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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Why Easter and Pentecost Predict Change is Coming

Our Last Easter?  Pentecost at Hand

    Sometimes writing becomes a challenge. Sometimes you go blank and can think of nothing you feel is important to say.  Recently I have found there is something worse than not having something to say, but having something to say and not being able to figure out how to start saying it. 

    Years ago there was a popular saying, “Sometimes it is hard to remember your job is to drain the swamp, especially when you are up to your butt in alligators.” Life often offers us distractions from what we should be doing. A life-long friend of mine has a saying he uses and it usually works better than mine. He says, “Always shoot the bear closest to the cave.” Or more simply taking care of whatever is the greatest threat to keeping you from accomplishing your goals.

   Normally I spend about fifty hours a week taking care of my twin five year old Great-grand-daughters which is a full time job and requires me to get up at five thirty in the morning.  Their mom has to leave by six to go to work.  Then I bring them to my house till seven thirty and then I take them to school.  Some people ask me why in the world I would do that at seventy years old. I consider it a Blessing on two counts, one is that I am able to do it and two is that I get to do it.  I spent thirteen years in the Army and twenty years driving a truck.  As I wasn’t around much when my children and grand-children were growing this is my chance to be involved with raising children. This may be TMI, but I think it is pertinent so you understand what I am dealing with.

   A couple weeks ago my wife called me on the phone at five forty-five AM as I was putting my shoes on to go get the girls. She was less than thirty feet away in her bedroom. She asked me to check on her when I got back. We have been married forty-five years this year.  She had never been sick but once or twice that I can remember. I checked on her and ended up taking her to the Emergency Room and dropping her off on the way to taking the girls to school. It ended up being a good move that she went to the ER as she had an infection that got into her blood system. She spent the better part of a week in the hospital. She got out just in time to make an emergency run to Texas as her Mother was diagnosed with a serious condition. On top of this my brother had to have an emergency procedure on his prostrate and I was adapting to using insulin as I was diagnosed as be diabetic.

    My reason for going into all that is that I have not written a post since 1 April. That might not mean much to most people, but to me it has a special significance. In the course of the last two months a little light came on for me. In June of 1967 I was stationed in Germany and on orders for Vietnam.  When the Israeli Six Day war started on the 5th of June everything got put on hold. All of a sudden we were gearing up to go help Israel, but it turned out they did not need us. So what is significant about that information?  This year the Day of Pentecost falls on the 4th of June. It just happens to be the last day of a fifty year period which has much Biblical significance. I am not saying it sets a day or anything, there are a lot of end time things that still need to happen, but on the last day of Pentecost all accounts are to be settled, slaves are to be freed and debts are to be paid.  My post of May 17, 2017  Israel’s first Jubilee in 2000 years , explains that this is the first Jubilee that Israel has had in which they have spent the whole fifty years in the Promised Land.  The only significance to that is that after 2000 years they have returned to their land just as God said they would by his prophet’s.  We are in a time when we are seeing prophecy fulfilled, if we take the time to look.

    In April 1969 I saw God do an amazing thing in my life.  I went all the ways around the world only to come back not only to the same company I had been in before leaving for Vietnam, but to the same building, the same room, the same bed and same wall locker I had left almost two years before. It left no doubt in my mind that God is real.  Easter has had special meaning to me for all these years and I have looked forward to it, always hoping to be caught away.

     Suddenly another light came on for me. From April 1st to 20 May is fifty days or a Pentecost.  That really means nothing, other than I need to get this off my chest and written as I have been putting it off. A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks. My Mother in law underwent surgery on the vein in her neck. My oldest grandson’s other Grandfather passed away last week. He had the same thing my wife did but was not as blessed. The twins last day of Head Start is tomorrow. So I a have them all day till school starts in August. I have a post entitled Coming Full Circle, June 7, 2015.  As the 50th anniversary of the Israeli Six Day War approaches I since something is imminent but I am not sure what.  Suddenly my personal Pentecost is two days away, but we have seventeen days till the 4th of June. When the Rabbi blew the trumpet when Israel captured the Temple Mount on 6th June 1967 it effectively reset the Biblical clock to start the countdown and the fulfillment of all the unfulfilled prophecy of the Old Testament.

   The dates I give may, or may not matter. What does matter is that God is still working and His Word is as true today as it was when Moses came down off of Mt. Sinai. The only point I am trying to make is that the clock is still ticking and if you have ones you care about, it is time to share your faith with them, or even start living up to what we say we believe. The Bible says God is the same, yesterday today and forever.  In Exodus 12:41 it says Israel left Egypt after 430 years to the day. Do some studying and read some of my posts and you will find 430 years occurs several times in the Old Testament.  Each time is part of a 500 year period.
From the time Martin Luther nailed his treatise on the door of the church till it was voted on in the United Nations in November 1947 was a period of 430 years,  we are now seventy years from that point, or at the close of a forth 500 year period.

The next couple paragraphs five links to stories that show why I  find April Fools day to be significant.

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