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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

End the Political Insanity

                     End the Political Insanity

     Most Americans are totally tired of the present political circus.  While most people want a real change in government they are not willing to cross the sanity line to do it. A very large majority admit that neither candidate in the mainstream parties is going to fix anything.  Unfortunately they are right because both candidates can’t do what they are promising without Congressional support. 

     Most people admit it will take a new party and a new direction to change anything.   Yet they continue to vote for the same party over and over even though they know the definition of insanity.  For those who don’t, Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, the same way, and expecting to get a different result.  Unfortunately it ain’t gonna happen. That is one of the cold hard facts of life.

    Maybe the reluctance to do so is understandable as the last time a third party candidate who was voted into office literally caused the nation to be torn in half. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican running against a Whigs and Democrats. He won because people stood up and voted based on their convictions and not on popular opinion.

    Libertarians are noted for their stance on legalizing drug use. However it is the decriminalization of drugs, not the legalization that they espouse.  There is a big difference in the two views.  Decriminalization will stop the incarceration of people who have an addiction problem, and those who believe using God given plants is a right. Check Genesis 1:29 to see where that idea comes from.  It is time to tax the people who use and abuse drugs.  Stop putting the burden on society.  If we are going to incarcerate people lets incarcerate people who use guns to threaten their fellow citizens.  They are people who have no respect for life or the rights of others. They need to be removed from society permanently.

    Libertarians are against useless and needless wars. President Eisenhower warned us of the need to watch out for and to restrain the Military Industrial Complex or MIC.  The MIC has virtually taken over our government.  Shutting it down would virtually throw America into economic chaos. Right now we are involved in the perfect war from the MIC point of view.  Selling guns, weapons and ammunition with virtually no cost of life to America is the perfect form of war. Foreign lives do not matter to the MIC, nor do American ones, as long as the cash keeps flowing into their companies.

    Where are the hippies and the protestors when we need them? How did the draft end in the middle of the Vietnam War?  It ended because the peaceniks were making it costly for the MIC to conduct war the way they wanted to.  Weapons like napalm and Agent Orange were being banned.  They realized by ending the draft they would end the protests. Then they could get on with war and go back to doing business as usual.  Monsanto was making big money from the war. Yes the same company that is suspected of killing off the bees all over the world, and if it keeps up, the killing off of us.  Those same MIC companies are major contributors to the political process and ensuring they have access to the flow of government dollars.

     If you think that is a wild accusation. Look at the obesity problem in America.  They feed hormones and chemicals to cattle and poultry to make them grow to super sizes in shorter periods of time. Unfortunately those same hormones do the very same things to humans that consume the products.  If you think not, do some studying on DDT and its effects on life, especially the Bald Eagle.

    Both of the present political candidates will continue to do business as usual with the MIC companies and keep the economy flowing, no matter how many foreign lives it costs.  All those refugees we see in the news are refugees because of the choices our government has made.  America needs to wake up and realize that the Christian values this nation claims to believe in are not values our government is upholding.  The only way to return to caring about the image of our nation is to change the way it is led and does business, which neither of the present parties have any intention of changing.

    So if you care and you want to see change, be bold and vote for a third party candidate. Vote Libertarian, not necessarily the best way to go, but definitely a different way to go.

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