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Friday, January 23, 2015

Top Posts of 2014 + A Couple Other Most Read

     The Top Ten Most Read Posts in the Last Year or So.  I know the list actually goes back 16 months, but a couple of these were my most read posts ever.  So I took the liberty of stretching the time frame for those looking for the “good stuff” to read.  Hope you look them up and enjoy them.

The Oil Light Just Came On                                   12/18/14

How to Escape Wage Slavery                                10/23/14

Warning, An Apple A Day May Kill You               7/2/14

Green Enough to Save the World                            6/19/14

When God Says, April Fool!!                                 4/11/14

Unfinished Business                                                3/8/14

A Wannabe Sky God                                               3/8/14

Putting Your Hand to the Plow                                12/15/13

Beware of Self Righteousness                             11/25/13

A Truckers Perspective - Why America                      9/9/13
 Is Losing the Manufacturing and Marketing Battle


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