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Monday, June 5, 2017

June 7th? End of Days? Or a New Beginning?

The Final Lap?

Fifty years ago today I was a twenty year old soldier stationed in Mainz, Germany. In January I had volunteered for Vietnam and was supposed to leave that week for the United States on my way to Vietnam. When I got up Monday morning my whole life had changed and my schedule had been put on hold.  The Israeli Six Day War had started and America was committed to backing up Israel if it became necessary.

     My job was rigging supplies to drop by parachute. It was not my first rig out, but it moved at a level I had never seen before. While we rigged, the Infantry units tried to cram door to door fighting techniques into a minimum amount of time. They were also gearing up for a dessert war. The base was humming. Busses arrived and hauled troops to the flight line at Rhein Main Air Force Base. We started rigging live ammo for dropping.  Units started distributing basic loads of ammo to the troops. That upped the ante for us so that we knew this was the real deal. Shortly later it got totally confirmed.  In all the rig outs we had done we strived for realism, but when the blood plasma arrived it cinched the deal.

    Some units were in the air within hours.  It was a long ways to go. Due to the cold war we could not fly over communist territory, Switzerland and France denied us the use of their air space also.  We had to fly to the English Channel, down the coast and then across the Mediterranean to Turkey. Israel was holding its own so the decision was made to stage aircraft in Turkey, in case we got the go ahead. Some units spent several days sitting under the wings of the aircraft waiting for a decision to be made.  Other troops were sitting at Rhein Main AFB and waiting, Rigging and training went on twenty four hours a day for the whole five days. We were dead on our feet.

     One piece of good news for us was when we heard that Israel had captured the Temple Mount on the 7th of June, and that they were getting the upper hand. It was still tense right up till the end of the War. Gearing down from a war footing was a very tedious process. The following week things started getting back to a more normal pace and I departed for the States

    So what does all that have to do with things happening today?  If you read the Bible and know what a Jubilee is and what Pentecost is about you can see the significance clearly.  Wednesday will be the 50th Anniversary of the capture of the Temple Mount and the Jubilee which started by the blowing of a shofar. It is an action that started the clock ticking for a fifty year period of time.  A jubilee is supposed to end with all debts being repaid and all slaves being set free and allowed to return to their land. It is also a time of judgment. The significance is that this is the first time that has happened in over two thousand years with Israel in the Promised Land for the whole period of time.  It is something that was prophesied and promised over two thousand years ago.

     Anybody who has read my blog posts knows that I am fixated on recurring events in the Bible, but also in my own life and events. In 1917 my Grandfather was stationed in France during World War I. He was a Teamster and drove horse drawn wagons to the front. He was sprayed with mustard gas and it affected his lungs for the rest of his life.

    Fifty years later I found myself in Vietnam in 1967, where I learned to drive a truck, which is how I made my living after leaving the Army, and my health was damaged by being sprayed with Agent Orange. So what is the significance of that to today? My grandfather served in France.  I served in a war that had been started by the French in one of their colonies. That brings us up to today and the Paris Climate Treaty.  So what do I have invested in today’s events.  My youngest daughters, youngest son is in basic training in the U.S. Army. The chemical warfare in Syria bothers me.

    What are the chances of America going to war during his time in the Army?  Pretty high considering the President we now have for a leader of this country. In barely four months he has alienated almost every nation that America could count as a friend.

   So am I saying it is the end of time?  Not hardly.  There are way too many prophecies yet to be fulfilled.  Yet the stage may be being set.  If you read Revelations 11:18, it makes reference to God destroying those who destroy the earth. It might be something to think about.  It may show that even after all these years, things are not just happening.  God’s hand is still in the middle of it all guiding it to the inevitable end that His Word clearly lays out as coming to pass.

      My cousin just gave me a direction for tomorrow. A movie is being released called In Our Hands, The Battle for Jerusalem.  It is fifty miles to the nearest theater, but it may be worth the drive, especially as Wednesday the World as we know it today may be changed, or starting to anyhow. It is going to happen sooner or later. I think we are at later.

      OH! This may be a weird way to end, but I thank anyone who prayed for my plants. After planting several hundred gourd seeds and none coming up I had one plant come up in my greenhouse. It made my day. One is better than none. I pray your hand is in the right hand if something significant does happen in the next few days. Thanks to all those who read my posts. Especially those in Korea as they often outnumber my American readers.  I served with the ROK’s in Vietnam and they are super in my book. At one point in life I had a Korean girlfriend and she convinced me that Korean’s are awesome people. I pray all the issues settle down and both sides come to their senses.

   My final advice is to read Matthew 6:15 and take it to heart. You know the Lord’s Prayer, but do you know what the first verse after it says, you should….

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