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Monday, November 21, 2011

The CARP Party Platform, Offering Solutions To Fix America

       The CARP Party Platform, Offering Solutions For Helping Fix America

       CARP is the Constitutional American Reform Party...CARP is about solutions.  Solutions to the problems in America. Whether the problems are leadership, energy, budget, taxes it is CARPS goal to rise up and find a workable solution to the problem.  CARP is meant to be a Progressive party seeking change for the better and bringing the government back in line with the Constitution.  Our goal is to get government back under control of, to, by and for the people.  The present two party system is out of control and is not answering to the needs of the citizens of the United States.  With areas of the economy, housing, jobs, infrastructure and energy in a state of chaos or crisis it is time for solutions.   Yes solutions do exist. Some can be done by private industry by repealing restrictive regulations and some by government sponsored and directed programs. Some of them require thinking outside the box and some require biting the bullet and making tough choices.  Choices that are geared to restoring America to where it was. It is time for a party that cares about the people and what is good and right for America. The two present parties have problems.  The Republicans, or as I call them, the Republi-can'ts will not face the fact that to get out of debt requires spending money to pay for the debt that they doubled during the Bush administration.  They raised the debt but provided no funds or way to pay for the expenditures they made. The rule is you spent it, you pay for it.  Who benefited from their expenditures? Certainly not the poor or middle class Americans.  If anyone has benefited it is big business and the wealthy Americans.  Much of it was spent to support countries that not only hate us, but hold values that totally oppose everything America stands for.  America is in economic bondage to countries that not only despise America, but are financing those that would destroy us and what we do stand for.  The other party the Democrats are not much better.  The Dum-ol-crats as I call them have never seen a program that they did not want to raise the funds for.  They won't cut spending and the Republi-can'ts know that.  Every dollar increase in taxes will be spent on new programs and not to reduce the debt.  This has to change.

      The following ideas are laid out as guidelines and goals of CARP.  Most have already been addressed in my blog.  You can see my blog at  and most of the following issues have at least one blog entry dedicated to and explaining my or the party point of view.  Yes a couple of my ideas are out there radical ideas, but I think if most people will think about what I say they will agree with me.  If they do not, I eagerly await their input. Some issues need more detail and clarification.  My goal was to get the ideas out there for discussion.  At present I have no goal to support or push anyone for president.  CARP's goal is to force changes and direction to the present system.  Eliminating existing programs and waste may accomplish more than passing new programs.  Therefore it is not the parties idea to pass new legislation, but to make sure what is already in place and proposed in the future is sound.  Not only sound but in the best interests of all Americans and America as a whole.

      It is my opinion that the average American sees the problem and is willing to do whatever it takes to put America back on the right track

1. Constitution:  Any and all programs, actions and legal activities of the party will comply with the Constitution.

2. Taxes:  The first issue is the economy.  CARP has a tax proposal that I feel is sound.  It will have to be evaluated and possibly be adjusted, but I think it addresses most ot the problems. The Program is the 10/20/30 Plan.  First thing is that anybody living below the poverty level in America will not owe any taxes under this system.  They will be taxed at the lowest rate but will recieve all their money back at the end of the year.  Most of the people in the lower brackets already pay nothing.  Those earning from the poverty level to the $100,000 dollar net income level will pay 10% of their income in taxes.   Those making $100,000 net income and up to the $10,000,000 level will pay 20% of their net income.  Those making more than $10,000,000 will pay 30% of their net income, including that from capital gains. The inheritance tax will be eliminated.  You earned it, it is yours.   A tax rate of 10% of net income for all businesses with gross revenues below ten million dollars.  Businesses making over ten million gross revenue will be taxed at the rate of 20% of net income.  All loopholes and subsidies that do not directly benefit each and every American equally will be eliminated.  This should generate enough comments for me to address.

3. Infrastructure: Based on the Consitution's Article 1, Section 8, paragraph one. States that the Fed has the responsibility to raise taxes and levys, provide for the security and the welfare of the United States.  They have failed to perform on the welfare requirement.  Welfare means meeting the needs of the country, just as any individual would meet the needs of his family.  Shelter, clothing, food, education and even a path to the outhouse if necessary. This was not suggested by the Founding Fathers, it was a duty.  A program will be established to create a perpetual and long term system of dealing with and funding the infrastructure problems in America.  This is addressed in my blog as a fuel tax.  Yes it is a seperate tax and the money goes directly to the states.  It is a Federal program only in that they give oversight to make sure all funds collected are used for what they are intended for.  That is infrastructure.  This program is immediate and will help solve the job problem in America.  It is my belief that American's will be willing to bite the bullet and pay this tax if it really helps solve the problems in America.  It has to be written and done in a way that the Fed has no access to the money involved.  The Fed will get its share from the increased tax revenue as American's go back to work.  With the failure of the supercommittee to solve the problems facing America it is guaranteed that the problems facing America will get worse and not better.  As people are cut off from unemployment, more homes will go into foreclosure.  This will drag down the markets further and slow the economy even more.  The revenues the Federal government has based its projections on will start to shrink.  Federal income will drop as it did during the Great Depression.  Prople who are making nothing, pay nothing.  That is not totally true they still have the duty to pay their property taxes.  However with no income they go into foreclosue and bankruptcy.  At some point that reality will hit home.

4.Balanced Budget: The government must have a completely balanced budget within ten years.  Balanced from my point of view means paying no interest on debt. 

5. Debt Free: The government must be debt free in twenty years.  Which means running on what it takes in.  This means all programs must be paid for as they go and not dependent on borrowing from one program to support another.

6.  Four Day Week...This is self explanatory.  It can maintain the forty hour week, but by cutting the days worked it should open opportunities for more workers.  The main goal of this is energy conservation.  Closing businesses, schools, parking buses, reduced commuting to work,  when added up nationally total an awful large amount of energy savings.

