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Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Shutdown Before The Meltdown.

             The Shutdown Before The Meltdown

      The Retarded Genius’s in Washington supposedly running this country need to get their collective heads out of the collective posteriors.  A minority of one party has taken the system hostage.  The President needs to threaten to impose a budget by Executive Order.  He also needs to threaten imposing martial law if they continue to destabilize the government. 

     That being said something does need to be done to fix a completely broken system.  What would be good for the country is for a few radicals to stand up and say, “We are going to pass a balanced budget amendment “now” and a budget that complies with that view. Yes it is going to hurt, but not near as much as the economic collapse of our nation which is inevitable if actions to fix it are not taken.”

      If they do so a few rules need to be put in place that outline what they can cut and what will not be cut. The first rule and the first duty of Congress is to defend America.  Anyone who has made that sacrifice for this country should be exempt from any cuts.  That includes all active duty pay and benefits, all retiree pay and all disability pay and programs.  Without their sacrifice we would not have the nation we have today.  They have paid the price for their benefits.

      Secondly all Social Security benefits will be paid and are exempt from cuts unless they are cuts made to every member of government starting with Congress and the Courts and must be on a uniform percentage of cutting.

     Thirdly and finally the Constitution requires the Congress to look out for the Welfare of the nation.  Food banks should be established if necessary and nobody in the United States should do without food.  Also no one should die because they can’t get medical care in this country.  The Congress will make sure all these requirements are met.  Everything else is fair game.  The size of the military may be cut as long as it does not affect national security. 

        So what is a balanced budget?  It is not one that only causes the deficits to stop increasing.  It is one that expenditures do not surpass income.  Realizing that making such drastic cuts will throw many people into the unemployment line it may need to be programmed to be implemented over a five to ten years period, but a budget that achieves that goal must be planned and programmed to take effect in a specified time frame.

     It is time to restructure the whole system of government.  Especially the tax system so everyone and every business pay’s their fair share.  There should be no exemptions for anyone or anything that benefits one person or business over another.  All subsidies should be ended.  If a business can’t survive in the market place it needs to be revamped so it can. 

     This may all sound simplistic and idealistic, but if it is not done and soon the collapse of the American system is inevitable.  It can’t continue the way it has and is doing at this point.  History shows us what happens to countries that try to do so.  Sooner or later they implode and collapse and lose their position as world leaders. With no one to step up and take America’s place as the world leader we would be looking at a system of worldwide anarchy.

     The present two party system is not going to bring this to pass in America.  We need a viable third party.  Most of the ones that want the job are no better than the ones we now have in place.  It will take a party different than the two parties that we now have.  It will have to be a party willing to make tough decisions and stand their ground.  That is something lacking in most of America these days.  It will also have to be a party that understands the values of America and is willing to work to return to those values.

       We need some New Revolutionaries that still look to our original Revolutionaries for ideals and direction to guide this country forward.  It they do not appear or step forward this nation is doomed to becoming a third world country if not worse.  Congress does not get that Abomnicare is a moot point if the economy collapses.  Abomnicare "will" collapse the system simply by draining it of any money that might have helped make it grow.  When people are already broke they can't spend what they don't have.  When they take money out of their budgets to comply with Abomnicare it is money they might have spent on goods that would have stimulated the economy.  Without that stimulus the collapse is not only inevitable but quickened.

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