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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Stock Markets Are About To Get Sucked Down, By The Ship of State

The Republi-can'ts and the Dum-ol-Crats Maintain The Do Nothing Quo!!!!!

     Surprise, Surprise the politicians on the super committee have accomplished nothing.   The best cuts they could come up with are ones that simply slightly reduce future increases. Then you add on the President's pay tax cut which is simply robbing future revenues from Social Security and shipping the problem down the road.  It is sad, sad, sad and all America is about to find out how sad.  Some say it won't be that bad.  Well if the past is any indicator it will be.  Even if they do not cut our credit rating it is not going to sit well with the stock markets.  It would not surprise me if the market falls below 10,000 by the 28th.  It will not surprise anyone if the market goes down.  The question is how far down it will go?  This is one time I hope and pray I am wrong,  If American markets closed under 10,000 it could trigger absolute chaos in the world markets.  Hope I am wrong.

      The Obama administration says it is not that bad and it is getting a little better.  Excuse me but the economy is still bleeding.  Maybe not as bad as in the past, but it is still bleeding.  As more and more people fall off of unemployment the foreclosure problem will continue.  It is not because there are not solutions.  There are plenty of solutions.  However that would require action by both the President and the Congress and they are not so inclined.  I have personally sent letters to both Obama and members of Congress containing ideas and plans that will create jobs.   You can find those ideas in other posts on my blog.  My next blog page will be the platform for my attempt at starting a third party.  The party acronym is CARP, which means a type of fish or to complain.  Both are appropriate.  The full name is the Consitutional American Reform Party.  As the name implies it is a constitutionally based party.  Its platform is Progressive.  It promotes change not just for changes sake, but for the countries sake.  Changes that will put America back on its feet and start us moving forward toward a better America with a solid future.  One that is not mortgaged on our children's backs.   We need to deal with our problems, not pass them on to our children and grandchildren.  Changes will and do need to be made.  Some will be forced on us regardless somewhere down the road, especially energy problems, but they can be met.   It will take a party that not only has the will, but the desire to sit America's house in order.  Some of it is going to hurt no matter how we do it.  The truth is though if we do nothing  it is going to hurt a lot worse.

       I truly believe that the averge American does care about America and the direction in which we are headed.  The present two party system is "NOT" working.  They are too tied to special interests and lining their own pockets to care about what it is doing to the nation as a whole.  They just want to get all they can out of the system before it goes down.  They have no intention of fixing it.  The Republi-can'ts are the true fools in this whole fiasco.  They think protecting the rich will in some way help them.   They are to stupid to see that when the ship goes down the wealthy will be in the lifeboats with all their wealth.      
The Republi-can'ts will quickly learn that those they made wealthy have no intention of saving them as they get their fingers smashed by the oars when they try to get in lifeboats they helped create.  Unfortunately for them the poor that planned well enough and survive are not going to be willing to help them either.

      The government is bankrupt whether they are willing to admit it or not does not matter.  It can get a lot worse and it can do so quickly.  America is only surviving because other countries are willing to store their excess money in America.   They are earning virtually nothing for doings so.  When the world market collapses they will need that money and will call for it.  We do not have it to pay and they will quickly learn that and send no more.  Even China will come to the conclusion keeping their money at home and getting no interest is better than paying the exchange fees to get nothing in America.  That day is soon approaching.  The failure of Congress just may be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel's back.  Sooner or later  America will break that straw.  Having moved down the road of life for a long time and been through a bankruptcy myself.  A day of reckoning comes sooner or later.  What congress does will determine which it is.  It is looking like that by their inaction they are pushing for sooner.

      Average Americans do not want the government to fail.  They also do not want the hardship that is being dumped on America by actions or lack of action in some cases of their elected officials.  Americans need an alternative and a way out.  The last third party president America had was Abraham Lincoln.  It about tore the nation apart.  Unfortunately we are at a point in history where it is going to take that kind of forceful action to save America.   It will take a new party with foresight that understands the problems and is willing to step up deal with the problems no matter how much it hurts.  If it is not done in the short term, it is going to hurt much more in the long term.  The thing is that by the frustration with politicians and their low poll ratings it is clear that Americans see the problem.  The trouble is the present two party sysem offers no solution.

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