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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Government Conspiracy To Kill Off Citizens and Cut Social Security Costs

    When you consider most of the technology available today is geared toward making people more sedentary you might wonder if it is all a conspiracy to kill us off.  It is a fact if people live a healthy life they can live much longer in this day and age.  So maybe the government knows the average citizen does only as much as they absolutely have to.  They also know if people sit around and get no exercise,  eat according to the government health guidelines they will increase their cholesterol, weight and coronary risks and probably check out much earlier in life.  So maybe there is an ulterior motive to their inventing all this technology.
    I mean the government is not above doing tests on its citizens.  In the 50's and 60's they did LSD tests on soldiers and did not even tell them they were doing it.  They put a mild virus spray in tunnels on the Pennsylvania Turnpike to see how the virus would be spread around the country.  They also sprayed stuff off the coast of San Francisco and let the wind carry it to shore to see how it would effect the population.  The government did intentional exposure of citizens and soldiers to nuclear tests to measure the effects of radiation.  Most people have heard of the Tuskiegee Experiments where they did syphilis tests and did not treat the victims.  Who authorized all this crap is the good question and what kind of minds in the government would allow it to happen.  All of the stuff mentioned above is documented and can be proven.
    When they developed the atom bomb in World War II several of the scientist felt it would start a chain reaction and turn the earth into a miniature sun.  The really scary part is that knowing that, that might be a potential outcome they dropped the bomb anyhow.  You have to wonder if anyone is really in charge of the government.  Or is it one big nut farm that just keeps morphing into the next big piece of stupid.
    So a simple thing like developing programs to intentionally make Americans lazy and shorten their life expectancy so the government can keep the money and not pay it out in Social Security payments would be a very viable way to cut the national budget. I left out the possibility of brain tumors from cell phones.  Microwaves and plastics are under suspicion of causing cancers also.  If you think it is not possible to get money from the government to do crazy stuff.  Read the book, Charlie Wilson's War, about how he single handed got the American government to fund the secret war in Afghanistan against the Russians.  It is a much better read than it was a movie.  They left out a lot and if you really want to know how the CIA and the government work you should read it.  It will scare the average person to question anything the government does.  Then you will see that the whole thing is not as far fetched as it sounds.  Yes I loved Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts.  Enemy of the State and The Pelican Brief are also very good thrillers that might make you wonder how the government operates. There is always a little nugget of fact behind the fiction.  Hope you enjoyed this.  Been wanting to do something crazy like this for awhile.  Like I said it is all based on documented facts anyone can find if they look on line.
    Did you know the United States government conspired with Britain to overthrow the democratically elected government of Iran in 1953 because of worries about oil in the Middle East.  It it any wonder that Iran does not trust us or like us. Type "Iran" on the search bar and you will find several blog articles with more details if you are interested in such things. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  It is not always that far out, though it may seem like it.

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