7. Military: Bring all troops home to the United States.  Not just from Iraq and Afghanistan, but also from Korea, Germany, Italy and all the other places we have them stationed around the world.

8. Medicare:  Make the medicare program pay 100% of all medical bills. Also enforce the government getting a discount for bulk buying.  At present the government gets no discount for buying large quantities of medical supplies and medicine.  The government pays top dollar.  Example if I buy a ninety day supply of one of my meds thrrough the VA it costs $24 dollars and they send me pills that I have to cut in half to get the right dosage.  If I buy the same meds at Wal-Mart.  They come in the right dosage. They come packaged in sheets of thirty and it costs me only $10.  As you can see veterans and the taxpayers are getting ripped off by the pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

9. PAC:  PAC's Political Action Committees will no longer be allowed to donate funds to any candidates campaign.  The risk of buying influence needs to be eliminated.  They can advise, but not give or contribute to candidates financially in any way.

10. Legalize All Drugs:  This is probably my most controversial position.  This is a First Amendment item.  The 1st Amendment guarantees the freedom of religion.  Genesis 1:29-30 says God gave "every" herb bearing seed, upon the face of all the earth, and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed, to you it shall be for meat...I have given every green herb for meat...Our government is spending billions of dollars every year trying to stop and wipe out God given plants.  If one simply looks at prohibition you will realize you can not legislate morality.  However you can tax it and you can set quality standards.  How many thousands of people die every year because of using contaminated drugs.  Drugs contaminated so the dealers can make extra profit at their customers expense.  Their attitude is who cares if a junky dies.  They are right in that the government certainly does not care.  Then there is the issue of incarceration of hundreds of thousands of people and the cost.  What they really need is guidance.  My argument is that if the churches were reaching out to families and teaching the value of life, maybe people would not get messed up to start with. My final argument for legalization is that there are many products that can be made from the plants.  Marijuana for instance can be made into rope, canvas (look that word up in Webster and see where the Can in canvas came from) and clothing material.  Legalization takes away the profit motive. Why would you pay ridiculous amounts for something you can grow for yourself free.  If there is no money in it the dealers are not going to mess with it.  Do you see any alcohol dealers on the corners?  Sure some sell to minors and they get sent to jail and they should.  Taxing the drugs allows them to provide money to take care of the drug abuser, with their money and not ours.  Legalizing all drugs lowers the cost.  Even the phamaceutical drugs being legalized will reduce medical costs.  Sure some can hurt people, but often you know what you need but you have to pay some doctor to give you a piece of paper to legally get it. Getting medical costs under control is going to take some major changes and adjustments in attitudes.  What is needed here is education not regulation.

11. Home Schooling:  Is it time to start home schooling all kids.  Taking them to school periodically for testing.  The internet could be used for this.  Some say children would not be able to socialize.  Go to church.  Get involved in community sponsored leagues.  Only kids that desire to do so get into sports.  Why should taxpayers have to subsidize it. Think of all the energy savings and the cost of "not" building schools.  This one may come about on its own if the government does not get it together and fix the problems.  When unemployment hits 30 to 40 % it could very well happen because of a lack of taxpayer revenue.  You say that can not happen.  Well in the Great Depression many cities had 50% unemployment.  The national average hit over 25% for middle aged white males.  All other age, sex and racial groups had much higher levels of unemployment.  So it already has happened and it can happen again. 

12. The party will limit support for CARP party candidates to 8 years in the house and 12 years in the senate.  The party will not support candidates attempting to continue in office.

13. Eliminate the Electoral College and have direct popular election of the President and Vice-President

14. All citizens will recieve full rights at age eighteen.  A person who is willing to serve and die for their country deserves full rights of a citizenship.  All rules requiring a citizen to be twenty one will be amended to be effective at eighteen.

15.  Repeal the light bulb bill and eliminate agencies involved in creating such lunacy.

16.  The Congress will serve the last two weeks in January in Washington, DC and then will return how to serve their constituency.  They will return to Washington in the last two weeks of March, May, July, September, and last two week meeting of Congress for the year will convene the first Monday after Thanksgiving.  They will do their communicating by phone, computer or how they see fit. This will ensure they serve their constituents and not the lobbyists.  The less time they spend in Washington may actually benefit the country. 

17. A survey and review will be done of all government programs and spending.  Programs that can be eliminated will be.  Laws and regulations will be reviewed and revoked when not needed.  Government will be reduced to its minimum operational level and all possible programs will be administered and run by the states with the Fed acting only in an advisory capacity.
     In closing let me say that the only thing that is going to fix America is citizens getting involved and making the things happen that need to happen.  There are things that could be improved through new legislation and accomplished by the private sector.  Some things could be done by the private sector by getting rid of regulations that strangle business.   It is not going to happen with the present two party system and that is a fact. I read somewhere that the United States has the best government money can buy.  The wealthy do not care who is in charge. As long as they have a price and they can get the politicians to vote your tax dollars to pay for it.  Which is probably the one of the most honest appraisals of our government ever spoken.

   CARP is for all Americans.  It does not discriminate because sex, race, age, sexual preference, disabilities, marital status, or your service to America.  However neither does it, give special breaks or attention because of your status in any of the groups mentioned.  Your status is simply that you are a concerned American, and concerned about the direction the nation is going.  There is still time to set up and get the party recognized in many states before next years elections.  Anybody that would like to help set up state chapters, spread the message, get involved or donate to the cause, your Help is welcome.  It is my desire to get in contact with the Occupy Wall Street movement and hopefully we can help each other.  This is all new to me, but it needs to get moving.  If you have any comments, suggestions, or other input.  You can message this blog or send me an E-mail my address is .  Thanks for any and all support and interest.

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