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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Trump versus the Status Quo

                        Trump versus the Status Quo

    My only problem with Donald Trump being President is if the Oval Office will have a roulette table or slot machines and whether the Rose Garden will be the 18th hole or the teeing off spot for the Washington Mall golf course. Some may not find this humorous but the present election cycle needs some humor, it is a very sad situation.

    Remember when politicians talked about budget deficits and balanced budgets.  It may be because you have to have a special calculator with extra digits just to put in the numbers that it is not mentioned anymore. Cutting spending is not even a topic, Let alone balancing the budget.  The size of the government was another favorite that has gone by the wayside. If the real dark horse, Sanders, were to win, the present budget would double over night. He will give everybody, everything they could ever want at tax payers expense. I actually heard him say raising our Federal taxes from 700 to 800 dollars a year would be a good thing for America. The last time you could use a regular calculator and do the national budget was during the Clinton administration. Wars and terror have not been good for the budget.

     Trump has definitely stirred up a hornet’s nest.  It has a lot of ironies if you sit back and look at it. The more popular Donald has become the harder the mainline Republican Party has tried to discount him as a serious candidate.  The more they do so, the more popular he becomes.  His outside of regular politics status fuels that growth.  As other candidates have come and gone Trump has capitalized on his ability to rock the boat.  He has insulted almost every possible constituency in America.  Yet he has continued to stretch his lead.

      When I look at Trump the sixth chapter of Proverbs keeps coming to mind. Especially verses sixteen thru twenty.  It makes clear that there are seven things that God hates. Trump is seven for seven and is the only reason I see him becoming President.  It is simply God giving America what it deserves based on what America has become.

    He has no comprehension of national security.  His threats to use nukes and to give nukes to South Korea and Japan as well as pulling out of NATO have finally brought his ignorance of the duties of the presidency into clear view.  He does not seem to comprehend that he will have to contend with Congress to pass all his wild ideas.  Of course he may be considering following Obama’s use of executive orders as a means to get things done.

     The only reality I have seen in this cycle is that Hilary Clinton may very well be the next President of the United States, that would be a God thing too.  If Trump gets the Republican nomination she is almost guaranteed a win. Trump’s only way of talking to women is by insulting them.  He has proven that matter over and over.  When you constantly insult half of the voting base, your chances are slim to none.  His only hope is that all the Bernie Sander’s voters will come over to him. Many believe Sander’s popularity is simply people voting against Hilary, not for Sanders.

    One irony is the very thing that is making him popular is the same reason that many say is the reason he can’t beat Hilary,  but if any candidate is part of the system it is Hilary.  Which may be the only reason Trump might beat her in the election as people are fed up with the Good Old Boy system of politics. We are doomed either way.

      Beating Sanders would be a piece of cake for Trump.  Sander’s is a non-Democratic Democrat.  Sander’s is a lifelong politician who has always been an independent third party candidate.  At least till this election cycle. His changing horses to get elected will probably cost him the election if he gets the nomination.

      Then there is the Cruz question.  How can he win when half his party hates him?  America can’t afford another eight years of grid lock which his unwillingness to compromise on anything would guarantee.  Cruz would probably be buried alive by the Clinton campaign.  Against Sander’s he would be very iffy in a head to head.

     Finally there is John Kasich whose only hope is a brokered convention.  If it comes down to a brokered convention he might get nominated as the least of three evils. He is probably the only hope the Republicans really have of winning the White House.  Unfortunately those chances are slim to none.

     The next few months ought to be interesting.  The only thing that could save America is if all of the states would put a box on their ballots for none of the above. Trump could get serious and threaten to do away with the Electoral College and make the popular vote the winner in all elections.  Doing away with super delegates who have the power to swing elections would make the system a little more of the people, by the people and for the people that Lincoln proclaimed it should be.

     At this point I will be checking the block for none of the above, well maybe for Kasich, but that is probably a throw away vote.  The only thing I know for sure is that America will get the President that God thinks we deserve and will accomplish his God’s) desires, be it wrath, or a collapse of the system. At least as we know it, the dice are being cast.  The only real question is can America survive this election cycle with so little hope for the future.
   I guess in the fall election I will be doing a write in vote for Willy Nelson.  He is probably the only person who could win no matter which side he ran on.  Unfortunately he is smarter than the average politician and isn’t running.  A lack of smarts seems to be a qualifying characteristic for politicians.

    Having finally put in my two bits, maybe I can get back too things a lot more important than this election cycle, at least it is out of my mind.

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