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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fighting Fire with Fire, both Spiritual and Physical

Fighting Fire with Fire both Spiritual and Physical

   Epiphany’s can come from the strangest places and when you least expect them.  Recently I went to the birthday party of my twin three year old Great Grand Daughters, they are full of life. During the course of the party it became time to light the birthday cake.  There were probably a dozen people in the room and nobody had a light.  It was completely a nonsmoking group, which is good for my great granddaughters, but at that moment made me see how much America has changed over the years.  Had someone asked for a light at my daughter’s birthday party, and everybody had lit up at once, the emergency sprinkler system would probably have gone off. Finally someone went and got a lighter out of their car.

     One could take away from that experience that America is becoming healthier and it may be true physically.  The spiritual fire in America, however, is slowly going out. As churches close their doors and struggle to maintain membership the great commission is slowly becoming a sin of omission.  This fact really strikes home when we look at the world news and see brothers and sisters of faith being slain only because they are Christians.

     The sad part is that they are being slain by a group of people who claim to have faith in and believe in Abraham.  A group who knows nothing of the history of Abraham and have twisted and perverted the religion they say they believe in spreading a doctrine of hate.  Abraham did stand up for himself and Genesis 14 relates how he saved Lot when he was captured and taken away.  He protected his family, but he did not ruthlessly wage war on others. 

      The commandment in Genesis 9:5-6, which preceded Abraham and surely was followed by him, to not take life and that anyone who takes the life of another shall be killed. No man who murders another shall live.  ISIS has perverted the truth to do as they please.  Even Mohammed said he believed the prophets and Abraham and adhered to the God of Abraham.  That is the same God that Christians profess faith in.  The same one who spoke the Words of Genesis 9:5-6

     All Christians need to stand up for the faith they believe in and challenge the faith of Islam.  We need to stand up for what we say we believe in. Abraham and the prophets can’t be used to justify the actions of ISIS.  Not without perverting the Word of God.  The only way to defeat the enemy is with the truth of the Word of God. We can’t allow them to twist the truth.  We need to force those who say they do believe in God, Abraham and the prophets stop using lies and half-truths to justify their evil.

     When Abraham died his sons Ishmael and Isaac both attended his funeral and came together to mourn him.  Genesis 25:9 states that as a fact and so all those claiming to be heirs of Abraham came together.  In Genesis 13:15-16 God says he will propagate Abraham’s seed and they will become as the dust of the earth. God has been good to His Word.  Certainly a large portion of the earth and over a third of its population claim they descend and have faith in the God of Abraham. 

     Christians need to use the whole Word of God, not bombs and guns to defeat those professing false doctrine and Jihad. Make them see the error of their way.  Only then can those who use lies and deceit and do the works of the devil and Satan can be defeated. Christ did not protect the woman who was going to be stoned by physical violence.  He opened the eyes of those who would have punished her to see their own evil, just as he will those who are spreading the doctrines of evil in this day and age.

     It is time to engage the enemy and use the double edged sword of the Truth of God’s Word to vanquish our enemies.  Using bombs, guns and murder to overcome Islam, makes us just as evil as them.  We need to live by the doctrines we say we believe.


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