with the post, but it was one of the things that happened and I had not planned to do it.. What the heck does one have to do with the other?

       Jesus said as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at my coming. Jesus also said people would be buying, selling and marrying among other things.  While Jesus did not specifically mention rainbows they were given as a covenant after the flood and as a sign by God. Today gays use rainbow colors to mock God.  That may not be their intention, but it is what they are doing. These are not however the only signs given by God.  Droughts were always one of his big signs. California knows all about droughts the last few years. Now Florida and the gulf coast states are learning about another sign. Pestilence, as some little bug has almost completely destroyed not only the orange crop, but also the trees they grow on.  Pestilence was often mentioned in the Bible. I heard recently that cases of oranges that normally sell for 12 to 14 dollars in California were selling for over a hundred dollars a case. Also diseases that mankind thought they had whipped are making comebacks due to diseases becoming resistant to antibiotics.

     So what is my point?   Anyone willing to look can see signs everywhere. It is knowing what the Bible says on the matter that makes it scary.. I just realized recently we are entering the seventieth year since the end of World War II.  For the significance of that just type seventy in the search bar on my blog and read the articles. Many people will argue that World War II was not the forty-two months Daniel was speaking of.  Even I have my doubts, but it is interesting if you look at it from the day America entered the war till the defeat of Germany. It works out to forty-two months to the day.  Daniel also mentioned that some people who made it to the end of another forty five day time frame would be blessed. Daniel mentioned a couple of other signs that would not be apparent till the end time.  One was that knowledge would be increased.  That is a no brainer. He also said people would travel to and fro throughout the world. Another thing that is common in this day and age.

     One prophecy remains unfulfilled. It is about two witnesses to the end time mentioned in Revelation. Daniel lays out a period of seventy weeks of Sabbaths. Daniel gives numbers totaling up to a period of sixty-nine weeks. Then the last week would be divided into two sections. Well this week marks the end the seventy year period. If you type seventy years on the search bar on my blog you will see why I find the seventy year period significant.  Also I mention four-hundred thirty year periods which are combined with the seventy year periods in the Old Testament. If my math is right November 2017 may be significant. The Easter just passed is forty-two months prior to that date. So if I start hearing of a couple of Bible quoting maniacs coming on the scene it is time to start looking up.

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