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Monday, March 12, 2012


       America is being played like a fiddle.  It is time for America to wake up and see what is happening to us as a nation.  On the surface it looks like we are in control, but if you sit back and look hard that's not the case.  It used to be my position to accept what the government said as gospel.  That is something you learn to do when you give thirteen years of your life to your country.  The view of most of the people I served with was that we did not vote or get involved in politics because we had to serve whoever was in power.  In the Army we had a phrase, " You respect the rank, even if you do not respect the person wearing it."  In other words they are in charge.  The last couple election cycles have hammered home to me, especially since Obama took office, that is not the attitude of the American public in general.
     It makes me wonder if the racism is that ingrained in the American mindset that they would hate to see a black man be successful in America.  He took control at the absolute worst time since the Great Depression and he has been fought at every point along the way.  Over every issue.  The fact that he has managed to keep it going this long has amazed me.  My favorite saying about him that I created is, "Obama was raised and fed on the American Dream, he was naive enough to believe it, determined enough to pursue it.  He proved it is true, but now what do is he going do with it."  That is where the American Dream meets reality what do you do with the truth when you see it.
      Recently I discovered a couple of other truths and they are making me question the whole value system of America.  The Constitution says we are endowed by "Our Creator" which implies a belief in creationism by our Founding Fathers.  With certain inalienable rights. rights given by God and supported by our Constitution.
WELL SOMEBODY IS LYING.....Why do I say that.  It is pretty simple. In Genesis 1:29-30, God said he gave "every" herb bearing seed for man to use.  George Washington and Thomas Jefferson raised hemp, that is Marijuana in today's language, as cash crops.  They did not demand the government control and attack a frigging weed.  Let alone spend billions and billions of dollars trying to legislate morality.
     When I realized these simple truths I had to ask myself what in the world is going on.  Finally I got it.  John 10:10 states very simply,  Satan is come to Steal, Kill and Destroy.  He will do it any way he can.  Part of what opened my eyes to this is the issue of abortion.   America claims to be a Christian nation.  However abortion goes against everything Christianity stands for and believes.  Life is God given.  It says clearly in the Bible, " God knew you in the womb before you were born."  In other words you had personhood before you were born.  Also in the Bible Satan used killing children several times to try and thwart the works of God.  He did it in the time of Moses and he did it in the time of Jesus.  He also did it in the time leading up to the captivity in Bablylon.  God feels very strongly about killing children.In Leviticus 20:1-5 God commanded the people to kill a person who would kill or sacrifice a child.  Not only that he said to kill anyone who allowed it.  If a nation did not do so. He would pour out his judgment on that nation.  Welcome to the just judgment  of God we are now receiving.  He said he would do it.  He is doing it.  If you doubt my word I invite you to read what God's Word says he will do to nations in the form of Blessings and Curses.  It is laid out very clearly in Deuteronomy Chapter 28.  You will quickly see America abided  by God's standards but that is not the case in this day and time.
    Additionally the Bible says Woe..Webster's says woe means great trouble, sorrow or grief.  That is so you will know what we are talking about when I quote the next verse because Woe is not very commonly used these days.  So here goes.  " Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet,  and sweet for bitter." that is in Isaiah 5:20.  Looking at that verse I realized that God knows the purpose of every plant and its potential.  Even its uses for healing and medication.  So when man says that something God given is evil.  Well I hate to be literal, but that man is working for the Devil.  When I look at all the lives that are destroyed and locked up in prison.  All the money being wasted trying to kill a God given weed.  It is insanity.  Not to mention that the medical system is totally messed up.
     The original purpose of the government creating drug laws was not to ban drugs.  It was to make sure that the people selling snake oil. (worthless medicines that they said would cure anything and everything) were banned.   Unfortunately a bunch of misguided, or maybe SATAN guided souls over the years have perverted the purpose of the law.  Legislating in the name of morality has cost Americans dearly over our history.  During the Civil War our government started taxing alcohol and it represented 30% of government income by the end of the war.   Buy the turn of the century it had climbed to 70%.  The Prohibitionist ( use the search bar on my blog and read some detailed blogs on these issues) manipulated the American people into voting for Prohibition,  Jesus did not say ban alcohol, in fact he turned water into wine.  We all know what happened in Prohibition.  Gangsters and violence went out of control.  Finally the government did away with the ban, but they did not do away with the income tax, which was supposed to replace the alcohol tax,   they just started taking both.  Have to know that SATAN was laughing over that one.  At the end of Prohibition the alcohol companies used what they had learned from Prohibitionist to eliminate marijuana as a competitor.  I know this because my grandfather told me so.  He said during Prohibition pot became very popular and a lot of people did not go back to drinking when prohibition was over.  Hence the law.
     This evil is not confined to drugs and alcohol.  America invented the light bulb.  Now it is illegal to have and use a regular incandescent bulb.  The replacement is an environment polluting abomination.   These bulbs are going into land fills and polluting all over the country.  However that is not being monitored.  They say it is to reduce energy usage.  Well turning off lights when not needed would save just as much energy if not more. Designing homes so they face south and building them semi underground would reduce the need for light in the homes and also the demand for heat.   It would also afford more protection from being destroyed by tornadoes which lately has been a major problem.
     So in conclusion.  If we are a Christian nation, we better wake up and act like Christians.  The present arguments going on over birth control show the lack of moral understanding in America today.  Years ago when I was still trucking I heard a female Congressperson from California say, "Passing a law against partial birth abortions in America will create a moral crisis."  I had to wonder if she was so ignorant that she did not know what the word "moral" meant.   Just for the record, she had to be using the part that said, "distinguishing between right and wrong,"  Because the second part of the  definition says, "good in conduct or character specifically; sexually virtuous"  Well a sexually virtuous person has no need of an abortion period.  It is a perfect example of the verse I quoted earlier. Woe, to them that put good for evil and evil for good.  If America is a Christian nation it is time for them to stand up and be counted.  Not to hypocritically worry about what is wrong with another persons life, but to truly examine their own life in relationship to what God wants us to be doing.  That is caring for the lost, poor, orphans, widows and needy,   Not judging them.  The Christian ethic is alive an well that is evident when there is a disaster and people show the good side of America.  If Americans were living true Christian lives it would not matter if drugs were legal or illegal,  They would be leading souls into a path that leads them away from the evils of life. There will always be drunks, sinners, and poor people.  It is the Christians job to reach out to them, not condemn them.  It is easy to see who has the upper hand in America at this point.  It is time to WAKE UP AMERICA AND LET'S TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THE LIBERALS, POLITICIANS AND DECADENT CORRUPTION IT HAS FALLEN INTO.   Lets get America back on track by abolishing laws and agencies that stop Americans from being able to take care of themselves,  That stop us from making safe products that do not pollute.  Laws that force Americans to participate in a medical system that is designed simply to bleed people of every last dime.  Legalizing drugs will eliminate the need to give up everything you own just to relieve your pain when you are suffering from a terminal illness.  Laws that benefit the rich and powerful at the expense of the poor.  How often do we see celebrities, politicians and the wealthy violate the laws with no consequence or a slap on the wrist while a poor person gives up years of their lives for being in possession of something God said he had a right to use.  You say, Well God did not intend for them to abuse that drug.  No he did  not but he knew it had the potential to relieve suffering when he created it.  God gave the job of saving souls to man, especially to Christians.  It is time to wake up and realize we are getting railroaded to hell by SATAN.

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