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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why Abomnicare Will Shut Down Economy, Regardless

          The Abomnicare Government Shutdown

      Everybody is worried about the Congress shutting down the government over repealing Abomnicare.  If that is the case you can’t see the forest for the trees.  The government is going to get shut down either way.  This is not rocket science.  Most of the Abomnicare insurance plans cost between 14% and 22% of a person’s income.  When you remove that much money from greasing the wheels that make America function things are going to start binding up.

      The economy is struggling at best to keep going.  The numbers are sometimes fair, but never great.  The average American is barely surviving and paying his bills as it is.  When you take that much money out of his budget the impact will be devastating.  It may take a few months to see the full impact, but it is a hard reality.
When you do not have enough to get by something has to go.  Many will have to make a choice between eating and paying the mortgage.  As I have said in past posts, people will chose to eat.

        The only thing holding the economy up is the direct deposits from people’s retirement and 401k plans.  When the Abomnicare money starts coming out of their budgets.  Those plans will start slowing down.  The market is not growing because of investments by business.  It is a balloon getting pumped up by retirement funds.  If the economy does slow down we will see how robust the stock market is.  It will make 2008 look like nothing.

       I am not going to rant and rave on my blog or waste a lot of time on this issue.  I just can’t believe that the big investment companies have not been backing off knowing it is coming.  Or maybe they are not smart enough to see it.  I have a post called “The Ripple and Gravity Theory of Economics” It applies in this case.  When big money or new inventions are thrown into the economic pool ripples are formed.  Sooner or later things will settle down.  It may be at a slightly higher level or it may be at the same level.  When you pull the plug(take money out of the economy) there is a different effect.  The economy will go down the hole gets plugged.  That is the simple “Ripple and Gravity Theory of Economics” by Ric Ryan.  It works and it explains all the financial turmoil for the last couple hundred years.  As I love to say, It ain’t Rocket Scienc

        Obama may get his healthcare plan, but American economy will get pu a full scale collapse. I am not smart but when you take some of my money a  do not have enough to get by as it is.  Something has to give.  This is probably the shortest post I have done in ages, but I had to vent, not that it is going to do     any good other than maybe a few people will be apple to tighten their belts and   ride it out till things settle down again

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