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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Republi-can'ts versus The Dum-ol-crats= Economic Collapse Ahead

    The 2012 Election will take a major shake up if it is going to help anything.  The Republi-can'ts can not seem to produce a candidate with a chance of winning.   The Dum-ol-crats must be almost gleeful.  If something does not change the Pubs have no hope of winning.  The leading candidate can not get more than 50% of his parties vote because he has to many personal issues.  The main one being, no one likes him.  The second place alternative has so many skeletons in his closet he needs to start a construction program to make a closet big enough to hold them all.  Neither one will pull enough of religious rightwing base to win.  The third and fourth candidates are having a hard time getting recognition.  Regardless of which one becomes the nominee for the Rep Party they have very little chance of beating Obama.  That creates a very scary scenario of continuing on with the status quo as it now is.
     While I am willing to admit that Obama did not create the problems he finds himself in the middle of.  He also has done little to nothing to change or fix the problem.  The Solyndra Scandal will not help him and the one program he seems to be pushing, "high speed rail," does to little, at too high of a cost.  It does not create long term jobs nor does it produce benefit, except for the limited few who will be able to use it.  It is not cost effective or long term solutions.  My blog of 4/16/11 offers Seven Radical Solutions that not only create jobs, they help America achieve energy independence while using existing technology to do it.  The biggest thing the solutions need is promotion and changing regulations to enable private industry to put them into effect.  They are not pie in the the sky, they are doable  solutions that will produce long term benefit for America.  The real problem is that the leadership in America is to busy looking out for their own interests.  They do not care about the average citizen.   That only means we are going to keep going the way we are going and that means we are headed for an inevitable economic collapse.  The present way of doing business is not a sustainable way of doing business.  I was self employed most of my life,  I have been through bankruptcy and I have experienced hard times.  Unless America is willing to change their ways and their direction hard times are ahead.  At this point it is not to late, but time to change our ways is certainly running out.
     However American leadership is to busy trying to play an asinine game of brinkmanship with Iran that helps nothing or nobody. Getting Osama bin laden was a well thought out and planned operation that was lucky enough to succeed.  What is going on in the Gulf with Iran is not a thought out operation but a game with extreme consequences if it fails. Pushing Iran to react and give America a justification to attack and destroy their nuclear capabilities is stupidity at its extreme.  Risking 5000+ American lives to prove a point, not to mention the loss of a very expensive piece of equipment will prove nothing.  If Iran were to fire a missile and give us the self justified opportunity to attack them.  Is it worth the risk that Iran "might" get lucky.  The Persian Gulf limits the carriers ability to take evasive action that is afforded in the open ocean.  Focusing America's efforts on attaining energy independence would accomplish much more.  Then we could share that knowledge with the world and let Iran and the Middle East eat sand.  They would no longer have any power or be needed.  The seven ideas I proposed in my earlier blog all move toward that goal, which is far better than risking American lives.
    If we survive till the election without an economic collapse or an unneeded military action it will be a miracle.  An economic collapse is the only hope of winning the White House that the Reps have.  Hopefully it will not be a cause used to justify an attack on Iran.  America has a habit of getting sucked into wars, Remember the Alamo, or how about Remember the Maine,  or the Luisitania, Pearl Harbor ring a bell.  Could make you wonder about 9/11.  No wonder there are so many conspiracy nuts in America.  It is time to wake up and pay attention people and let your voices be heard in Washington.
    Maybe the only path back to sanity is a solid and Constitutionally based third party.

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