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Friday, April 27, 2012

MONEY: Eating and the Bear

 Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you,                                                                                                                              and some days you both go hungry.

       Some days you eat the bear, some days he eats you and some days you both go hungry.  It is a fact of life all things do not go well, all of the time.  Everybody has up days and down days.  Writing a blog is no exception.  I was blessed with the opportunity to write when I was in the Army for a Command Newspaper. It was a fun job and I liked it.  It was a challenge to write stories about things that happened in military life. The challenge was making it believable and yet liked, by both the people I worked for, and the people I worked with.  They both had different reasons for reading the stories.  Either way it was a captive audience.  They had only two choices for printed news in the Canal Zone.  My stories could end up in either edition, but they went to the same audience.  It was that challenge that made writing interesting to me.  It is easy to stir up controversy, but you have to be willing to stand behind what you say.  Stirring up controversy and walking the fine line between taking sides and relating to both sides on any particular issue is a challenge.  While I am good at that, I am not always successful.
      When you advocate raising the price of gas a $1 a gallon to save the economy you are not going to get many loyal followers.  Even if you exempt diesel fuel because it would just push inflation and the cost of living.  Therefore it is stupiity to tax trucks and people who haul the necessities of life.  It does not matter if the goal is to balance the budget, reduce the deficit and make a permanent plan to take care of infrastructure.  Even if most people agree those things need to be done.  The attitude is, "not with the dime out of my pocket you won't."  The goal is to show that there is a higher road to take.  Sometimes sacrifice is necessary.  Almost all Americans would and are willing to make a sacrifice for America.  However, you have to show them or at least make them believe it is for a worthwhile cause.  Which will solve a problem.  Especially one that threatens America.

      Legalizing drugs is not popular no matter how you paint it.  Even if you take verse from the Bible and words from the Constitution to prove you are making a valid argument.  Some minds are closed to discussion, but if I sit down with that person individually and discuss it with them they will usually admit I am making some valid points.  For instance the war on drugs is not working.  Most drug users need therapy not prison time.  Why not legalize it, tax it, and save lives of people who are buying dirty drugs and killing themselves.  Why not tax it to the max and  let those who are doing the drugs pay for the treatment.  When I ask them."If they legalized drugs tomorrow would you use drugs?'  Ninety-nine percent of the people I talk to say, "No".  Look at me for instance.  I do not smoke, drink or do drugs and I am not about to start just because the government says I can.  Most people agree with me on that issue.  After all, when Prohibition ended did all the rum runners keep running rum.  No the profit was gone from it.  You take the profit out of drugs and it will die a natural death.  You can not legislate morality.

    Over the last year I have learned that Americans do care about America.  They are always willing to read and look at possible solutions to the problems America faces.  That is why I started a blog.   I believe talking about the issues may help us find solutions to the issues.  Having spent most of my life in the transportation industry I have been able to get a look at some of the problems from a perspective most Americans do not see. One of my most successful and popular blog entries was based on my view of what is wrong with American business.  It shows I believe a unbiased view of what needs to be fixed. The title is

      Why America Is Loosing The Industry and Marketing Battle, dated 4/19/2011

    My own personal favorite takes advantage of my study of history. It is written from my view of world affairs having lived ten years of my life overseas. It deals with the issue of WMD's, but mine is a different definition than the governments.  Mine is Wealth Melt Down and I believe that was the emphasis behind the Gulf Wars and even the problems we are facing today.  It was and is all about securing the $ place in world markets and maintaining its value.  It gives the history behind how we came to be at odds with Iran and it goes clear back to the end of World War II and America ascending to world power status.  To me this is one of the most informative pieces I have ever written.  You will have a different perspective on things in the Middle East and in the financial markets if you take the time to read it.  The title is

    How Did The Wealth Melt Down Occur. 3/9/2011

    While politics and economics are my main points of interest I study and write on a lot of things.   I am just discovering their is an large audience to read what I have to say on trucking.  My past experiences can work to someone else's advantage.  However the most popular article at least based on the number of readers who have read it.  Is a piece I did on the issue of the impending end of the world based on the predictions of the end of the world in December 2012.  It has a lot of views and facts.  It is meant to be easy reading and not a threat to your existence.  The title is

   2012, Or Sooner, Or Later, Whenever, Whatever, End Time Gloom and Doom,  5/19/11

     These are three of the most read articles I have had sense I started writing and I just wanted to share them.  They will give people a good overview of what and how I write.  It is my hope people read these and enjoy them.   You can easily find them on my blog by simply typing the first few words of the title on the search bar.  If you have some other interest.  Just type the key word on the search bar and it will show you all the articles I mentioned your key word in, if any. I had planned to post the last chapter of my book today, but because I did not feel to good Wednesday I went ahead and posted it then.  That was a thing that developed over many years.  If you are interested in the Bible, or the Endtimes I encourage you to read the last chapter of the book.  It gives what the whole book is about.  The rest of the book just deals with how I came to the understanding I did.  Thanks again for reading my blog.  Hopefully the American economy will get out of this bear phase and start growing, but as I say in many of my blogs I do not see any movement on the part of government to actually fix the problem.  If something is not done and soon.  The debt issue alone is going to drag America into a financial abyss it may take a decade or longer to get out of.  The Great Depression is one of my favorite things to study, because it reminds me of the things my parents and grandparents told me.  It makes me see how wise they were.  Even if I did not believe it at the time they told me. Thanks again for reading my blog.

    If you do like reading and would like to read a very good mystery thriller.  I recommend "The Word" by
Irving Wallace.  It has a good plot and a lot of cliff hangers going on all the way through the book.

    My own personal favorite is one I have just finished.  It comes from all the experiences in my like and what I see as a true possibilty.

      America Under A Threat, Worse Than Katrina or a Tsunami  4/25/2012

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