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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Surviving The Endtime & What Is Coming?

    The media, the internet and even personal conversations seem to be focused on the possibility that we are coming to the end of time as we know it.  If I use Biblical references or even secular writings and opinion pieces.  The consensus seems to be that we are headed for the end time.  Many focus on the breakdown of social order and things turning into a state of chaos.  Others focus on natural disasters and the physical destruction of the earth we live on.  Both are bad news and the possibility exists for both to be fulfilled in the course of time.
     Many are concerned with the economic collapse of the world.  To me Biblical references imply that will be the case.  Some feel being debt free will keep them from the judgment coming on the world.  However if they own property or have anything of worldly value they must pay taxes on it.  This makes it impossible to be exempt from the coming judgment.  At some point down the road.  A system which requires all citizens of the world to take a sign or mark to get or exchange goods will be mandatory.  Anyone who refuses to take the mark will be considered an enemy of the system or the state.  Revelation explains that clearly in chapter 14. It says anyone who takes the mark on their right hand or on their head is doomed.  I prefer the older versions of the King James Bible it says, "in their head or in their hand"  What is the difference. you can hold a card in your hand or a have a number memorized in your head and use it.  However that allows people to evade detection if they do not want to truly accept the system.   So at some point you will be given the ultimatum.  Take the mark or die.  If you take the mark you may save your physical life for a short time.  Yet in the end you will loose your eternal life.  You will be separated from God and suffer eternal punishment for your sin.  It will be a hard decision to make.  Do you want to live today and die tomorrow, or do you want to die today and live for all eternity.  All those living at the time of the end will have to make that decision.
    Just how close are we to the real end of the world.  Well the economic collapse known as the Great Depression caused the whole world to fall into economic chaos.  The present economic crisis in America threatens to do it again.  America is sitting on the edge of a great abyss.  The unsustainable debt that keeps mounting and mounting with no one taking action to stop it will at some point collapse.  The only question is what will cause it?  Will it be political turmoil in the Middle East.  The economic collapse of Europe or the Euro.  It could also be the price of oil which caused the housing bubble to burst during the 06-08 collapse.  Many argue it was not the price of oil that collapsed it.  Why didn't it collapse sooner then.  There was a direct and visible correlation of the rising price of oil and the slowing of the growth of the economy.
   Who do I blame for that.  Well the government arrested the heads of the Enron scandal and put them in jail for causing the 1999-2000 energy crisis.  However they did not arrest the little guys.  The ones who actually did the trades and the ones who had learned how to rape the system for their own benefit.  To me that same bunch of wheeler dealers were the force behind the market collapse.  That is why the price of oil collapsed at the same time the market did.  They were busy trying to salvage their ill gotten gains that they had put into the markets.  Again they were not punished and again they will start speculating at the cost or risk of collapsing the whole world market.  Their success will trigger the demand for some system to prevent it happening again.  The equivalence of closing the gate after the cattle escape. Especially when the world markets go over the edge and fall as much as they did back in the 1920's and 1930's.  It is just a matter of time.
    At the same time there will be many natural disasters happening on an ever increasing scale.  Jesus compared it to a woman in labor.  It starts slow with an occasional pain.  Then it intensifies in both frequency and intensity.I pulled up a chart from the USGS showing the frequency and intensity of earthquakes per year from 1960 to the present time.  It is hard to believe but you can plainly see that there was an increase in the late seventies and early eighties and the numbers got into the 1300 to 1400 hundred per year range and the number of larger quakes also increased.  It died down some during the late eighties and most of the nineties, but since then the number annually has passed the 2000 mark and the number of large quakes has more than doubled in frequency.  Just like birth pains. The Bible says it, Jesus says it and with very little research you can see it happening to the world today.
    So you can choose your evil, be it economic or natural disaster, but the present world system definitely seems headed for some kind of major change.  I invite you to look through my blog and you will find many more entries on these and other topics.  Your only hope is to be right with God.  On that account I invite you to read my blog on the Endtime. "Further Down The Path" and all it's parts.  It will be seven parts when I have it all posted.  It shows how the Bible shows we are definitely on the edge of something big.  So I urge you to come into a proper relationship with God and that is done by confessing your sins and accepting his Son as your Savior.  Without doing that you are condemning yourself to go with the rest of the world into the coming judgment. Just a simple prayer.  God forgive me.  Then confess Jesus as your savior, "Jesus I believe you died for my sins.  Please come into my heart and life and heal me of my sins."  It is simple to say, but harder to live.  However if you let Christ live through you it will become easier every day.

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