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Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Last Passover.

           The Last Passover before the Jubilee

     Sometimes I am pretty dense but I have learned sometimes things happen so God can get our attention.  Recently I had one of those events. It was totally unexpected. I was only doing a good deed by going to a banquet for the FFA(Future Farmers of America) with my great nephew.  He lives with me and I am sort of his guardian.  He asked both me and my wife to go but she was already committed to something else.

    I had the pleasure watching Gabe actually sit on the board and speak.  You would have to know how quiet he is to understand how significant that action was.  In the few years he has lived with me I have learned several things, some by accident.  Did you know Gabriel was the Angel who spoke to both Mary and Daniel?  Both are linked to the end time and being able to understand what God is doing.

   In the course of the dinner the gentleman I was sharing my table with. (His daughter was also in FFA and very involved) asked me if I drove a truck for a living. I told him I used too.  He then informed me that he had been the one who pulled my truck out of a ditch on my birthday in 1997.  There was an ice storm and I was leaving Saturday night to be in Laredo on Monday morning like a good little trucker. My whole family was at my house, but duty called and I left. Down the road I learned from that experience and if I had things to do at home I did them. That is why instead of delivering to Bayonne, New Jersey on Monday 10th September 2001, I unloaded a day later and was an eyewitness to the events of 9/11. 

   His revelation of our connection in the past really moved me.  I was sure there was some significance that I had yet to grasp. If you read my post Coming Full Circle you will have a better understanding of why timing of events in life are sometimes prophetic. At least in my life they seem to be.

     In nineteen sixty-seven Israel fought the six day war.  At that time I was a paratrooper stationed in Germany and on orders to go to Vietnam.  Then their war started and all of a sudden I had a vision of going to Armageddon instead of Vietnam.  Fortunately things worked out.  We had troops who had left Germany and landed in Turkey in route to Israel.  Had things not gone the way they did America was fully committed to backing Israel up. I also learned a new measure to tell if our excercise was just training or reality. We had rigged live ammo for deployment many times, but we had never rigged blood plasma for a parachute drop. That became for me the what defined maybe from reality. We didn’t have to back Israel up and a few days later I was off to Vietnam.

    It was shortly after the dinner that I had a bit of a revelation.  Because of a dream/vision (not sure which it was) I always believed I would be here for the coming of Christ.  My health has made me question that wisdom and made me take a harder look at the events in the vision.  I was in my room looking out and down when it happened.  So now maybe it was not me in the vision, but it is still going to happen.  With Gabe living here and my brother now living next door I realized they might be the ones in the vision.

     I am not sure how I came to the realization but I had not noticed before that this is the last Passover before the start of the Jubilee year that should start June 7th.  That will be the end of the forty nine year period leading up to the first Jubilee since Israel recaptured the temple mound.  To me the Passover has reminded me of the promise of God to return to his people.  Reading Leviticus 25 will give one a better understanding of what the Jubilee is all about.  It is about honoring God and turning to him.

     So if you believe the Bible and take it to heart the start of the year of Jubilee starts a series of events that climax with the return of God to fulfill His Word to those who believe in him. A Jubilee year lasts the whole year. It is sort of like we are living in the 21st century.  The year 2100 has not come but each day brings us closer to it.  All events before the year 2000 started were not part of the 21st century. All events that happen before June 7th are not part of the Jubilee, but they lead up to it. Yes there will be a Passover in 2017 and it will be part of the Jubilee year.  The only point I am making, and not doing very well at it, is that we will be entering a period of time prophesied by God over 4000 years ago, at the time of the writing of the Book of Leviticus. A prophecy made "before" Israel entered the Promised Land and before they were removed from the land, which also was prophesied, just as their return at a future point in time. A time which came to pass in November 1947 by a United Nations mandate and the physical return in May of 1948. Just as promised in the Word of God.

      Does that mean the world ends on June 7th 2017?  There are still a lot of prophecies to be fulfilled, like the two witnesses to the end time. They testify for three and a half years. What can happen though is the beginning of the time of tribulation.  If you read Matthew 24: 29-31 it makes clear that those who believe will not be delivered till “after” the period of tribulation starts. This is contrary to the popular series of books that stirred interest in the end time. Just remember they are fiction and not the Bible. So my advice is if you believe the Word of God.  Do you believe it to be literal or figurative?  For me it is the literal Word of God.

    Will I be here to see it all happen?  It really doesn’t matter.  I have shared everything I think the Lord has Blessed me with.  So whether I am here or there is really irrelevant.  The point is that His Word will come to pass, Every jot and tittle. The only way you really know God is too know His Word, as it testifies of him.

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