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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My First Year, Top Ten & Most Read Articles

      March 8th of this year I celebrated my first year of blogging.  My main purpose of doing this particular blog is to share some of my older stuff with my new readers.  The search bar on my blog will work with a title or even just using one word.  This year has been fun and a learning experience for me.  I appreciate all the support.  Especially all the readers from around the world who have read and encouraged me to keep at it.  The blog has been read in over 33 countries which really amazed me as to how broad of a reach it gives a writer.  My writing generally deals with saving money, political problems, solutions to help the economy and create jobs.  Also some personal experiences from my 65 years of life.  My thirteen years in the military, ten years living overseas, twenty years as an over the road trucker and finally as small business operator.  My writing background comes from my last year in the Army.   It was my experience working as a photo/journalist for the Southern Command News in the Panama Canal Zone that stimulated my interest in writing.  Hopefully people will find my writing interesting.  I know I sometimes have grammar problems but my goal is to share the content.
     Following down this page you will find ten blog titles with they dates they were posted.  Also I will try to give enough to let readers determine if it is something they might be interested in.  The first one I am going to mention is not part of the list.  It is a fairly current one.from 24 February 2012, it is a letter to President Obama about the jobs problem with a couple enclosures.  This letter was sent at the start of the President's Administration and offers job creation and energy conservation ideas.  All of which seem to have been ignored.  I encourage you to read it and if you think it is viable send it to your political representative in Congress, your local energy company and yes even the President.  Ideas work but only if enough concerned people start pushing.  The recent victory over Bank of America and the Occupy Wall Street crowds show that if enough people scream loud enough, long enough and back it up with actions, like closing accounts. The powers that be will sooner or later take notice
     One of my biggest concerns is dealing with the drug problem in America.  Hopefully I am making a valid argument and people who read my views will see a new side to the issue.  Drugs are destroying lives and the failed drug war is putting a tremendous burden on our economy.   Incarceration and turning citizens into social lepers is not the solution to the problem.   There will always be some who abuse any system that is established.  However my personal view is that as Christians and America claims to be a Christian nation.   We could have a lot better results if we encouraged people to accept and live by the principals of the Christian faith.  I do not quote the Bible to beat people down with it.  I use it to show how little many people understand that it is the Word of God.  It is the truth and the truth will set you free.  When you do come into understanding you will see that there really is a spiritual battle going on over America.
    Part of the purpose of my starting this blog was to share a book I have been writing over a period of several years.  It was a couple hundred pages long, but I have trimmed it back to about 54 pages.  It is a Bible study dealing with the end time.  My goal is to publish it a couple pages a week till I get it all published.  When I post  pages they will stay up for a month then I will take them down.  When I am finished or anywhere along the line if a person is interested they will be able to send me a small amount to cover postage and the price of copying the book to CD and I will mail it directly to them.  When I get enough computer knowledge I may be able to put it up over the internet.  It is not my interest to make money off of the book.  It was freely given to me and I will freely share it.  However being on a fixed income I can not afford to mail it out of my own pocket.  All I am interested in is recovering my actual cost.  Thanks for the support and I hope you all keep following me.  I truly appreciate any and every comment I receive.  They help me determine if my writing is doing what it is supposed to do.  That is inform people.  Thanks again for following my blog.
     So here goes the list.  The letter to Obama is not on it but I do encourage you to read it.

1. 4/19/11  Why America Is Loosing The Industry and Marketing Battle.
           This was and has been my most popular article of them all.  Americans care about why America is in the trouble we find ourselves in.  My years in trucking, my military experience with logistics and working with the Military Airlift Command and my Associate Degree in Business all worked together to give me an insight from a laymen's point of view that not many Americans get to see.

2. 11/7/11  How Not To Go Down A Hill..Or..Murphy's Law At Work
        This may not have been the most popular but it did and has gotten lots of reads.   It is meant to be a humorous but serious and true story of an experience I had early in my civilian trucking experience.  Every time I go down that hill.  That first time is fresh in my mind. I was lucky enough to walk away from with only my pride and my boss's truck hurt a little bit.

3.6/22/11  Swatting Flies With Sledgehammers
       This blog deals with he incompetence of the government to deal with problems both foreign and domestic and show that no one is in charge of what is going on.

4.  How Did The Wealth Meltdown Occur.
     My love of history helped me write this and summarize a lot of important but ignored history.
     This blog deals with how our economy actually melted down and what caused it.  It happened over a very long period of time.  It is a fairly long article, but it explains how "Our Government, helped overthrow the Iranian Government."  You often hear about the hostage situation and how the ruthless Iranians overthrew our embassy and held the staff hostages for almost four hundred days.  Releasing them before Reagan took office.  The part that is left out is that we worked with Britain to overthrow the democratically elected government of Iran.  Yes America did that.  That is the source of the sore spot in the relations between Iran and the U.S.  In my view we owe Iran an apology.  Of course that is not a popular thing to say.  However if it opened communications and the door for us to help them make a peaceful nuclear system.  It might avoid the war that seems to be coming down the road.  However I doubt we will as it is all basically a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.   Have to wonder whatever happened to the Monroe Doctrine though.  Kruschev used our own policy against us during the Cuban Missile Crisis to defuse that time bomb before it went off.

5. 4/12/11  The Big One, Some Points To Ponder.
          This deals with the idea of the Big One.  A super earthquake that shakes the whole world.  What science and the Bible say about the issue.   It is meant to be serious but not to heavy.

6. 2/11/12  America's Moral Crisis.
         Basically this one deals with America and the attitude towards birth control and abortion that is going on in America today.

7. 9/21/11   The Postal, Postal System...A Sign or A Symptom
            What is wrong with the U.S. Postal System and how to fix it.  Also why it probably will not get fixed. It is just a mirror of the real problem in America.

8. 11/17/11 Prohibition, Income Tax & Pot,  What They Have In Common
           A look at how some of America's problems have been created by a hypocritical do good spirit.  This one was done over a long period of time and came about when I saw that many events in history are related to each other.   What sparked my interest was why would anyone pass a tax on themselves, which led to a study of prohibition and finally of its effect on the pot situation.

9.  5/19/11  2012, Or Sooner, Or Later, Whenever, Whatever, Endtime, Gloom and Doom
          This is meant to be a light hearted look at all the end of time doctrines and prophesies of the end of the world as we know it.   It got a lot of hits over the last year and still does.

10. America's Political Suicide, We Are About To Be Ga$$ed To Death
      A look at how America came to be in the situation we find ourselves in today.  Most of the time the problems we are having today have roots years in the past.  They are just coming to the surface in this day and age.  All this financial crisis and the meltdown were created by the efforts of Clinton and Gingrich clear back in 97 and 98.

     That summarizes all the top ten or what I consider the top ten and a little bit of what they are about. Any body that chooses to I hope you enjoy reading them.  Thanks again and I do appreciate comments both positive and negative.  it gives me an idea if I am making sense and what to pursue and write more or less about.

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