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Thursday, March 12, 2015

MONEY, Faith Based Financial Solutions

If Haggai 1:6 describes your financial condition, I challenge you to accept God's challenge given in Malachai 3:10. Might read 3:7-12 to get the whole picture. Believe me, you can not out give God. 

This is the MONEY POST,  I had been tagging my site to come to my search bar and put in MONEY and it was supposed to take you to those posts.  It came to my attention that was not working so to simplify the matter I got all the dates an posts and put them in this post to make it easier to find them.  This post will give you the dates for each post.  Then you can simply go to my history bar and pull up the article you are interest in.  Thanks for your time and patience.  Hopefully soon they will be out in a book format.

Those who take the time to read them I would love to hear your comments.  Both positive and negative as they can help me make the posts better, which will make the book better. All those who make comments will be on a page in the book thanking those who help for their comments.

Thanks again,  My email address is which is how I would prefer to read the comments.  You can leave them on line, but I have discovered sometimes I do not get them if you do.  Looking forward to hearing from you and your comments and suggestions.


MONEY Basics, Eating out for 4, for less than $10    2/17/2013

MONEY… Real Estate…Rentals versus Storage        12/10/2012      

MONEY …Living Money, Working Money              6/27/2012

MONEY, Victory over Stuffitis                      6/13/2012

MONEY, How You Get The Free Car                      1/27/2012

MONEY, Dump The Gas Hog and Get A New Car Free   1/26/2012

MONEY, The Secret Of Getting Is Learning To Give      1/21/2012

MONEY, When You Are Underwater on Debt, When Is It Time To Bail Out  1/12/12

MONEY, Starting Over With A Direction and a Plan       1/12/12

MONEY, Learning To Make It Work For You, Killing The Debt Beast  1/4/12

MONEY, Do You Work For IT, Or Does It Work For You    1/2/2012

MONEY, Business: Pricing, Dealing With Taxes and the IRS    4/29/11

MONEY, Finding A House, Working Smarter, Not Harder  4/22/11

Money, Business, Banks and Bankruptcy, from My Perspective   4/11/11

MONEY, Finding/Creating a Job and Money  4/10/11

MONEY, Stopping the Bleeding, Finding A Home          3/24/11
MONEY, Living One Month A Year Free   9/23/`11

MONEY, Spending Your Money Wisely     9/24/11

MONEY, Starting Your Own Business…Dealing With Banks    10/10/11

MONEY, Great Idea…But Are You Self Employable   10/13/11

MONEY, Investing For Retirement versus Reality    10/18/11

MONEY, Time for A New Game Plan     10/26/11

MONEY,   Getting Your Loan      10/27/11

MONEY, Cost of Driving           10/28/11

MONEY, Money How I Went From $150,000 to Nothing       2/6/12

MONEY, Trash to Treasures with Pictures       2/15/ 12

MONEY, Eating the Bear         4/27/12

MONEY,  Who Turned Off the Flow    5/3/12

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